Life Time Yoga Classes on Demand – Guided Meditation

Hello, and welcome
Life Time members. Today, we’re going to go
through a few simple techniques in a five minute
meditation that you can take with you anywhere to
reset and show up as the best you. First, you’re going to start
off by finding a simple seat. Anywhere will do that you
can sit up nice and tall, have a lengthened spine,
and then close your eyes. This just helps to let
go of distractions. It can also give you a
sightline as to where your stress level is today. It’s often challenging
to keep your eyes closed when you are dealing
with some intense stress. And then you start to just find
your natural rhythm of breath in and out through the nose. We’re going to take
about 10 breaths. Don’t try to do anything. Don’t try to force anything. Just watch your
breath in and out. So many times people
hear meditation, they’re like I don’t
think I can meditate because I can’t
clear my mind, and I don’t want to sit that long. And the truth is
meditation has nothing to do with clearing your mind. It’s about being able to observe
your mind without needing to interact with it. So if you did have a
thought that just popped up into your mind in those
simple 10 breaths, give yourself permission to
acknowledge it, write it down or whatever you need. That’s called a reset. And now, find your seat one
more time and begin again. Close your eyes and
watch your breath. Let it naturally move
in, naturally ebb out. Begin again. Give yourself permission
again to notice if your mind wandered off. That’s why any yoga practice
is called a practice, whether it’s a meditation
or a practice of the poses, we begin again and
rinse and repeat. And if it works to
help write something down just to acknowledge
what that thought was, feel free to do so. And one more time. Reset your spine. Close your eyes. And watch your natural breath. Take a couple moments
to just notice what you’re grateful for today. This simple technique
honestly can be used anywhere. We call it a reset
because it’s often used in places where you’re
trying to reset your day. I just got done driving to
work, it was a stressful drive. I take 10 breaths before
I move on into my workday. I’m done with my work
day, before I drive home I take another 10 breaths. Before I go in to my home to
love my evening with my family, I take another 10 breaths
so that I can show up and be the best me that I can be. See where you can
weave it into your day and have a beautiful one. Thank you so much for
taking some time today. Namaste.

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