LIFE Enzyme Blend for Better Digestion

let's talk about our plant-based enzyme product life in here there are so many critical elements to digestion that we miss out on when it comes to eating cooked and processed foods I'm gonna walk you through a demonstration of what happens internally when we eat cooked or processed foods plants enzymes are critical to alleviating stress on the body especially the pancreas because you constantly have to secrete enzymes in order to digest food when you cook something at over 118 degrees it becomes a void of enzymes forcing our bodies to labor significantly more to extract the nutrients from our food take this for example when you munch on a raw Apple or broccoli the enzymes remain present the reason an apple Browns so quickly after you bite into them is due to the enzymes being activated and the air hitting the Apple telling the Apple that it needs to be digested into nature the earth pulls those active nutrients to decompose it those enzymes do the same thing inside of you break down your Apple at a rapid pace to pull from all of its many nutrients in the simplest and most compatible 4 think of it like this life gives life to the body foods that are dead tax the body pulling the resources away from it leading to degenerative disease or other ailments and those cause you to age much faster than normal we use veggie capsules to hold our plant enzymes complemented with a maintenance supply of stabilized probiotics it effectively turns the proteins into amino acids the facts into fatty acids and carbohydrates into simple glucose turning it into the most usable form for the body our stomachs break down food in the same form it does this to distribute the nutrients to your body instead of sitting in your gut as undigested matter or in your blood constantly taxing your digestive system simply said the food you consume must be properly broken down and used and since it's nearly impossible to avoid cooked and processed foods in present-day life helps your body to break down those blockades so you can assimilate utilize all the nutrients from your food giving you the benefits of extracting the nutrients from the foods you are eating finally a solution less taxing to your body long-term the platform that we use allows the enzymes to work in a broad PH range and are entirely different from the animal enzymes you would typically consume from the pancreas of animals we use several types of plant enzymes together in the capsule to digest even a Thanksgiving meal true energy comes from our food so getting the most out of your diet is the safest choice the goal is to fully process your food it really is that simple


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