LIVE IT: Reduce Risk of Chronic Diseases with a Vegetarian Diet


  1. Great!

  2. Been a vegetarian all my life!

  3. Where is the study.

  4. You mean "get chronic diseases"? 😀

    Thanks for doing this to yourself though… More meat for us. 😀


  6. Pescatarians where my fam??

  7. Yeah eat a bunch of high carb, processed vegetables. I’m sure that’s what we’re evolved for.

  8. Just got done eating a steak

  9. Vegetarian for last 24 years.
    P.S. i am 24 years old🤓

  10. I have been trying to switch to a more vegetarian lifestyle and loved these tips. Going to try to cut down to once a week at least.

  11. Thank you

  12. Live a long life even tho I'm gonna be tortured of not eating meat and candy then everyone will bully me or live normal age and have a happy life but disease hmmm so many things happen to me it has somehow not done anything to me

  13. “NO”

  14. Eating fruit and veg isn’t that hard. It also tastes better and helps you to learn to appreciate your food more.

  15. Im literrally eating a salad while im watching this😂😂

  16. I wish eating meat was illegal 😭

  17. the intro song was made using a sample off garage band lmao i used it for a school project

  18. I posted a video talking about why I became vegetarian, tips for beginners, and pros and cons. Im a new youtuber and would love for you to subscribe. If you comment done I will be sure to the same:)))

  19. I started eating Vegetarian last Friday! It’s great!

  20. Vegetarian since 1992

  21. im a vegetarian so this video made me happy

  22. After two miscarriages in a row we are now expecting our first baby girl 💕 and being vegetarian helped me conceive

  23. Im watching this
    While eatin fried beef😂

  24. I’ve been vegan for a week and all that’s changed is my skin is clearing up and I feel a little more energized and out there. My moods changed in general. I’ve been mostly happy you could say, even though I’m a little hungry. It didn’t change my weight though

  25. how can you gain weight when you’re vegetarian?

  26. That's because humans aren't even supposed to eat meat. It is unnatural. Look at the diet of a chimpanzee, our closest relative. They eat fruits, veggies and nuts as their diet because their teeth aren't able to pierce through the skin of an animal.

    The only reason some eat meat today is because we created the technology for fire, knives and the art of husbandry. Before these technologies we were all vegans actually!

  27. Listen I’m 13 I’m going to enjoy my McDonald’s before I turn 18 and go completely vegan

  28. my search was "VEGAN MENTAL ILLNESS "


  30. Hmm give me good resources that I can trust

  31. I'm not living till I'm 90 to see how crappy this planet will be

  32. It’s better to be a vegetarian

  33. This vid made me a meatitarian

  34. People live the longest in Switzerland actually where they eat cheese and beef

  35. Also the people who are vegetarian have more money which means they will live longer anyway

  36. What a lie. Science has proved the total opposite. What a joke.

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