Life after 50: How Pets Help Boost Our Health and Emotional Wellbeing after 50

if anybody’s listening that could use
our help in getting word out on facilitating adoption for especially
for older animals animals and their second act those are the ones that are
at least likely to be adopted I really really want to talk to you and
see what we can do to help that thanks so much for tuning in
again to our second act with Paige and Silke for your second act of life hi
Silke hi Paige today we we have a different topic that we haven’t
discussed yet something that’s you know but really close to both of us of our
lives and that is our love for animals and you know some conversations we had
of course off-camera is that it’s interesting how animals show up in our
lives what they do for us especially at this point in our life talk to me about
that oh there’s so much to say believe it or not about that but I think we’re
seeing at this time in society that animals are being used so much more as
as healing dogs tracking dogs you know caregiving dogs or cats or I’ve seen
chickens I’ve seen horses you know all different kinds of things but the you
know thinking about 50 and older you know as we get older a lot of us have
had pets all through our lives growing up and then into our you know midlife
and with pets comes joy connection partnership emotional connection and
loss as well so you know it’s a rollercoaster and it drives me crazy
when someone says are you the person’s are you the pets owner
we are not owners of pets we are caregivers of pets and most of the time
most of the time what I have seen because I do a lot of work with animals
as well as you know animals in our lives mirror what’s going on in our own life
both emotionally mentally and physically in our body our pets will carry things
for us on so many different levels because they’re that intuitive they’re
that spiritual so if you see something going on
in a pet take a look at the caregiver of the pet are there some parallels are
there some things going on you know with both of them at the same time pets are
also there to teach us to deal with things to help us step into life more –
– you know maybe look at things from a different perspective because pets bring
us joy they’re their unconditional love they’re their lovable in a world that
sometimes it’s not so unconditional and not so lovable so yes if we wanted to
bring this topic up about about pets and and what they do in our lives especially
after 50 because I know myself when I had my first dog long before people were
using pets as healers he was a healer right from day one because he was abused
at two months old and blah blah blah brought him home and then I worked on
him with trauma he went everywhere with me I took him into assisted living homes
and all different kinds of things to the point where nobody remembered me walking
in the door they remembered Beebes where’s Beebes
where’s Beebes today you know so you know animals just bring so much joy and love
and partnership and companionship in our lives well in when you brought up a
really good point is that they can fill a huge gap as well the ability the
unconditional love that you know especially dogs have to a fault as we as
we know so if you know I if we’re talking to viewers who may be you know
are going through a tough time in their life or or have experienced some other
sort of loss or whatever caring for an animal you know may restore certain you
know some purpose and and joy of life yeah absolutely and we’re not just
talking about dogs and cats and you kind of animal out there that you are pulled
to that has some kind of healing for you and joy for you and also what’s very
interesting as humans we think oh we chose that animal we chose this not
really what really happens what I see is the animals choose us sometimes there
are a lot more further along spiritually than we are they’re helping us get to a
higher place are helping us live in this world that
can be very challenging and you also said something very I think important as
well as you know animals can can teach us unconditional love and the joy and
then what happens when the animal gets ready to transition or die that can be a
really challenging time because we’ve put all of our eggs in this basket of
this unconditional love from this animal so I’m here to tell you and I think most
reviewers know about my clairvoyance and you know speaking to animals and
people who have transitioned after they’ve died speaking to me that’s the
same way as animals is they don’t ever leave you whether it’s a person or an
animal they’re always right there with you so you know try and hold on to that
try and know that and what I see is it’s it’s I see people go out and find
another animal much quicker than they would go out and find another spouse or
find another life partner they go out and find find another animal so just
wanted to bring that up that there’s some wonderful things about you know
about animals but then there’s this piece of oh my gosh well they’re getting
ready to leave our lives it’s the most heartbreaking thing and we on a previous
segment we talked about that you know we we don’t want to get well do another
relationship because of fear of getting hurt and a lot of people like that you
know after they go through the loss of an animal they oh I’m never gonna get
another dog or another cat I don’t ever want to go through this again and I can
certainly understand it I’ve had to put nine different dogs down and and four
different cats all at old ages no none of them went on their own which
I really think they were teaching me something they taught me about death and
transition and watching yeah you know watching the process of dying I mean I
don’t want to take it down you know this the sad but I really believe that and it
had helped me deal with my parents death and you know everything you talked about
it you know it’s a blessing what what they brought into my life when you said
you know that’s maybe sometimes someone doesn’t want to get another pet what I
found is yes they say that right away but then they see an animal or they go
to the pet store if something comes up and that instant love for an animal is
so much more I guess overpowering and and just bigger than sometimes someone
wanting to get back into a relationship so it’s a lot easier for
someone to bring home another animal because it’s sure joy sure
unconditional love from day one yeah going out and dating again exactly you
know and and there are so many dogs and cats especially that need to be adopted
obviously those are the most domesticated and easiest ones to bring
into your home that you know I would encourage anybody to one adopt first
matter of fact as you know you know we tried a while back to start an adoption
program that is strictly focused fostered or help facilitate adoption
for older dogs if anybody’s listening that could use your your and my you know
our help in getting word out on facilitating adoption for all especially
for older animals animals in their second act those are the ones that are
at least likely to be adopted contact us leave us a message you know in our
private messenger us or leave us in the comments I really really want to talk to
you and see what we can do to help that anything else you want to add Paige
we’re just about yes I do Silke talk about the animals and their second act think about yourself 50 and older
don’t we in 50 and older want to be respected looked at as being
important valued bring something to the table we are no different than the older
dog the older cat the older horse fill in the blank so think about it that way
both both categories have a lot to give a lot of value a lot of joy exactly I I
don’t think I can add anything to that Paige okay so see you next time on our
second act with Paige and Silke for your second act of life thanks so much for watching if you
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