Living a Healthy Life – Idea Pitch

so as some of you guys already know having a healthy lifestyle is a huge issue for the working and student class today with the obesity rate going from 26% in 1962 to 57% in 2013 now as you can tell this is already a huge issue just here in America alone not including the rest of the world there are currently many different solutions out there and competitors such as BuzzFeed's like tasty face book who has over 90 million followers and then other youtubers out there who are gonna be doing similar stuff to me Rachel out who does low carb diets there are none that are specifically addressed to the working and student class and this is where I'm coming in now the fast food industry is a one hundred and ninety eight point nine billion dollar industry and after working at fast-food places myself and seeing what kind of processed foods they say sell this is why I've decided to take on this issue not to mention the frozen ready-made meals is a twenty seven billion dollar industry that it's already out there so I have decided to take on the goal of looking creating healthier alternatives for myself and for others out there my target market are people students and the working class ages 21 to 40 that are trying to eat healthier and plan out their time better to have a healthier lifestyle by using the time that I generally waste on a daily basis I'm going to create new recipes and alter pre-existing recipes out there on the market into simple fast easy to recreate recipes for others to follow these recipes will be recorded by me uploaded to YouTube and grouped into playlists for quick and easy access for my followers to enjoy my goal is to have helped people and myself achieve a healthier lifestyle feel better about themselves while not charging any fees I'm not trying to force dieting or working out or completely stop any of my followers from purchasing fast food altogether by using YouTube as my main medium for the process I am able to not only have a free service for my followers but also be able to make revenue from the ads that are featured on my channel people have the opportunity to choose what recipes they want to make when they want to make them and learn new cooking skills in the process while making it

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