Listening to And Improve English While Sleeping – Listening Exercise Part 2

he woke up he got out of bed he went to the restroom and took a shower the water was cold at first he made it warm he took ten minutes to shower he stepped out of the shower the floor became wet he grabbed a towel he wrapped it all around him he went to his bathroom mirror he saw his reflection he looked handsome he had grown facial hair it was time for him to shave it he grabbed the shaving cream and poured some in his hand he spread the shaving cream around his face he grabbed the razor and started shaving he cut himself by accident it started bleeding he was not hurt he washed his face and applied aftershave he put a band-aid on his cut the cut stung him a little he dried himself and started getting ready for work she came back home from work she looked at the clock and yond it was nine o'clock she went to her bedroom and put on her pajamas she got her blanket she lied down on her bed the room was cold she got up and went to her closet to get extra blankets she lied down again and covered herself she fell asleep she woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water she drank the glass of water she walked back to her bedroom she yawned and fell asleep two hours passed she woke up and went to the restroom she heard a noise outside her window she looked out the window to see what it was it was a black cat climbing a tree she hushed the cat the cat ran away she went back to bed she closed her eyes and fell asleep she slept very little it was nighttime he went out to walk his dog his dog was big the dog's name was max let's go max he said to his dog he walked past his neighbor's house he saw there were no lights in the house his neighbor was not home he walked past the market there were people shopping for groceries he remembered he needed milk he tied max to a pole wait here max he said he walked inside the market it took 15 minutes to buy the milk he untied Max and continued walking he walks back to his house he let max inside the house it was time to feed max he served max a bowl of dog food max ate it quickly it was late he took max to the backyard max slept in a doghouse he said good night to max max barked it was a hot day the Sun was shining in the sky the air was sticky it was a Sunday afternoon Jane was thirsty she went to the kitchen to get a drink she opened her refrigerator there was nothing to drink inside jane grabbed some lemons and a big pitcher she cut the lemons into she filled the large pitcher with water she squeezed the lemons into the pitcher of water she opened her cabinet to get the sugar she poured some sugar into the pitcher of water and lemon juice she had made lemonade she took a sip of the lemonade it needed more sugar she grabbed the bag of sugar and poured a little more she took another sip the lemonade tasted sweet all it needed now was ice she opened the refrigerator to grab some ice there was no ice it was a cold night the moon was bright and round the wind blew cold through the window Jim got up from his couch and closed it Jim was shivering because it was cold he rubbed his hands together Jim went to the kitchen he wanted to make coffee he opened his cabinet he grabbed the can of coffee beans he opened the lid he held the can up to his nose he took a deep breath it smelled like fresh coffee beans Jim loved the smell of coffee he loved drinking coffee or he poured the beans into the coffee maker he grabbed a pitcher and put it under the machine he pressed a button and it started brewing Jim started shivering again he moved around to warm his body the machine took 15 minutes to finish Jim poured the coffee into the mug he drank it all the coffee warmed his body he stopped shivering it was a cloudy day it looked like it was going to rain Jim put on his raincoat in rain boots he grabbed his umbrella and left his house he had to walk to an elementary school to pick up his sister it was 3 o'clock Jim's little sister was coming out of school he walked along the streets he looked at his clothes his rain boots were black his raincoat was green his jeans were blue his umbrella was red Jim looked around as he walked people were dressed similarly the clouds looked dark they were heavy with rain Jim walked faster Jim arrived at 3:20 the school bell would ring at 3:30 Jim needed to wait 10 more minutes he was at the front gate there were parents waiting alongside with Jim the school bell rang children were escorted to the front gate Jim's sister ran up to him they hugged and walked home together Jim and his sister were walking home from school how was school Jim asked it was nice said Jim's sister her name was Nancy Nancy was 7 she had black hair her hair was short and straight she also had braces Jim forgot to bring an umbrella for Nancy Jim and Nancy huddled together under Jim's umbrella the rain fell lightly let's hurry Jim said Jim and Nancy walked faster Jim stepped on a puddle though water splashed Nancy's pants got wet I'm sorry Jim said it's okay said Nancy it started raining more they soon arrived home lightning struck across the sky it sounded loud they were safe inside Nancy's clothes were wet she changed her clothes Jim did the same Nancy looked out the window it was raining hard she was glad to be inside Jim felt the same his stomach was growling he had not eaten in five hours he was starving he went to his kitchen he took out a loaf of bread the bread was made from wheat it was his favorite bread to eat he grabbed two slices he opened the fridge he gathered all the ingredients he laid them out across the table he opened the jar of mayonnaise it was low-fat mayonnaise he spread it across the slice of bread he used a knife to spread the mayonnaise he unzipped the container of ham the ham was honey-glazed he grabbed four slices of ham he put it on the bread slice he opened the cheese container he grabbed a slice and put it on top of the ham he cut some tomatoes and lettuce he put the vegetables on top of the cheese and ham he glazed it all with ketchup and mustard the sandwich was ready for him to eat she woke up one morning and felt hungry she did not eat anything last night she got out of bed and walked into her kitchen the kitchen was clean she thought about what to eat for breakfast she opened her refrigerator and took out a carton of eggs she opened her cabinet and reached for a bowl she cracked four eggs into the bowl she stirred the eggs with a spoon she turned on the stove and placed a pan on the stove she turned the knob on the stove the fire was lit she grabbed a stick of butter from the fridge she tossed the butter on the hot pan she grabbed the bowl of eggs and threw them on the pen she scrambled them with a spatula the eggs cooked in minutes they smelled delicious reading a book is fun books make you smarter they also make you a better reader John loves to read books he reads books on sunny days he reads books on cloudy days and reads books on rainy days John has read many books he read his first book in second grade his teachers were very impressed John was a good student he had the highest grades in class John learned a lot about reading books he learned new words he learned new verbs he learned new adjectives John reads every day he has learned about the world he has learned about history he has learned about animals he has learned about people John loves to learn he learns something new every day John has many books he has large bookshelves they are full of books John collects books he has bought books at bookstores John wants to read every book in the world watching television is entertaining Sam loved watching television he watched it all the time he watched it in the morning he watched it in the afternoon he watched it in the evening he loved watching it late at night the television was always on in Sam's house there's always something to watch on television Sam watched karch Noons Sam watched the news Sam watched sports Sam watched documentaries Sam watched movies Sam watched sitcoms sitcoms were his favorite to watch watching television can be good for you watching television is relaxing watching television is informing watching television can bring people together Sam liked watching television with friends Sam recorded television shows he had a device that would record shows Sam recorded all his favorite shows Jiri watched them all the time Sam had many recordings Sam wants to be an actor he wants to appear on television it is his dream he exercised every day he lifted weights he ran on the track he rode his bicycle everywhere he did pull-ups and push-ups he did sit-ups and crunches he loved being in shape it felt great he felt powerful he felt vital he felt fast he felt attractive it made him feel confident people complimented his appearance look at those muscles people said to him thank you I workout he replied he wasn't always in shape he used to be fat he did not like being fat he was made fun of he had a low self-esteem he felt unattractive his body felt tired and heavy he had no energy he knew he had to change he looked in the mirror one day he promised himself to lose weight he stopped eating unhealthy food he started moving around more he went jogging at night he bought a gym membership he lost weight she ate a lot of food she ate cheeseburgers she ate chips she ate sweets every day she ate these types of foods she was always hungry she did not like vegetables or fruits she never drank water she only drank soda or juice she was big she did not exercise she was happy about her appearance people made fun of her lose weight people said to her stop eating people said to her no thank you she replied I'm happy with how I look she said she loved eating fattening foods nothing could change her diet she went to see a doctor the doctor told her to lose weight she did not want to lose weight her doctor explained why she had to lose weight she could die she became scared she did not want to die she decided to lose weight he saw a dog on the sidewalk the dog looked lost he approached the dog he Pat's his head nice doggy he said to the dog the dog wagged his tail the dog had a collar he looked at the collar it read the dog's name his name was spike spike was a small dog he looked well-groomed come on Spike he said to the dog the dog followed him home he brought the dog upstairs to his room he opened a jar of dog food he used to have a dog he poured the dog food into a bowl he placed it in front of spike spike started eating I'll take care of you spike he said to the dog he knew the dog did not belong to him he printed posters of spike the poster said found dog he went around hanging the poster nobody came to find spike spike was a friendly dog he was obedient spike did as he was told he only barked when threatened he never bit anybody spike liked to play catch spike ran after the ball when it was thrown spike returned the ball to his owners hand spike had black fur spike was abandoned by his previous owner he was found by a boy the boy took care of spike the boy loved spike and spike loved him back the boy walked spike in the afternoons strangers loved to pet spike spike liked being pet he liked to lick people's hands and faces who's a good boy strangers said to spike spike would get excited and jump around spike was the perfect dog the boy never thought of abandoning spike spike never ran away spike and the boy were friends for the rest of their lives he was trying to catch a bus the bus left without him he was running he tripped and fell he was lying on the sidewalk are you all right a girl asked he was holding his arm his arm hurt I think I broke my arm he said to the girl the girl dialed 9-1-1 is on the way the girl said she helped him up he sat down on a bench he wondered why he fell he looked down at his shoes his laces were untied I always forgot to tie his shoes he never imagined breaking his arm he started to tear his arm was in terrible pain the ambulance is coming soon the girl said she felt bad for the boy she had broken her arm before she knew how much it hurt the ambulance arrived the paramedics took the boy thank you he said to the girl you're welcome she replied it was three o'clock she was learning how to roller-skate she had always wanted to learn she could not afford to buy roller skates before now she was older she had a job she bought her first pair of roller skates yesterday it is never too late to learn anything she was at the park she put on protective clothing she wore a helmet and kneepads always safety first she said to herself she slipped on her roller skates she got on her feet and skated away she held on a railing at first it was scary wearing roller skates with practice she improved days later she was rollerskating naturally it was so much fun she tripped and fell a few times she got up every time and tried again she never got hurt her helmet and kneepads protected her from injury roller skating was so much fun she was lying on the beach it felt really calm the Sun was beaming down it was not too hot the weather was perfect she was lying on her stomach she was in paradise suddenly something happened someone ran by sand was kicked on her back she was startled she sat up to see who kicked it there were a lot of people around she did not see who ran by she felt angry someone had ruined her moment in the Sun she lied back down minutes later someone ran by again sand was kicked on her back she rose instantly she saw a kid hiding he was laughing she stood up and walked towards the kid were you kicking sand on my back she asked the kid the kid was scared he started crying she felt guilty for making him cry don't cry she said I'm sorry the kid said she never came back to that Beach again Tommy needed to raise money for his football team the team needed new uniforms Tommy needed an idea he asked his mom for help his mom had a good idea Tommy's mom loved baking she decided to have a bake sale Tommy loved the idea they would sell cookies and pies they planned the bake sale it would be next Saturday Tommy needed to raise $200 Tommy and his mom got to work Tommy baked different kinds of cookies he baked the chip cookies he baked oatmeal cookies he baked sugar cookies Tommy tasted the cookies the cookies were delicious his mom baked different kind of pies she cooked cherry apple pecan and blueberry pies all the cookies and pies were sold Tommy raised a lot of money he raised over $200 the bake sale was a success the day of the math test was next Monday he had three days to study he did not like math it was the hardest subject he had to study in order to pass he locked himself in his room he turned off his phone he shut off his computer there could be no distractions he left his radio on music helped him study everyday he studied for hours after two days he stopped he needed help he could not solve a math problem he called his friend his friend was good at math he asked his friend if he could help his friend said yes and came over his friend helped him study for three hours he was ready to take the test his friend wished him good luck the day of the test came he took the test he passed the test studying had paid off she was graduating from high school she was excited graduation was in one week she had to prepare for graduation she went to the store she bought makeup and hair products she wanted to look her best next she had to buy her graduation gown at her school the gown was dark blue it looked nice she took it home she hung it in her closet graduation was three days away she was proud of graduating her family was also proud she was the first one to graduate from high school in her family it was a big accomplishment she planned to go to college graduation day came she got dressed and ready soon she was at the event her family was there they watched from a distance they called her name she went to pick up her diploma the audience cheered her family was happy she was happier yogurt tastes sweet ice cream is also sweet she likes to eat yogurt her friend likes to eat ice cream her friend is a guy his favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate he does not like yogurt her favorite flavor of yogurt was strawberry she did not like ice cream one day she asked him a question have you tried chocolate flavored yogurt her friend decided to try it they went to a yogurt shop together he bought a cup of yogurt it was chocolate flavored he sprinkled peanuts on his yogurt he tasted the yogurt he liked it he asked her a question have you tried strawberry flavored ice cream she said she didn't and wanted to try it one night they went to an ice-cream shop together she bought an ice cream cone it was strawberry flavored she tasted the ice cream she liked it they both now liked ice cream and yogurt Lisa likes to draw she also likes to paint drawing and painting are similar she draws with a pencil she paints with a paintbrush Lisa draws many things she draws cats she draws vases Lisa also draws people drawing is easy for Lisa Lisa is a good drawer Lisa is also a good painter she paints landscapes she paints sunsets Lisa also paints people painting is more difficult than drawing for Lisa painting requires patience drawing is fast for Lisa Lisa wants to be famous one day Lisa paints every day she draws every other day Lisa paints in her room her room is full of art supplies her clothes also have paint Lisa does not mind her favorite color is green green is the color of leaves Lisa loves nature she is painting a big tree he heard his name he turned around hello who is there he asked he was working late it was his turn to close the store he was alone he was at the register counting money it was midnight he was sleepy his feet were tired he had been standing for 8 hours he was almost finished he turned around again he heard footsteps he was scared he put the money down he started walking towards the footsteps who was there he said no one replied he saw movement it was a person I see you he yelled the person appeared he started laughing it was his girlfriend she surprised him what a nice surprise he said she was laughing too he finished counting the money they went home together oatmeal is good for you it has fiber fiber is good for you it keeps your colon clean and healthy oatmeal also contains whole-grain whole green is also good for you it reduces the risk of heart diseases it is recommended you eat 48 grams of whole grain every day oatmeal is easy to make first you grab a clean Bowl second you pour one serving of oatmeal into the bowl third you pour a cup of milk into the bowl lastly you put it in the microwave for three minutes you can also cook it on the stove milk is also good for you it contains calcium calcium is good for your bones oatmeal is a delicious breakfast sally was petting her cat her cat's name is kitty kitty is a large black cat Sally ran her finger down Kitty's back she loved her cat her cat smelled like shampoo she had been washed that morning cats do not like water Kitty on the other hand liked water Kitty was a friendly cat Sally was on her bed kitty fell asleep Sally was thirsty she did not want to wake up kitty she picked up her cell phone she called her little brother she whispered into the phone and said get me a glass of water please her brother said ok he was downstairs watching television he went to the kitchen he got a glass of water he took it upstairs to his sister's room he did not know Kitty was asleep he slammed the door open kitty woke up and ran away he went to the furniture store he needed a new couch his old couch had broken he walked around the store he saw different couches there were a lot of couches he did not know which to buy he saw a blue couch it looked comfortable he sat down on it he stood up he did not like it he saw another couch it was red it looked soft he sat on it he rose to his feet he did not like it a person walked up to him the person was a Salesman can I help you sir ask the salesman he told him he needed a couch that was comfortable the salesman showed him a couch the man tested it he liked it the couch passed the test he bought it and took it home it was the fourth of July it came once a year it is a day of celebration it was Tom's favorite holiday Tom bought many fireworks his family had gathered together they were all on his front yard his nephew was excited he was six years old he wanted to light the fireworks Tom handed him a sparkler be careful with that Tom said to his nephew I will Uncle Tom his nephew said the fireworks started lighting up the sky Tom and his family saw different colors of fireworks in the sky they saw blue fireworks they saw red fire the fireworks were loud they exploded in the sky everybody loved the fireworks Tom was cooking hot dogs and hamburgers he went inside his house and came back with coke and plastic cups everyone ate and drank soda the fourth of July is a fun holiday Thanksgiving is a national holiday it is celebrated once a year mark loved Thanksgiving it is his favorite holiday every year he cooks a turkey Mark's wife helps him mark cooks other dishes – he makes stuffing potato salad and him mark invites his family to his Thanksgiving mark has a large family Mark's wife also invites her family she has a small family everybody brings food to the table there is always leftover food the next day the doorbell rings mark invites his family inside happy Thanksgiving everybody says to each other the food is cooked they wait for Mark's in-laws to arrive the doorbell rings Mark's in-laws come inside everybody sits at the table the food is served everybody is smiling and talking everybody begins to eat Thanksgiving is a festive holiday David ran a marathon he could not believe it it was a big achievement running a marathon is not easy David had to train all year long David woke up every morning he would put on his running shoes drink a lot of water and run out the door David ran for hours he stopped only when he finished David ran again at night he had a lot of energy he never got tired running a marathon took a long time David ran 26 miles and 385 yards it took 5 hours and 30 minutes to finish david was exhausted when he finished he was really thirsty he drank a gallon of water he was still thirsty David was happy running a marathon had been his wish he could not wait to run it again next year it was a beautiful day Joe went to the park there were people everywhere Joe saw many things he saw a boy riding a bike he saw a girl swinging on a swing he saw a family having a picnic he saw a man playing the guitar it was a happy sight Joe took a deep breath the air was fresh the smell of flowers was in the air the trees were swaying in the wind Joe felt so alive Joe heard a bell he looked around and saw the ice-cream man he reached in his pockets he grabbed $3.00 hey ice cream man Joe yelled the ice cream man stopped and turned around he walked towards Joe one ice cream please Joe said the ice cream man handed Joe an ice cream bar thank you said the ice cream man Joe paid and went on his way it was a sunny day everything was perfect she went inside the music store the music store sold all kinds of things it sold records compact discs posters and clothing she loved listening to music her favorite kind of music was jazz she collected old jazz records her collection had hundreds of records she started collecting records at a young age she was fifteen when she got her first jazz record her dad had given it to her it was a birthday present she fell in love with jazz music that day there was a special guest at the Music Store he was a famous jazz artist she was excited to see him she owned all his records his name was Miles Davis he was a musical genius she brought one of his records it was her favorite record there was a line to see the jazz artist she waited in line she met Miles Davis he smiled and signed her record she could not believe what had happened a man was crossing the street he was an elderly man he walked like a turtle it took him a long time to cross every day he crossed the same street every time he took a long time the cross lights turned green he was still crossing the street cars would honk at him the man did not care he could not cross any faster where is that man going people would ask no one knew where he went the man walked with a cane he had white hair and glasses he crossed the street one day a boy was standing on the corner where are you going the boy asked I don't know replied the man the old man was lost somehow he would find his way back home every day it was a cold day the wind was blowing he was in his car he was waiting for his friend his whole body was shivering he turned on the car's heater it started heating the car suddenly it stopped he turned it on again but the heater turned off again it had stopped working he was really cold he had a sweater on but it was not enough he forgot to wear his jacket how could I warm myself he thought to himself he remembered he had something in his trunk he opened the car door and stepped out it was even colder outside the car there was no one outside he opened his car trunk there was a jacket the jacket was old and smelly he did not care it was so cold he put on the jacket he went back inside the car his friend finally arrived he went to the mall he needed clothes to wear summer was nearing he brought a list it was a list of clothes to buy he looked at the list he needed t-shirts he entered a store the name of the store was summer shirts he bought ten shirts they were different colors three of the shirts were blue another three were red two of the shirts were white the last two were black he crossed shirts off his list he needed pants he walked into a store the name of the store was Fancy Pants he purchased five pairs of pants – pants were blue jeans another two were tan slacks the last ones were brown khakis he crossed pants off his list he just needed shoes he walked into a shoe store he saw sandals he bought sandals instead of regular shoes he was now ready for summer he bought a computer it was a laptop the laptop was expensive it cost him several hundred dollars he saved up money it took him four months to save enough he earned his money he worked at a restaurant after school the job was hard he was determined to buy a computer he never quit his job he went to the Best Buy to purchase it he walked in with the money in his hand he knew which computer he wanted already he paid for the computer and took it home right away he opened the box he lifted the computer gently from the box it's beautiful he said the laptop was sleek it looked nice it was the happiest day in his life he turned it on he logged on the internet she was popular everybody at school knew her name she liked the attention she was pretty she had blonde hair it was long and straight she wore expensive clothes she wore classy perfume she put on pricey makeup all the other girls were jealous of her all the guys liked her she was not interested in being or in a relationship with anybody one day her parents told her a surprise they said they were moving she was devastated she moved the next week they drove to Colorado she went to a new school she was not popular anymore nobody knew her name nobody liked her no-one was jealous of her she was just an ordinary girl now she was sad at first she soon felt happy it was a nice change it was nice being a regular person she did not miss being popular anymore he was the king he was a kind ruler he gave to the poor he fed the hungry he healed the sick the people loved their king their king had an army his army was vast it protected the Kingdom invaders would attack the king's army was strong they battled with swords and shields they never lost a battle the king was proud of his army he was proud of his kingdom the king was rich he had all the gold in the world gold made the King greedy he wanted more he searched for gold in the world his army brought him silver he did not want silver he wanted gold the King grew mad his people revolted the king was overthrown the king was banished from his kingdom he left this world she liked to talk talking was easy for her she talked to friends hello how are you her friends replied I am fine she was always polite bless you she would say when someone sneezed have a nice day she would say after saying goodbye she was a good talker she was skilled at talking she talked all the time she talked over the phone she talked during class she talked at her work her job was to talk she helped customers buy things can I help you sir she would ask every day she talked to customers she was always helpful thank you for taking the time to talk to me a customer said one day you are very welcome she said and smiled talking is a good skill to have she practiced it every day the world is a big place there are hundreds of millions of people in the world people live all around the world there are many places in the world we live in the United States the United States is famous for democracy there are many people living in the United States people from the United States come from different places in the world Canada is another place in the world Canada is known for its clean air England is another place in the world people speak English in England people in England have accents England has a queen Africa is another place in the world Africa has wild life Africa has more wildlife than other places lions and elephants live in Africa Africa is a beautiful place there is beauty in every place in the world she walked into a restaurant it was lunchtime she was hungry she sat down at a table the waiter handed her a menu what would you like to drink the waiter asked she asked for water she was on a budget she stopped buying drinks water was always free she liked eating fish she looked at the menu there was no fish she called the waiter do you serve fish she asked no I am sorry the waiter said she was disappointed she looked at the menu again she needed time to think the waiter left she did like chicken she did not like beef she did not even like pork she was a picky eater she made up her mind the waiter came back she ordered lamb the waiter wrote it down he smiled and left she ate lamb for lunch tom was a black cat he was a house cat he never went outside he was kept well-fed tom always got attention he was a spoiled cat tom was sleeping he heard a sound it came from the window he stood on his four legs he meowed he went to the window he looked outside there was another cat the cat was white Tom jumped out the window he landed on his feet cats always land on their feet the white cat saw tom the white cat was a girl Tom walked towards the white cat she ran away Tom chased her they ran around the house tom was having fun the white cat ran away Tom did not catch her it was getting dark Tom climbed back inside his window it was a fun day for Tom she coughed she was sick she had the flu she did not know how she caught it she went to see her doctor she did not like the clinic the clinic was small and damp there were always people waiting she sat in the waiting room kids were running around people were sitting next to her they were coughing and sneezing she was coughing and sneezing too she felt terrible she waited for hours they finally called her name she quickly went to the nurse the doctor will see you now the nurse said she went into a small room she sat down on a bed the doctor walked in hello Susan the doctor said she told him she had the flu the doctor checked her symptoms he gave her a prescription feel better the doctor said thank you doctor she said John sat on the porch playing his electric bass he had a brother called James James played guitar he played it every day he played the guitar well sometimes John and Jim made music together John sang the melody Jim sang the harmony they both played their instruments together they made beautiful music the music was catchy strangers noticed Jim and John playing music they would walk closer to the porch to listen to the music John sang country music everybody in the neighborhood loved it country music was their favorite kind of music Jim and John lived in Texas Texans love country music John and Jim were talented when they grew older they did not stop making music they recorded their songs the songs were heard on the radio Jim and John became country music stars she turned on the radio she tuned in her favorite radio station the station played pop music she loved pop music she sang along to the radio she sang in the shower every morning she jumped in the shower she sang her heart out she stepped out of the shower she grabbed the radio she took it to the room she turned it on again she put on her clothes while listening to the radio she did not stop singing her brother did not like her singing be quiet he would yell she could not hear him because the radio was too loud she wanted to be a pop singer it was her dream she wanted to make her dream come true she entered singing contests she won first place she was a great singer it was time for the camping trip he was scared he was scared of bears he did not want to be eaten he was also scared of bugs ghosts and poison ivy his family packed a bug spray and a first-aid kit his brother told him ghosts were not real he was still scared of everything it was his first time camping he was also excited he brought his journal he wrote in the journal dear journal I hope I do not get eaten by a bear it was his worst fear bears were huge he saw one on television they had sharp teeth they had big claws they roared loudly it was the night before the trip he could not go to sleep he could not stop thinking about the bear he went to sleep he dreamed about bears it was not a nice dream he woke up he was tired he had a hard time going to sleep he tossed and turned all night he was scared he had bad dreams he dreamed about bears it was the first day of the camping trip it was early morning he hid in his blankets his family called his name Henry it's time to get ready called the family he ignored his family he did not want to go he stayed in bed he was excited about going camping before but now he was too scared I do not want to go anymore he said his dad came in his room he took off Henry's blankets he picked him up he put his clothes on he put him in the car do not be scared he said to Henry Henry was still scared the camping trip lasted three days Henry was not scared there was nothing to be scared about there were no bears it was a nice camping trip he liked her he liked her smile he liked her voice he liked her hair he liked her nature she did not know that he liked her she did not know him he was a stranger to her it did not matter for him he wanted to talk to her he waited for the right time she was always with her friends he waited until she was alone she was walking down the street she was going home she was alone he was driving to the store he saw her he drove up to her she turned around she saw him in the car hello what is your name he said she ignored him she did not want to talk to strangers would you like a ride he asked her no thank you she replied he parked his car he got out of his car he walked up to her she was standing on the sidewalk he stood in front of her I have to go home she said she walked past him he followed her he wanted to talk to her she did not know him she did not want to talk to strangers I know you he said to her she stopped walking she looked at him she had a puzzled face we went to school together he said she tried remembering she could not remember him it was such a long time ago he told her more he said he always liked her he liked her during school he liked her after school she was struck she did not know what to say want to go out he asked her she thought about it she gave him her phone number she smiled and left he was happy he smiled he woke up late his alarm rang but he did not hear it he was late for work he jumped out of bed I'm so late he said he ran to the restroom he quickly brushed his teeth he hopped in the shower he took a five-minute shower he dried his body he quickly shaved he cut himself he shaved too fast he was not careful he washed his cut he covered it with a band-aid he ran to his closet he grabbed his suit he ironed it fast he put on his suit the suit still had wrinkles he caught in his car and drove away there was traffic on the road he honked his horn he arrived at his company he was one hour late the bell rang she was not at school she was still at home she was in bed sleeping she stayed up late with her friends last night they watched movies her school called her parents your child did not go to school mom was surprised she was upset she was at work she went back home she slammed through the door wake up she yelled at her daughter you are late to school mom said she got up from bed she changed quickly she was scared of her mom she knew she was serious mom did not fool around she drove her to school do not be late to school again mom said okay mom she said she was still sleepy today was a big day five friends had planned to go out the plan was to go to a restaurant it was a good restaurant it served all-you-can-eat food everybody was excited they had gone there before it was their favorite restaurant the restaurant was far it took one hour to drive there it took two hours on the bus one of the friends drove a car he had just purchased it he drove his friends to the restaurant there was no traffic on the way they arrived in 30 minutes everybody was starving they ordered their food the restaurant was full of customers the restaurant was special it served raw food you had to cook your own food there was a grill on the table it was fun everybody ate a lot of food the bill was expensive it was their one-year anniversary they went to the theater he met her at the theater she was with her friends he was with his friends they watched the same movie they met after the movie he asked her out on a date they became good friends the theater was empty today they walked to the counter they looked up at the screen the screen listed the movies playing he wanted to watch an action movie she wanted to watch a comedy the two talked to each other they were deciding what movie to watch they chose to watch a comedy they bought their tickets they went to their seats the movie started they laughed throughout the movie the movie was very funny it lasted one hour and a half it ended and the credits started rolling they got up from their seats they went home laughing Monday is the first day of the week he did not like Mondays he had to go to work he worked at the post office the post office was far away he drove to work it was a 30-minute Drive Monday's were the worst Tuesday's were just as bad he did not like Tuesdays he complained at work it is barely Tuesday he would ask he could not wait for it to be Friday again Wednesdays were better than two days Wednesdays were far better than Mondays Wednesday is known as the hump day which means it is the midpoint of the week Wednesday is the day after Tuesday he still did not like Wednesdays Thursdays were better he liked Thursdays Thursday is the unofficial start of the weekend Thursday is the day after Wednesday more importantly it is the day before Friday Friday is his favorite day of the week Lisa bought a car it was her first car she was happy when she bought it it was a birthday present her parents bought it for her she was thankful she deserved the car she was a good girl she was a good student she listened to her parents she never got in trouble she was a good daughter the car was pink pink is her favorite color pink is a girl's color she was a nice girl her car was not cheap her parents did not pay for it all they paid half she was to pay for the rest she had to get a job she learned to drive she got a job she drove to work she was an adult now Lisa was responsible her parents were proud of her she was not their little girl anymore he was getting ready for the party the party was at night it was going to be a big party all his friends were going he never went to parties this was his first time going to one he was nervous he was excited he was a shy guy he did not talk a lot he had only five friends his friends were shy too they did not want to be shy anymore he got ready for the party he dressed himself nicely he combed his hair he brushed his teeth twice he trimmed his moustache he looked in the mirror he looked good he spoke to himself hey good-looking he said in the mirror he was ready the party was in 30 minutes he left early he drove to the party he had a blast he made new friends he met a girl he kissed her it was a fun party it was early morning the Sun was just over the horizon she got on the bus the bus was smelly it smelled foul bus fare was 150 she paid her fare good morning said the bus driver good morning she said back the bus driver was friendly this was odd she mostly met mean bus drivers she wondered why the bus was full she looked around for seats there were no seats in the front she looked to the back there was one seat available she made her way to the back there were a lot of people excuse me she said she touched elbows with people the people let her through she reached the back of the bus her seat had been taken she held onto the pole and stood it was a brand new day she was happy it was her first day of university the bus rode on he took a deep breath he looked down the water looked cold he was nervous come on jump said his friends he was on a ledge of a cliff it was a big drop all his friends had jumped they were swimming in the water his friends waited for him 15 minutes had gone by he had not jumped what are you chicken teased one of his friends he was scared indeed he imagined bad things he imagined breaking his bones he imagined drowning he imagined being eaten by a fish I don't think this is a good idea he said to his friends his friends then told him not to do it they were worried he stepped off the ledge he climbed down he safely got in the water he was safe he was relieved they were on a train he sat across from her he looked at her she looked familiar she was writing on her iPad she looked concentrated the Train sped along its tracks it made large sounds there were many passengers on board he looked to his right he saw a man with long hair he saw a woman holding a dog he saw a kid with food on his face he looked to his left he saw an old man with a cane he saw a young lady crossing her legs he saw a fat man eating peanuts no one looked familiar except her she sat in front of him he thought for a minute he could not remember the train had come to a stop it had reached its destination passengers were exiting the train he lost sight of her he looked around to see where she went she was nowhere in sight it had been a long train ride her bottom was sore she stretched her legs and neck she grabbed her luggage she got off the train she headed towards the street she called a cab she entered the vehicle welcome to San Francisco said the cab driver she smiled and said thank you she was finally home it had been a while since she left home the cab arrived at her house she paid him the fare thank you very much he said he drove away she entered her house her house looked Pleasant nothing had changed she walked into the living room her family awaited her in the living room they were excited to see her welcome home Becky her family yelled she hugged and greeted everybody it was nice to be back home he tried the roller-coaster ride the first time he did not like it he tried it a second time he still did not like it they say third time's the charm he went back in line the lines for roller coasters were long everybody he knew loved riding roller coasters everybody loved them except him he thought roller coasters were terrifying he did not know what the big deal was why risk your life he thought he was waiting in line people in line were impatient but he was not the line moved forward his turn for the ride came he was strapped on the roller coaster please keep your hands and legs together he was told the roller coaster began moving it slowly ascended to the top it plummeted to the bottom he vomited all over himself the big race was tomorrow he would be competing with people from other schools it was his first big race he was worried but he was also excited he was the fastest boy in his school and he had been training for months he had been running for a long time he joined track when he was in middle school he loved running he ran everywhere he ran to the market to pick up groceries he ran to school in the mornings he ran back home after school he ran to his friend's house his friends lived far away he did not mind running running was his passion it was the night before the race he had a good night's sleep in the morning he woke up ready the race was in a couple of hours he got ready he was not nervous anymore he was prepared to race everybody has friends some people have many friends others have only a few Alex had many friends he liked making friends every day he made new friends Alex was good at making friends he was good at small talk he was not at all shy Alex made friends everywhere he went he made friends at the store shopping for food he asked a stranger I sure AM the stranger said Alex continued talking to the person he had made a new friend he made friends at the bank making a deposit he asked another stranger yes sir the stranger replied a conversation followed making friends was easy for Alex he was a friendly guy everybody who knew Alex liked him everybody that Alex knew was his friend Alex did not know any strangers if he met one they quickly became friends Alex wanted to have all the friends in the world Susan had a garden she planted fruits and vegetables the garden was in her backyard her backyard was wide and long she had plenty of space Susan's garden took up most of the space her garden grew several kinds of fruits it grew watermelons grapes strawberries avocados oranges and papaya some fruits grew from the ground others grew on trees Susan's garden also grooves several kinds of vegetables it grew tomatoes potatoes squash carrots and eggplants Susan was proud of her garden she worked hard to maintain it every day she watered her garden her fruits and vegetables tasted great it was because of her care and love everybody in her neighborhood ate from her garden Susan sold the fruits and vegetables at low prices she made good profit Susan did not sell it all she always kept enough for herself she knew that fruits and vegetables were good for her health he dreamed a lot he had good dreams he had bad dreams sometimes he had strange dreams he dreamed he was a cowboy he wrote a horse and gun down bandits he dreamed of being an astronaut he orbited the earth in a spaceship with zero gravity these were good dreams he dreamed he was in a room full of people in the dream he was naked everybody in the room laughed at him he dreamed he was on a boat in the middle of the ocean he was lost at sea the boat was sinking these were bad dreams he dreamed of unknown places places that seemed bizarre he dreamed of worldly creatures that looked like humans these were weird dreams his dreams were fascinating he wondered what they meant he wrote down his dreams in his journal he kept it safe in a box he dreamed a lot he had good dreams he had bad dreams sometimes he had strange dreams he dreamed he was a cowboy he wrote a horse and gun down bandits he dreamed of being an astronaut he orbited the earth in a spaceship with zero gravity these were good dreams he dreamed he was in a room full of people in the dream he was naked everybody in the room laughed at him he dreamed he was on a boat in the middle of the ocean he was lost at sea the boat was sinking these were bad dreams he dreamed of unknown places places that seemed bizarre he dreamed of worldly creatures that looked like humans these were weird dreams his dreams were fascinating he wondered what they meant he wrote down his dreams in his journal he kept it safe in a box rain water dripped down the window lightning flashed from the sky there was no one outside there was a storm coming he had a plan for tonight the plan was cancelled because the coming storm outside looked gloomy the sidewalks were wet and looked gray the trees swayed back and forth the wind was blowing hard there were tree branches and leaves on the ground he was safe inside his home he turned on his television to watch the 5 o'clock news the weatherman came on he warned everyone to stay inside the storm was to last all through the night it was cold inside his home he turned on the heater thunder roared from outside suddenly the light went out there was no more electricity he lit some candles and grabbed a flashlight the storm was going on he fell asleep on the couch he woke up in the morning the storm had ended it was a sunny day there were five of them they were good friends what time is it one of them asked it was almost nine o'clock they all looked at each other it was time to leave they were all excited they entered the car one of them drove everybody put on their seatbelts the radio was turned on rock music blares loudly the car drove off into the distance it was a road trip to San Francisco it was everybody's first road trip it was going to be a long trip they brought snacks and drinks they plan to stay for a week in San Francisco it was a fun trip they laughed and sang along to the radio they stopped to eat at diners they planned where to go next on a road trip he went to a bicycle shop he wanted to buy a bike his old bike was too old it had stopped working he entered the bike shop there were bikes all around there were bikes on the walls there were bikes in the aisles some bikes were even hung upside down from the ceiling he knew what bike he wanted he approached the salesman he told him what bike he wanted the salesman took him to a room there were more bikes in the room he liked what he saw he quickly chose a bike to buy it was a small black bike he paid for it and wrote it home it cost him five hundred dollars it was worth the price he used the bike for tricks and stunts he never fell he was a professional bike rider she went to the library it was close to home the library was quite small but it was a nice library she needed to check out a book it was a book for her school she did not want to buy it it is free to check out books at the library the library is open to the public libraries provide access to knowledge she walked inside the library it was nice and quiet the library was also cool she went to the front desk she asked for her book a librarian helped her find it she was thankful for the help the librarian was happy to help she talked to the librarian they spoke about libraries and librarians it was an interesting conversation she learned a lot of things she left the library and went back home the librarian had inspired her she wanted to be a librarian one day he was from Tennessee but he did not want to stay there he traveled all around he left at the age of 18 he had no money he had no car he hitchhiked to California his family could not stop him because he was an adult it was his dream to wander he was a good-looking man he did many odd jobs he met many people California is a big State there are a lot of people in California he lived in different places he never stayed in one place he kept traveling he did not think about the future he lived his life one day at a time he did not have many belongings he had a small backpack it held his clothes he had a guitar and a picture of his parents this was all he carried one day he would go back home he drove to the airport he waited for his flight he waited for an hour his flight was ready he boarded the airplane the airplane was huge it was going to Boston he had family in Boston he lived in Los Angeles he was a teacher he taught at a community college he loved his job his family was proud of him he was going to see them it was a family reunion he looked forward to seeing everybody five years had passed since he was in Boston he brought sweaters and jackets because Boston was cold at this time of year the airplane took off his ears popped he put on his headphones the flight lasted six hours he arrived safely in Boston he got off the airplane he stepped on the ground it was a long flight there was a baby crying on the flight he could not sleep he exited the airport he called a taxi it drove him home he paid the taxi driver and thanked him he looked at his house he was glad to be home the lights were on inside he saw shadows through the window his family reunion had started he knocked on the door his father opened the door welcome back home Greg he said smiling he went inside he greeted everybody he said hello to cousin Alex he hugged and kissed his grandmother he shook the hand of his brother-in-law he hugged his sisters and brothers he was overjoyed to see his mother his mom gave him a big kiss it was a good family reunion he did not want to go back to California she put on her best shoes she put on her nicest shirt she got into her dress pants she brushed and straightened her hair she applied her makeup she sprayed perfume on herself she was ready for her job interview she looked in the mirror one more time she looked professional she grabbed her purse and walked out the door she entered her car and drove away the interview was on the sixth floor of a building she took the elevator she entered the interview room she was greeted by four people they were all dressed in suits the interview began they asked her hard questions she answered the best she could she was confident and friendly they liked her she got the job she was overjoyed the mailman knocked on the door no one answered the door he had a package to deliver he needed the person's signature it was a heavy package he rang the doorbell still no one answered he looked through the window there was someone inside a girl was napping on the couch he knocked on the window the girl was sound asleep he used his voice he called her name she woke up she saw the man through the window she opened the door she asked who he was and what he wanted I'm the mailman can't you tell he said and pointed to his uniform she was half-asleep I have a package for you the mailman said she asked how he knew her name he said her name was on the package she signed for it she took the package inside it was heavy it was a nice sunny day he was at his aunt's house his cousins were there too he saw a frisbee on the floor he picked it up he loved playing frisbee it was a fun and simple game to play he had played it all the time he needed someone else to play with he asked his cousin's do you guys want to play frisbee with me they said yes right away ask their parents for permission they were given two hours to play they went to the park to play he told his cousins to spread out his cousin's had never played frisbee before they were excited to play he had the frisbee in his hand catch he yelled at one of his cousin's he tossed the frisbee at him the frisbee flew in the air it looked like a flying saucer his cousin caught it he tossed it back they played frisbee for two hours it was fun he had a stomachache he did not know why was it something he ate he wondered he remembered what he ate that day he ate eggs in the morning he also had toast and milk later he had a snack the snack was a cookie it was a chocolate-chip cookie then he ate lunch for lunch he ate a sandwich it was a turkey sandwich with cheese he drank soda later he had another snack the snack was a popsicle then he ate dinner for dinner he had steak on the side he had vegetables and mashed potatoes he drank soda again that was all he ate for the day he wondered what had caused his stomachache he did not drink soda often he blamed soda the next day came he did not have a stomachache anymore he never drank soda again she crossed the street the street was empty there were no people there were no cars it was after midnight she walked down the street she was not afraid it was dangerous at night it was especially dangerous for a girl she did not care she was a fighter she knew how to defend herself she carried pepper spray she was ready for anything the streets were deserted she walked around for an hour she took in the night air she gazed at the Stars she looked at the closed stores she saw the dirty curbs she walked back home she fell on her bed it had been another night she went to sleep like a baby his hair was long it was getting too long it bothered him sometimes the hair would get in his mouth it would get on his food it sometimes made him pitch II he thought about cutting it he asked his friends his friends told him not to he asked them why his friend said he looked fine he did not care what his friends said he decided to get a haircut it was the middle of the day he was not doing anything he went to the salon he walked in and sat down he waited for the hairstylist she was with another customer she finished shortly she greeted him she cut his hair it took 20 minutes he looked in the mirror he looked good he was glad he got a haircut he paid and thanked the hairstylist he went on his way they were the best of friends people thought they were sisters they did everything together they shared everything with each other they met in middle school they were in the same College now sometimes they argued but soon they made up College can be tough they took classes together they studied together they always helped each other they were good students they were from Colorado they went home together they lived in the same town they knew the same people their family knew each other they went back to college together they shared one room they acted like sisters it's nice having a best friend everybody should have a best friend it was her birthday she was turning 16 she was born on the 5th of August she was having a birthday party everybody was coming she invited her friends she had a lot of friends she also had a lot of aunts and uncles this made her happy because it meant more presents for her she was getting ready for her party she dressed up in her best outfit her mom prepared the food her dad went to pick up the cake her brothers set the tables and chairs the party was happening in the backyard the party was in four hours they were almost ready dad brought back chocolate cake mom cooked all the food her brother got the backyard ready the birthday party was a success he lived in a big house it was white the rooftop was blue it had a white fence there were plants in the front there was a tall tree in the backyard the house had a fireplace he lit it on cold nights he lived with his wife they were grateful for what they had they had to work hard hard work pays off the house had three floors it also had a basement there were five bedrooms they planned to have a family the house was big enough for a family the house had brown carpet it also had wooden floors there were a lot of windows the house had nice views the house had a reading room they had a big library the house had a music room too there was a piano inside there was also an art room it was a perfect house he woke up suddenly he heard glass shattering it was really loud he sat up on his bed he listened for noise he heard footsteps there was someone downstairs it was a break-in he went to his closet and grabbed his bat he was not afraid he slowly went downstairs he sneaked his way to the stairs he looked down the staircase it was really dark he saw the shadow of a man he was dressed in black there was no light he walked down the stairs he did not make a sound the shadow was going through drawers it was a robbery he got closer to the shadow his heart was racing he took a deep breath he ran at top speed he hit the shadow over the head the shadow fell to the ground he called the police he was sad his grandma had died he loved his grandmother she raised him she took care of him she had seen him grow into a man she was the sweetest woman she was kind to all everybody loved her she departed at the age of 76 she had lived a long life he was happy for her but he was also sad his grandma was no longer here he could not believe it he remembered the last words he said to her I love you grandma I'll come to see you soon he hugged and kissed her goodbye she died a few days later he cried her funeral was held shortly all her family was their friends had also gathered he helped carry the coffin it was a hard thing to do he would never forget his grandmother the circus was in town it was a big attraction everybody in town went the circus was a lot of fun they had clowns the clown's juggled bowling pins and danced around the kids liked the clowns the circus also had magicians the magicians performed magic tricks the teenagers liked seeing the magician perform the circus had animals the animals had handlers the handlers made the animals do tricks a tiger went through a hula hoop a monkey rode a tricycle an elephant stood on two legs everybody liked the animal show there were also rides the circus stayed in town for three days it went from town to town it was fun to go to the circus Henry was a strong man he could carry heavy things he had no problem helping you move Mary asked Henry if he could help her he said sure Mary owned a lot of furniture Henry carried it all he put it in the moving van he did not struggle he was strong and able Thank You Henry Mary said not a problem Henry said he was happy to help Henry was walking down the street he saw something as he was walking there was a man in a car the car would not start there were other cars behind him he was blocking the road Henry took action he went behind the car he pushed with all his might he moved the it was out of the way the man thanked Henry you are strong said the man Henry agreed he waved goodbye it was a family trip they drove to the zoo the zoo was far away the children were excited they had never seen wild animals before they had only seen cats and dogs they wanted to see bears and gorillas the older sibling was not excited he had been to the zoo before he had been there too many times it was now his tenth time he did not want to go there anymore mom and dad liked the zoo it was a good learning experience grandpa was also going he was sound asleep they arrived at the zoo they saw all the animals they heard a bear roar they touched the starfishes they saw the gorillas it was a long day the family got tired they sat and ate food they went back to their car they drove back home her tooth was aching she could not eat it hurt every time she chewed she could not even swallow she knew what she had to do she was scared she had not gone to the dentist in years it was time to make an appointment she called their number she set an appointment it was for a Friday at 5 o'clock she was not looking forward to it she hated going to the dentist she was afraid of the pain but she had no choice she was already in pain the tooth had to come out the dentist told her the same she sat back in the chair the dentist gave her a painkiller she still felt some pain it was soon over the tooth was removed it no longer hurt to chew it was a relief she could now eat and chew without pain he played the guitar he sang the blues it was his hobby he was talented everybody told him that he practiced all day long his practice paid off he was the best guitar player in town his friends were impressed he always carried his guitar he carried it behind his back he took it to the park he sat down on a bench he began to play people walked by they noticed his music he would get tips it was fun for him performing in front of others is great he sometimes felt nervous the feeling of excitement was greater people called him the guitar man he was known all around it was his nickname he played his guitar at school he played his guitar on the train playing the guitar was his passion he played until his fingers hurt he stopped for a minute he would start to play again they camped out in the woods last night they were alone in the woods when they woke up in the morning they did not know where they were at they were lost there was no one else around it was just the two of them they panicked at first they calmed themselves down everything will be okay they said to each other they left their cell phones at home they lit a smoke signal no one saw it they decided to walk back they retraced their footsteps it took a long time they had walked a long distance they got thirsty they stopped at a stream they drank from the stream they continued walking there were no signs of life it was getting dark they had to find people soon eventually they met somebody he was another camper he helped them find their way to safety it was a scary camping trip she dropped her phone she picked it up she looked at the screen she gasped the screen was cracked she was upset her phone was important she texted on her phone regularly she frequently made phone calls she had internet access on her phone it was her world the phone was not cheap but she had to buy a new one she did not have enough money she went to the store and talked to the salesperson she told him that she had dropped her phone he asked to look at the phone she handed it to him can you fix it she asked he said yes he can she paid to repair it it cost less than a new phone her cell phone was repaired she was very happy she bought a protective case for it she dropped her phone she picked it up she looked at the screen she gasped the screen was cracked she was upset her phone was important she texted on her phone regularly she frequently made phone calls she had internet access on her phone it was her world the phone was not cheap but she had to buy a new one she did not have enough money she went to the store and talked to the salesperson she told him that she had dropped her phone he asked to look at the phone she handed it to him can you fix it she asked he said yes he can she paid to repair it it cost less than a new phone her cell phone was repaired she was very happy she bought a protective case for it he looked up he saw the night sky there were many stars in the sky he looked for a while the stars were beautiful they were shining brightly they looked like diamonds he remembered a song he looked at the moon the moon was in the night sky it gave the moonlight the moon looked white it looked like cheese he wondered about it a man had walked on the moon he imagined walking on the moon he imagined the moon being cold he looked at the constellations there were many of them constellations are what groups of stars look like they have different names he saw the Big Dipper he saw the Little Dipper he could also see Orion's belt it was an amazing sight he looked up every night he believed in aliens he hoped to see one the night sky is full of wonders the house phone was ringing she went downstairs it was dark she watched her steps and slowly went down the stairs who is calling she wondered she got down stairs the phone was in the kitchen she reached for the light switch she turned on the lights she squinted her eyes the light was bright she was blinded by the lights the phone was still ringing she walked to the kitchen barefoot she stepped on a toy she jumped in pain she looked at the floor she had stepped on a lego toy she had a son he never picked up his toys she reached the kitchen the phone was still ringing she picked up the phone she looked at the caller ID it was an unknown number she answered the phone hello there was no reply the phone clicked it was a wrong number comic books are illustrated stories he loved comic books he had many comic books they were all on a shelf his friends collected comic books too he sometimes traded comic books with them he read comic books all night he turned off the lights he grabbed a flashlight he sat up in bed he wrapped a blanket around him he stayed up reading his comic books he had a fun time he went to the comic book store he went each Friday after school the comic book store was great it had new issues of comics his favorite comic book hero was spider-man he bought all his issues he stayed at the comic book store there was a couch inside he did not always have money he read the new comic book issues in the store he saved his allowance for comic books he was on the highest floor of a tall building the building was a skyscraper he was with his dad his dad worked on the building he met his dad's coworkers they were all kind he asked his dad a question is it not scary working so high up dad answered no he said it was not noticeable his son noticed he kept thinking about it they were so high in the sky he imagined the building falling down he was scared of heights his dad told him not to think about it he could not stop thinking about it it was time to go home they went down the elevator it was a long ride he did not want to come back it was too frightening for him her name was Jane she lived in Los Angeles she was born there she loved Los Angeles she went to work in downtown Los Angeles there are many people in Los Angeles she drove to work every day she looked out her window there were people walking down the street some were white some were black and others were brown this did not matter they were all natives of Los Angeles she went out with friends they went to restaurants and shows Los Angeles had many fronts her favorite were Indian restaurants Los Angeles has many performers she saw famous artists and bands it was fun going out in Los Angeles she often came back home late she was always safe she never spoke to strangers she avoided walking on streets that were not safe Jay did want to live in Los Angeles it was her home it was fun going to the parade he went to the parade every year he never missed going the parade was tomorrow he was going with his girlfriend his girlfriend's name was Mary this year he planned on bringing his little sister his little sister had not gone to a parade it was her first time going she was excited it was the day before the parade they made their plan they had to wake up early they had to bring snacks and water they also had to wear comfortable shoes the parade lasted all day the day of the parade came everything went according to plan the parade was amazing they saw marching bands they saw parade floats some of them were big the parade ended in the afternoon they were tired but they were happy they went back home can we come back again his little sister asked he smiled at her she knew the answer already the music festival was today he was ready to go his favorite singer was performing he packed his autograph book he hoped to get close enough he wanted his autograph he was determined to get it he left early to the music festival he arrived in one hour he had a hard time finding parking he parked far from the festival it was the closest parking he could find he walked half a mile he got to the festival he found a seat near the front of the stage he waited for the music festival to begin it was not long before it started the music festival began he looked around there were hundreds of people everybody was moving and jumping the music started playing his favorite singer went on stage he wanted his autograph he got on to the stage he got his autograph it was wintertime the snow was coming she was excited she waited for the snow to start falling she looked out her window every day the snow had not come she asked her brother why her brother said it was coming she had to wait she waited for a few weeks she was giving up hope one day she woke up she went to her window she did not believe it it was finally snowing she jumped for joy the snow looked beautiful she ran to her closet she put on her winter clothes she ran outside she played in the snow it was so much fun she played all day in the snow she made snowmen and igloos tomorrow she would play again she loved the snow he stood in the hall he looked around him there were many doors he did not know which door was the right door to enter he was lost at school it was going to be twelve he was going to be late it was his first day of college his class was in room 190 he looked at all the doors they each had a number but there were no rooms numbered 190 he did not know what to do he asked a stranger where is room 190 the stranger did not know he asked another stranger she also did not know no one knew where room 190 was he checked his notebook where he wrote down his classroom number it was not room 190 it was room 140 room 190 did not exist he ran to room 140 was one minute late he entered his classroom he quickly took a seat he was a minute late the professor was calling names it was his first day of college he was sweating he had been running around looking for his classroom it took him some time to find the classroom David the professor called he raised his hand he was out of breath he took out his inhaler he took a puff from his inhaler it gave him breath he took out his notebook and a pen the professor started talking he took notes he always took notes in class it was a good habit he studied his notes after class he was a good student he wanted only grades


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