lilykoi hawaii is Right about Tess Holiday's Delusion and Eating Healthy (Food Pyramid)

hi guys I have a button-pushing topic for you today plus-size model Tess Holliday she seems like a nice enough person although she's one of those people that like paints their eyebrows on their face and I will never understand that but she seems well-meaning fairly genuine and her overall message of the whole body acceptance and loving yourself thing is spot-on and it's a message I also fully encourage self-acceptance and self-love the only difference being that I view self-love as more of like a verb like an action word as in self-love is expressed through actions towards yourself so to be very clear I don't have a problem with her as a person and on a personal level know her weight doesn't affect me at all and I'm super stoked that she's successful and a model and overweight I could care less anyone finding success doing what they love it's just fantastic so while I find her like personally perfectly palatable and I consider her most vocal message to be really empowering for women glamourizing her body type and health status is just frankly irresponsible a young woman who's overweight or obese likely feels really uncomfortable with her condition which is actually appropriate because health wise and chronic pain wise she's in a very dangerous place but when that young girl or woman sees Tess Holliday she's encouraged to think that being obese is somehow safe healthy or glamorous so I don't think Tess is disgusting I don't think she's evil or malicious but I do think she's promoting a very dangerous very irresponsible message I also see evidence that she's delusional and in a real state of denial about her condition and health status and she's perpetuating that delusion on to a very large number of people I found this article from a few years ago where she talks about being the face of the AMA series heavy in that series morbidly obese people were encouraged to get healthy lose weight to save their lives which is very realistic she was interviewed about this and she says and I quote I feel like a cheerleader at the same time it's hard for me because I'm not morbidly obese although I am overweight but I am not at the point they are I don't have a health condition and I'm not going to die if I don't lose weight I just happen to be curvy what just happened to be curvy well luckily for accurate analysis her stats have been well publicized although I'm not sure that I believe that her weight is under 300 pounds and her height has been published as both 5 foot 2 inches and 5 foot 5 inches but just for argument's sake let's say that she's 5 foot 5 and 280 pounds like it says all over the Internet and that will be the kindest for her BMI so remember Tess says that she is not obese she says that she's overweight so here's the BMI chart and you can see that ideal weight is 19 to 25 and overweight is 25 to 30 so using the well-known least extreme version of the stats we can go to the National Institute of Health and run her BMI and see that she comes in at a very startling 46.6 and if we run it on another website for bariatric surgery we can see that they probably just rounded it up and she comes in at a solid 47 since I think we can all agree that Tess is in fact not a bodybuilder and not carrying around a huge amounts of muscle that would skew her BMI rating let's reference our original chart and we can see that Tess is not just overweight she doesn't even fall in the obese category she is in fact morbidly obese the definition of which is a disease without any further diagnosis so when she says she has known diseases please know that is not true we can see that even at these stats she's actually closer to the super obese category which despite superhero sounding name is not awesome it comes with crippling joint pain in mobility and a virtual guarantee that you are going to develop chronic degenerative diseases early in your life I mean I just can't even imagine how hard Tessa's body and her organs have to work just to keep her alive her heart is likely highly enlarged with thick muscle walls a diminished capacity to pump blood and a thick covering of fat tissue the arteries throughout her body are very likely clogged with plaque which causes heart disease high blood pressure and idiopathic back pain just to name a few her kidneys will be pushed to the max trying to maintain proper balance of fluid electrolytes and blood pressure her liver is more likely than not developing the same damage that's associated with alcoholism and her pancreas is very very likely stressed to the max trying to produce enough insulin to counteract the insulin resistance that is unavoidable with this level of obesity and as I'm sure you can imagine obesity is in fact a full-body disease with no tissue escaping the adverse consequences we also know for a fact that adipose tissue or fat tissue is active as an endocrine organ and it produces huge amounts of disease causing inflammation that perpetuates the cycle of obesity the health implications of obesity are in fact unavoidable but they are very very preventable and we'll talk about that shortly obesity is a very dangerous disease it should not be glorified or normalized any more than alcohol and drug abuse diabetes kidney failure multiple sclerosis depression or self-harm should be glorified and normalized and to address the implication that by my saying the test is in fact unhealthy I am saying that she and her followers cannot love themselves to that I say self-love is an incredibly potent beautiful and necessary message but let's not get confused about what constant self-love like I said earlier self-love is action eating yourself absolute trash ignoring exercise and setting yourself up for painful chronic degenerative diseases is not self-love never has been never will be self-love is nourishing your body with foods that it was meant to eat staying well hydrated sleeping well and regularly and taking time to relax and enjoy our beautiful world will we connect with others around us in a meaningful way that is self-love self-love is synonymous with self-care and self-acceptance is equally as vital as self-love but let's not confuse self-acceptance with apathy accepting yourself and your body at your current weight and health status is possible without resigning yourself to staying the same when embarking on a new lifestyle or trying to lose weight realizing that you are worthy of self-acceptance and self-love will help to solidify your new healthy choices if you're overweight obese or morbidly obese you can definitely make changes that will significantly change your health outcome your absolute best bet is switching to a carbohydrate rich plant-based vegan diet on a carbohydrate rich plant-based vegan diet you do not have to drastically cut your calories to some dangerous unsustainable number you eat until your say sheeted consuming at least 2,000 to 2,500 calories of whole plant foods every day you never never have to feel hungry or deprived this diet is also the perfect way to help normalize your appetite and work through any binge eating patterns you might have and it is the ideal diet for creating the energy that you need to really feel like you actually want to exercise a carbohydrate rich plant-based vegan diet is the most sustainable and easy way I have ever found to easily and permanently lose weight there are literally hundreds of stories all over the internet of people who were overweight obese morbidly obese who went on this type of lifestyle and lost huge amounts of weight and have been able to keep it off and have reversed so many health condition foods from animals that's meat dairy eggs are in addition to being incredibly cruel promote obesity and other diseases like diabetes heart disease cancer autoimmune diseases and many many others humans are not designed to be carnivorous or omnivorous we are not designed to eat hyper palatable chemical Laden processed junk food we are designed to eat whole high carb plant foods and it is through this diet that we find true health balance and self-love hopefully test will wake up from her delusion and realize that simple changes can have huge impacts on her health outcome and not only hers but for her son as well thank you for watching please don't forget to comment rate and subscribe they're all down there I'm not afraid of the comment section you guys can go crazy I'm sure most of the people writing ugly comments already have I'll see you down there there's also a subscribe button so you guys can stay in touch with all of the awesomeness I put out and a like button somewhere so again thank you for watching it's up to you to take responsibility for your health and your happiness I'm not even kidding it's all on you you need to go out there into your life into your real life outside of YouTube and make better choices for yourself because nobody else is going to thank you that is all I have to say for this moment I'll be back later

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