Lil Nas X – Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) [Remix] FULL BODY WORKOUT ROUTINE


  1. I haaaaad to make a routine to this song. Just puts me in the best mood 😎 Hope you guys enjoyed this one! (And yes, the lasso arms ARE a requirement when doing this workout 😉) Much love!! -Maddie

  2. im dying rn

  3. mais c'est génial !!!

  4. Neta – Nana Banana please.

  5. More these videos! I love u ❤️

  6. Love this!

  7. Yo hago eso y tengo agujetas x un mes😂

  8. Loved it! Thank you so much. 🙂

  9. I really want to do it but I'm really not bothered

  10. Loooove it

  11. If I may ask,how big/tall are you and how much do you weight?(sorry for my English I'm from Germany)

  12. I like this song

  13. i love these vids and your ideas❤

  14. Eminemmmmmmm please please any song by Eminem

  15. she can ride me any time boom!

  16. Le concept est génial

  17. These vids are awesome

  18. I tried doing this and fell on my face the first 5 seconds

  19. who here hears 1:38 to 1:52 and immediately goes to the tiktok dance?? I do!

  20. 1 like = 1 day I’ll do this💛
    I’ll update every week 🙂

  21. I discovered the best way to workout and listen to my fav songs thanks to you! Joining the family ❤️

  22. she makes working fun.

  23. I think i'm doing it while just watching

  24. I love these!!!!

  25. I like the song better without Billy Ray Cyrus tbh

  26. MAKE I DONT CARE!!!!


  28. Hello! How many times a week do you train? How much do you exercise a day?

  29. So FUN!

  30. 0:03 : hi I’m Renata Bliss and I’m your freestyle dance teacher

  31. I just love this new idea of workout routines that goes hand in hand with each song. Workouts have come to a whole new level.

  32. Do with songs of BTS please, I love your videos😍🤟🏼

  33. This actually seems good enough for a "beginner" like me
    Okay the plank variations will kill me

  34. thank you for another AMAZING VIDEO

  35. The dislikes came from people who are too weak and can’t do that workout

  36. Nice video

  37. I hate these coz its like ‘sorry sis but you CAN workout to literally any trashbag song that ends up trending’

  38. That's so creative!

  39. OMG. YES

  40. Where are your gym clothes from? x

  41. Song starts playing:
    Me: 1:28

  42. How should I Fatass do that?

  43. how about Talk-Khalid ?

  44. Omg i love it😙😙😙

  45. I am very convinced that she has like the best balance in the world. If I tried this…….. I'd die.

  46. You should do bohemian Rhapsody because it’s 6 mins long

  47. Was waiting for this oneeee!!

  48. gets invited to a party

    this song plays


  49. Dude. I've never wanted to work out more in my life till now. Give me a like if I should try these for a week . I will update you. 😍

  50. Love these songs workouts they just put you in the best mood

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