Lies & Deceit : THE XAVIER FILES. Part 2 of 20.

this is what Xavier posted on his Instagram page today asking people for prayer all right good that's been in there after my faithful lorry into subscribers today is Friday May 17th the years 2009 teen this is part two to Xavier this is I'll make these videos kinda short there's a lot of information I told you when I first met him I don't trust me I wasn't around me I don't trust these gay homosexuals in Atlanta I don't like them they play too many games they cause too much drama in confusion and can a lie repeatedly live and I don't be bothered with all these niggas here I told him that sitting in my kitchen of my home he sat there and listen to me proceeded to say Walter I know you've been through a lot but I'm someone you can trust I'm not like the rest ease guys I'm not I'm not a liar I don't play games I'm honest with you and we had this conversation repeatedly I turn about the friends I've had and he stabbed me in my back the relationships up being in the deceit and I don't like it and I it pisses me off it pushes me to extremes we discussed about David we are all these other people he heard about he knew about my new to lose the interesting part exactly I knew about I've been watching my youtube channel for a while and watch my videos told me this before we met he moved back here from Texas in Gen Mart last year but we didn't meet until August I wasn't in no rush to meet him or anywhere else and the only issues that maybe our job I don't like niggas I just don't I like him you can't trust me every time somebody walks to my door is about to chaos as a tree swore to me he was different he was different and at first everything seemed okay inside admin BRABUS had had an injury and a gym my lower back and do the course of conversation if he offered to give me a massage I said well okay okay but I wasn't really comfortable with him company massage in the house and so I kind of wavered back and forth on this for a year so the next day he called me said I wasn't come over to give you a massage and I said no so now I'm doing better you know I was worse remember that's it I don't know what I had did I could barely other day and I was only concerned even if he came over you massaging at the clamp you probably have to climb in the women we get in that house to get to because I was stuck in that bed but I was concerned and to be honest I was scared just don't trust occurs especially niggas want to come around why you won't be around here Wow explain it to my capacity what do you like about me you everyday you're hanging around talking on phone you're working out together start yes some yeah you all looking at the video of him now Jim I first met he was overweight and I showed him a whole lot of shit in the gym got up and drop weight and gave him some magic supplements there's some sore arms and stuff but he needed some stuff cause he was fat titties and all I can show you the pictures that's what he really takes his shirt off in public never take your shirt off sagging skin everything and all that can be fixed out so unless oh don't worry about that didn't get that fixed so I was like as he broke down those barriers in your orgasm I keep thinking about that song background injury I'd rather it hurt before I can you think it links to the song for my favorite songs so I built these built these big walls around I don't trust these niggas cuz every time shit like this happens lies deceit games another problem red flag he was a church-going person I don't like to Church from Christians I find him to be especially big a I finally the biggest lying most destructive people in Planet Earth every black gay man I've ever met who's in a church they are awful awful didn't you would in most disgusting have more diseases do the most vowel shift sexually dysfunctional with fucking everything walking I don't like interns no Christians and I ignored my intuition to say when he told me he was a good search I'll tell you gotta go for here now I'm not doing if you're a Christian and involved should get the fuck away from me if you're naming I'm burning Hampton resign deal with her cause she's my mama here's she when my mom is shilling me around me I don't like them Christians I don't like religious people they the biggest thickest liars on senator I'll be bothered I just don't so anyway he tore down these walls we started working out together and working out together and going to the gym going to breakfast after the gym didn't seem like another basically a first ones easy my records he's going work I gonna buy my music I liked it like that should've kept it like that sure I sort of know what I know now I should have kept it that way the name that song is take care about and the no stone this song I listen to it all the time and she says I know you've been hurt by someone else I can tell by the way you carry yourself if you let me here's what I'll do I'll take care of you I've loved and I've lost that song is important because I think that song that made numerous times to let you know I don't want to be bothered with people I want time for games Alana's I kept asking him repeatedly every person I met was hiv-positive and I asked and repeated to be honest with me about his HIV positive status you know he would say no in fact he came to my house with paperwork I haven't gonna HIV test admitted to him I said listen let's go you tested together you said only that just got mine too okay I got my I let me have mine he said he just getting it you just tested all the time I said okay no this man knows about YouTube channel he knows how I feel about these hiv-positive gods in this channel and how what whores they are these guys in Atlanta who are HIV positive some of the most reckless dangerous individuals on planet Earth I know that from living in 30 fucking years I don't like them and they don't like me and that's okay by me this man had a motive he knew my youtube channel he knew what I didn't like he came here turn down those barriers and attempt of infect me with HIV I know because I figured it out over time I was like something's not right here you know it's just some weird things were going on when I say we are not majorly weird I just don't trust niggas he went – he went out of town on vacation to Texas to meet some friends but he didn't tell me he was going into the day of although that was kind of odd so you tell me if you financially struggling Maggie just up and off to Texas for a weekend what was going on in Texas a funeral or something I was hanging with some friends but you financially struggling up at Longhorn steakhouse to be making a left he's telling me I'm like your manager you should have been good money when you were making all good money at Marcy I don't know what they'd make at restaurants I never worked in one everything here you know because it would not important but what begin to happen is he would come up like literally the day of the day for now we were talking didn't know each other and I made some changes in my life specifically another great hospital love the upstairs one's gonna be handcuffed in it and one's gonna be in that morgue long we'll be handcuffed in that jelly gun oh god run over great house we got a jail over there I can take digging this numb off but that's a that's another youtube series of videos that might be a hundred long we just focus on this right now I'll get there oh that's coming I just ain't ready to do it yet you know my thing about that Nick I'm gonna go over there choke the shit out his ass once again like I said in the last few videos and ain't worth spending the night in jail for touching these niggas however well am I making this they represented this picture to think that he was a good person a clean person a good heart cared about people cared about me his age gap he's dating – I'm 40 now I'm like this is kind of weird it may not be I'm old school but this is always old school music man whose dog was this I came to kind of put a little hip hop he turned over to 107 102.9 I'm like okay Destiny's got music a ripoff there were some things that this man was doing to win me over it was working because I was trusting and he's kind of strange I will go to people's houses but one night we went somewhere out of town we came back and we went back to drop him off at his mom's house and I guess it was trying to give me get out the car to come inside and maybe him a kiss goodnight or something I don't know but I wasn't you know the same I don't know I don't know I like blowing people's houses now the first road trip we went off twice so that's kind of got stuff out and I got away then he came down here come up for a second I'm thinking the second one about this late I got a call and I told I said well I really have to go oh wait revival 22 to my mother and I said I'll meet her next time so she's up this like I've heard your mom me up this late I guess she was up wait no no I said not tonight I'm really tired I'll be the next time but that kind of you know sometimes meet your introduce your mom I'm like well that was really sweet but it was late Florida we were hanging out yeah I like working out love looking up like I'm sweating Islands came from gym three hours this morning huh I've lost about 15 pounds so far my weights coming down I complain and scare I'm it's under 245d thank the Lord at one point I ballooned up to two lady in the past year I'm down to 40 mm keep going Thank You Goins got me to my goal to 20 anyway he turn down those walls yeah motors and when 80 kids house in we were more surprised that he showed up at the house and yet something on mom said what is that I said how to eat it so I was like I said wear the clothes and stuff he said that he told me when he moved from Texas yeah pack all his clothes and furniture when a moving company I was shipping his stuff some texts and for some reason or another they had man also his stuff and you got no an attorney that can help him get his stuff back like why did you so that's the oldest scam in the book a mover company packing shit running off with it so it was a nice stuff he said yeah yet labels and expensive clothes and I said yeah we call the Chinese and call attorneys that's it you need that you need to be really working on that you get to find your first button meanwhile I said okay well I will do stuff off the internet no time allotted shit I cannot fit and be hanging brand-new and I'll call the tags if you think that's easy oh that website wish I want to sit off their website no mom I can't fit it bunch of lies two x's get him planning couldn t wear but was the tracks today I thought really really liked and I actually work one time I squeezed in today having any water and I know people looking right along with this food but I won't do any there that's super sorry that's to tell you it tell this one something fitted it's said a perfect that's it just keep it like it does magic you to my sister about the only person I know in my family who could feel him out okay so we went to run he tell me more advice clothes was missing or shoes because he never did where's the tourney that's working to get your shit you know stuff like that could you not afford an attorney I don't know whose finances I'm gonna what he tells me I don't check his bank account or what their new bar he had a brand new car but he just had a car repossessed I guess he ran into some financial difficulties last year because he moved to Atlanta back to them I'm trying to get chased back some cases when he got back here he can find a job a job in had lined up fill through he can pay his car payment so sister cosines in a new car he gave that car back at about the time asked nothing in August we start communicating of all places we start communicating tonight about sweeping Eponine messages on our YouTube channel daddy knows him to use there were some messages that not everybody comments on these videos problems people are then he told me he pointed out since in the comments that's oh that was due oh you know nothing comments that taeju for the most part agree with what I'm saying bunny time units everything so I think that's anyway so Beyonce concert he was there I was there he posted the pictures on Instagram post Italian square so we've altered this F this is the point we thought we'd meet so next thing we met in person when you tell me about movie in that restaurant he mentioned me to get some credit issues he had been having some credit problems I said not know somebody probably help you with that but we need to look at your credit for us to see what is the problem what is the stuff on there he said he wasn't sure so we went in back to my place full of his credit reports email them to Office Depot to print them on a printer at the house I don't keep the Sally's disco lost default rate but I didn't realize that niggas credit report 120 pages long I got over there saw that stack of paper I said what is this he paid over repossesses charged-off counts partners didn't pay for it can make a priest these terminations credit cards and still long I said what is all these two roles it's too long either student loan that students are yellow the house of ours is to follow the fact I found otherwise and his wages for student loans cuz the unpaid it live too long we'll give our world trouble I don't have any whoo thank God this is part 1 part 2 I'm gonna complete this later on this afternoon buddy I don't know he chose me as a victim and that's what I think he did you know I I looked at that over the conversations we had I was seeing him stories about hiv/aids where people there was a lot of stuff in the news about hiv/aids where people have been infecting other people and when I was sitting in these stores in you were kind of less awful he would make comments and stuff it was tearing my birria my walls now I get to get why many life this is part like my videos took like seven of thousands and Friends today is Friday made 17 years 2019 I'll be back this evening for part three how he just gonna started so just hold on give me a minute I like to explain stuff basically y'all start attacking me I didn't come into this man's house he came to my home he said I my kitchen table I told him but I was not I don't like niggas I don't like people in my house and cars I tell us to everybody and I need to district about rules and just stay away from motherfuckers not only bother no more I'm just sick of it nobody put in time somebody walks in my door just and you're not back for no reason that nigga squared it was else on the floor I took him to a credible pill guy who damn dude forgets that later anyway I'm out of here enjoy your Friday


  1. Sorry about Earl too..Xavier need to be skinned, alcohol poured on top of him & set on fire..

  2. Seems like there were a lot of signs that something did not add up.

  3. He sounds like a hobosexual. He was looking for a sugar daddy.

  4. I have reported this and other videos related to this to YouTube. I do not believe YouTube should be a forum to disparage people simply because someone has a falling out with them. It is quite childish behavior in my opinion.

  5. Our decisions determine our destination. We all have to strive to make wise choices and live a Godly life. It is hard but with Yeshua (Jesus Christ) all things are possible!

  6. Hello Mr. H , long time subbie, but been away for a bit, and I clicked on to see what you have been up too. The change of residents Thru me, missed your layout., but change is good‼️
    Once I clicked on to this video,my heart just dropped, the anger, and pain I hear in your voice cut me. I just adore your videos, cause your style of delivery keeps me coming back for more.
    Please please, be very careful. Many want to crush your light. Stay strong and keep doing what you do.🙏🏽🙌🏾✊🏾‼️💋

  7. He was too damn old to not know what’s on his credit report!!! That was a sign to #getout!!! Smh

  8. Walter, your shortness of breath plus the stress you're under is concerning. Please check in with your cardiologist. You're muscle heavy combined with stress can reek havoc on your heart. Dude trust me on this please, much respect!

  9. Walter i'm so sorry. You hold your head up high and continue to spread the word of the craziness within the gay community. Trust me, you are saving someone's life.

  10. Yes we need to hear about Earl

  11. Hello Walter…. sorry you had to go through this… but will you please inform me of the weight loss supplements…

  12. Hope you are okay Walter because you are a good person/I had the pleasure of meeting you three years ago off Peachtree. Glad you didn’t beat his ass cause you are built. He was dead ass wrong… was he staying with somebody before he met you and they wouldn’t give him his stuff?

  13. Walter/ I love and hate this world. You must understand they may never change. That does not mean you can not. I disagree but I don't hate people. Everyone is not the same. Know who and what you are dealing with.

  14. Y'all need to get comfortable with yourself. This world will not do it for you.

  15. That nigga had been sitting back planning on how he was gonna get you. Black ass sitting back bitter because u are speaking the truth about muthafuckaz such as himself. He just had in his head that he was gonna make u eat your words. Ugh I hate niggas too. 😒

  16. These are the days we live in, sadly. It's no different than in Los Angeles, or any other place. The Internet age is reckless and out of control. Don't be so quick to allow others in your personal space and home. I did it, and have lived to regret it. Found out about someone's true nature 2 years and a ruined life later. Please take care of you.

  17. Bump what someone says…. pay attention to what they do. They will be consistent at something, be it good or bad. Tigers don't change their stripes, so eventually the true nature/motives of a person will be revealed. <hugs>

  18. Walter where is Earl? Everytime you pick up a stray, they got fleas. In Xavier sick mind it would boost his ego to take you down to his level. in other words, he wants to dirty you up with him.

  19. Walter put him on BLAST and save a life. That dam Will and Xavier just alike. You and Earl should go to Destin. FL for a few days.

  20. Wish I could work out with you, I would love to know what to do in the gym 😓 😪

  21. Wish is horrible…the sizing is way off.

  22. Keep exposing them. They are intentionally trying to spread it.


  24. So sorry bruh!

  25. Yeah, X has the body of a former fat guy.U can look at his knobby knees and tell he was overweight. What's the point of working out if you can't take off your shirt?

  26. We all want to have someone to lean on even if the words never part our lips. I feel your pain Walter. I've lived here in NC 12 years – 7 of which i was single. People hear you when you say what you don't want to entertain BUT they're not listening, WHY, because they have their own agenda. Don't beat yourself up always trust your intuition… love and hugs Walter…

  27. You are a target because of your celeb status. Those that hate you and wish you harm have studied you.

  28. Xavier sounds like a plant frfr.

  29. Please get out of Atlanta, it seems that it is toxic to your soul….I think you are a great person and people will watch you to try to dismantle your sense of peace and well being …'s time for a fresh start …..much respect to you Walter..#Sunnydaysareahead ☀️

  30. Listening to you talk, it seems like he targeted you from the beginning. Maybe he bet someone he could get you to trust him and bring you down. SMDH

  31. Walter please be safe and if u leave Atlanta you wont have stories. I am coming for pride lets hang out

  32. Sounds like he was preying on you from the beginning. #predator

  33. Big looks like you have lost some weight behind this one, stressing, hurting and such. Heal, but do NOT stay in this dark time in your life. We LOVE you, your over 50K Subbies!!! Praying for only the BEST for you.💕

  34. Welcome to what women go though everyday dealing with niggas welcome to the damn club smh 🤦‍♀️

  35. He studied you and knew how to get you to let down your guard. Total sociopath and manipulator..

  36. The devil is a lie! I truly believe those niggas where you live dislike you so much, they would try and set you up to try and take you down . If need be by force- be careful.

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