Level1 News May 17 2019: One Hell Of A Workout

it's the 17th of May made it may go on a blicket or joke about time accelerating as you age it really has today we're gonna talk about security and nonsense our opening story is terrifying it is terrifying and it involves a name that has released a lot of terrifying security news intel new Intel firmware boot verification by-paths enables low-level backdoors by replacing a pcs spi flash chip with one that contains road code attacker can gain full for assistant access this is really horrifying because what it does this is just not even joking part of the boot process is it loads everything from the SPI into RAM and checks it to be sure that the cryptographic signatures match and if not it halts boot then later it reads from the flash again and just runs it even though it's kind of cached yep it has the cache that's been verified doesn't use that goes back to the other and so this guy said him I wonder if I were to change the SPI after the verification could I yes yes good and so you could build naive need physical access but that's nothing to state-sponsored now if I were China I would be accusing the u.s. of doing terrible things to backdoor my hardware because that is a pretty boneheaded oversight like yeah and boneheaded overall I mean it might be minuscule but Hertz performance doesn't help it yeah cuz you're reading again Oh from a serial peripheral interface which is not fast when you've got a cache so why would you make that choice unless it was to have a backdoor hmm now the good news is trivial to fix because again absolutely improving the code so they're gonna fix it but how many people are gonna update their this is also amazing because an undergrad student found an undergrad student he was trying to run something else well Samsung they've had some missteps recently there was that foldable phone that didn't work out too well Oh embarrassing and I'm afraid their embarrassment will continue Samsung spilled the smartthings app source code and secret keys so Samsung on the record said ah this is just for testing its it wasn't a thing but it was a thing and it was literally all of their stuff well the guy pulled the app in me I'm sorry I was like no this is the same yeah exactly the same you put the real thing out there so it took them over a month to revoke their keys God knows who else could have gotten it sad sad very well this is also like we're gonna be reporting on this again in about a month because I guarantee you criminals have downloaded that and they're gonna be able to take over all of Samsung's Internet of Things things I would bet yeah it was a heavy amount of like leaking keys this week actually in the past few weeks yeah a lot of people are version control escapes most people especially they'll get like a low-level guy and bring him in he's like alright I'll just copy all the keys it's like Tom did you add a bunch of keys so they're paw story oh yeah yeah that's cool but I deleted them and it's like I don't think you understand how version control worse Tom maybe Tom should be given an unhackable disk the unhackable encrypted flash drive i disk as it happens is actually hack tool they all have the same recovery password i don't think so now this this guy's showing that he set this pass but it's it's in plain text over the connection right but this is unique like you said when you set the device up you do this oh but when it communicates it shows like yeah so and also it leaked something else oh yeah the actual password which is like the the ours thing oh the irises pattern or whatever also shows up in that same kind of HUD encrypted so pretty bad actually like again this goes back to did anybody even try this was with a with a bus protocol analyzer where you have a device that sits between the device and the computer which has got to be like one of the first adversarial models that you would have for testing this there is no way the Chinese government has one of those you can only get one of those about signing them out from the NSA and they've only got a three they're not all made in China Oh Microsoft has suffered some attacks to the SharePoint servers so Microsoft SharePoint servers are under attack this is actually a vulnerability that was reported a while ago so PSA if your company uses SharePoint you really need to like triple and quadruple check that you've got the patch for this installed because if not it's gonna be real bad well the patch came out before this happened but I guess nobody tailed Canada in Saudi Arabia yeah or any number of other companies like a lot of people think that automatic server updates would deploy stuff like this especially in the context of like small business server the answer is no it doesn't yeah but this gets you in and I think this the one where they launched the Chinese yeah you can do that you're able to escalate your access once you're in China Popper or something I came here if that was this one or not but anyway it gives you low level access and you just copy in what you want after that your own roll your own malware from that point gives you that kind of access so it turns out the criminals have figured out how to reverse engineer that patch for a while ago and if you don't have the patch it's bad news this story is real low on details doesn't and I can see why hackers have breached three u.s. eight have ours company's researchers reveal so they're looking for source code and how the antivirus software works in order to defeat it basically is what the story's about and they won't say what the antivirus companies are obviously but they also said that these guys were trying to sell it and the source that these guys Technica Ars Technica was working with was on the inside but they found him out most I think ARS technica model some other company did and so that guy's out of the loop now so they're not sure exactly what's happening but these guys have abandoned the forum they were trading on and now they're just doing private messaging so we're not sure where it went look how suspicious this guy is right yeah did you see that Red Hat they did logo testing and they're changing the logo cuz everybody thinks it looks like criminal and suspicious transcode yeah swelling open-source people have the worst look what what kind of like stupid hat do you think though is it gonna be like with the propeller hat you remember what they did to uh to Jesus in the movie dogma it's gonna be like that except it's gonna be the Fedora logo but the Fedora also has such terrible you know rate of Q rating but the terms of neck beard I didn't help it it's Linux is there any kid Fedora mean anything other than hat so there's a lot of apps out there that they tell you they're doing one thing and they're really doing another like Facebook yeah and this is an example of that that's a little easier to understand millions of people uploaded photos to the ever app the company then used them to develop facial recognition tools the app developers were not clear about their intentions when the freezer said I believe it's a huge invasion of privacy so on one hand ever was giving away this free app and so I can you know share your memories they talked about honestly showed here but they talked about like the the webpage shows like Sundays with grandpa you know oh look how heartwarming this is but on the other side they were perfecting facial recognition and selling that to the big companies and that was the real purpose for the whole thing can you imagine if somebody like co-opted like the entire communication network of Skype and recorded all of the conversations between everybody and then used that to train an AI that could just have a normal conversation it's it's got the data set of you know all human communication on the entire Scout Network for a couple of years that's your input data set and and then the output data set is will this thing pass the Turing test and I think the answer was gonna be yeah totally would pass the Turing test well what imagine if they did that with all the data that the NSA the data retention policy it's like uh it seems like we're on a collision course for inventing sentient AI sooner rather than later this arm is funny because it was I argue that Lorenzo friends says she be sure all I don't know how to pronounce that kind of is to blame a little bit here because no one told him that should about your phone number on the internet Google thought my phone number was Facebook's and it ruined my life so if he would search for because this guy wrote an article about Facebook and his number was featured in the article that published his article he asked for readers to give him tips yeah Google was like hey I found the phone number on this page talking about Facebook it must be Facebook's phone number it would in fact was not Facebook does not give out a phone number they wouldn't but it turns out people Google what his Facebook's phone number gives his statistics was a crazy amount there's so many thousand times a minute and this guy's number was coming up and it's hilarious he talks about all the reasons people were calling him up you know from like how dare you go after conservatives to I didn't mean to post this I need to take it down and around the clock he couldn't escape it I mean you just change your number at that point right yeah I've made a huge mistake what do you do but I just show that Google's their algorithm searches desperately for to fill in all those details about a business yeah and if it can't find down the main Facebook page but you never will I just keep it goes into page 2 of Google search and the algorithm gets a little fuzzy Gold is a little outside the lines in those cases the story it needs it needs a dollar to continue one month of digital access forgotten nonsense so which one was this on Amazon fraud hit by extreme fraud by hackers siphoning merchant funds so Amazon merchant people are having a bad day because hackers figured out how to get into the system that Amazon uses for paying them and have changed the payment details to there and also you can get loans as a business from Amazon so they could not only steal your incoming cash they take out some loans in your name meat yeah they weren't they can give any details about how exactly they accomplished that probably because they didn't want to repeat it but Amazon is also saying to these people you know it might be a couple months before we unfreeze this because we have to figure out what's going on which one of yous were criminals which one of you took advantage of the criminal confusion because just within on criminals please step forward there was a situation I cleaned up like that once where it was like something bad happened and it was legit bad but it wasn't like super bad and I cleaned that up and then there was another part that looked like somebody had done something completely intentionally and I confronted them and it was like this looks like you did this and they were like yeah I didn't think you were gonna be able to recover from that situation so I took advantage of the situation by also helping myself to the and it was just like why why would you do that never let a crisis go to waste yeah it was a bad week for Wall Street for a little while Trump came out and said no deal and then what's his name the other guy the guy had to like talk it back up but in the meantime Bitcoin had an amazing week yeah I'm not sure why maybe it was just risk you know hedging hedging with Bitcoin but Finance on the other hand did not have a good week finance says that it lost more than 40 million in Bitcoin stolen in a large-scale hack so this is their entire hot wallet they lost their entire hot wallet think of just one of them they didn't lose everything no yeah yeah well they said that there's one disturbing thing in this article that made it sound like they control enough of the blockchain to actually roll back the transactions but I don't think that's true as I said they had the option but they weren't gonna do it I don't think that that's truly that's not true they can they're actually big enough they can absorb this and they had a fund just for this kind of thing but 40 million yeah it is I gotta say cryptocurrency it sounds good and it's great and it's you know certainly our monetary system has its flaws but is this okay is it a Tesla versus internal combustion engine with Catching Fire situation where people just can't wait to report Bitcoin related theft versus the constant theft we have in the existing or is Bitcoin this flawed in terms of security I think this is underscoring how flawed our own technological infrastructure is like nothing is secure everything is terrible if this leads to us actually having secure computers then we might be in a better spot I think things I think honestly after the the Snowden leaks and the NSA disclosures and things like Bitcoin I think things have improved more in the last five years than they have in the last 50 but do you the human element of air yes always gonna be too great to overcome the human element here is shockingly complicated and you can't go to that place where it's like I'm sorry Martha you've been deemed too stupid because that's like a human rights well we could we actually do have that like there are legal legal frameworks for that like you set up a trust it's like Martha you're too stupid to manage your money you get a budget of 2 grand a month and the law office pays your rent and your groceries and stuff like that yeah yeah yeah exactly exactly like that well look she went through a period in her life where she was too stupid and it the conservators are actually like the legal framework for that it's actually pretty good because you can you can go to them and you can say I'm more responsible now give me more money and most of the time they will yeah but see you're taking control you're taking this is the argument against like the wealth like the the gun rule oh there's a gun rule where your family can just call up the cops and be like I'm afraid he's gonna harm himself for others that's terrible and then you lose everything so was Brittany really crazy yeah it seemed like it from the outside maybe that was just a boy in the Netherlands they have this sort of points out the flaw of internet-of-things although this is not well they are Internet of Things now yeah it's an older technology but it shows what can go wrong when we depend on these things I got a firmware update from my ankle monitor and that has crashed to the ankle monitors in the Netherlands so yeah this update prevents ankle monitors from sending back data to the police control rooms so we thank Amanat er people we don't we don't know where you are yeah I panic and it's not your fault so we can't really blame me for although they didn't round up a bunch of them to arrest them so it's like hey we screwed up go to jail we gonna have to keep you in a confined cell for a while so we know where you are and fairness I guess they did do something originally to merit that so yeah the biggest thing but they also pointed out that wireless communication went down once before though you and they lost a whole day of ankle monitoring so bad news I think as long as the criminals don't know that they're not being monitored that really wouldn't be much of an issue what about a great storyline for like a crime movie or novel or whatever where the like a Jeff Bezos type he's been caught for insider trading and he's on house arrest with his ankle monitor and he organizes a rolling blackout disable an ankle monitor so he can go and like have a secret meeting he's gonna meet with China to open up the China markets ban can't be a record of the meeting yeah a great story trope and you just use it if you're writing a book or something well you know what sometimes I'll pick stories just because I talk you know think about how Krista's gonna react to this about here because she loves mushroom so much I thought this would be funny but she's not here Denver just became the first US city to decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms so Denver what are you doing doc weeds already legal but now you're gonna get your mushrooms there that's gonna that's gonna have a specific kind of tourism dollar Chris just think about where to go honeymoon I keep trying to steer toward Colorado she doesn't realize what sort of memes I [Laughter] think she actually should have a good time there yeah cuz he likes all that stuff the hiking and the camping and stuff well here's a problem or the weeds stuff here's the problem you are it's Ramadan and you're a Muslim and you need to get up and have your morning meal before dawn comes because if you forget can't eat all day long go fast not gotta go fast just we're not gonna talk about the sonic movie so how do you solve that problem well Indonesia has the answer the Indonesian Air Force is gonna fly jet fodder to wake people up for sahur hopefully I got the pronunciation of that right having no idea so uh yeah just like the Jets sonic boom was gonna wake people up over the Indonesian islands so it shouldn't be expensive at all for that jet fuel maintenance uh it seems like a pragmatic solution we got jets we got the fasting going on what else we've got we've got smart clocks on them I don't think this is a problem but yeah I guess it's a fun PR thing I do have some Twitter responses and people pointing out how bad of an idea that is they also the other thing about it is they talk about how they want to be able to train their pilots but during the fasting doctors point out that after 10:00 a.m. your blood sugar is going to drop dangerous levels of filing makes sense right and I've been dealing with my cats and their medical problems which thankfully seem to have gone away now that we're using super expensive cat food level one cats YouTube channel and but imagine if you will now you your mom had some hoarding yep lotta bordick her cat didn't live indoors no but can you imagine when the hoarding situation wasn't things and baubles and tchotchkes but cats more than 300 cats were just found in a Toronto apartment it was of one-bedroom apartment on my team the 18th floor like how would you even walk the Animal Control people described the situation as the cats were breeding prolifically yeah just a big cat orgy and like there's no way that any amount of cat litter could contain all that poop they had to be just going freeform at some point yeah and feeding them what are they eating well like a 50-pound bag of cat food for 300 cats how long would that last a day we need a situation where like there's a hotline I was like no she bought another bag you know check out these yes something's bad happening they were able to rescue all the cats apparently 70 need needed medical attention 70 of the 300 course but uh you gotta think that just the competition for food yeah was leading two battles and you know terrible situation there they're all up for adoption and all that so you can if you're in the Toronto area you can adopt a hoarder cat here's the thing about I thought was interesting in Toronto six cats purr dress unless you're animal rescue but that seems like a lot of foresight also a lot of cats let me tell you two or a handful yeah hmm well doom there's that there's a new doom coming out right little maternal and maybe as part of the PR campaign for that we've got this doom based Fitness Bethesda is pursuing a doom based fitness program and it is surprisingly educational so like quad damage is not overworking your quadriceps ripped and tear is the name that they're giving it and they're pointing out the the target groups now they've only done a couple so they've done quadriceps lats and Slayer speed ledge climbing nice now I think this is a bit of an unrealistic image unrealistic body image for the young man I don't how would you even get your abs to look like that uh oh I think that's just the armor oh right but these arms you know you gonna have to lift demons like over your head 20 times a day 20 times a day it's like the one punch man workout oh I saw so many pop-ups now this one makes me think back remember the Obama phone controversy oh yeah poor people can get a phone well not just poor people homeless people do they need a phone I suppose maybe they do I mean how it's you're gonna do drug deals right mm-hmm so and the U is this u ke u NHS so this would be the UK the UK has decided it's not just phones call for poor and disabled to be given NHS fitness trackers wearable groups you know could be left behind but technology revolution in medicine so basically you wear the fitness tracker and it will detect if you fall and but also keep an eye on your blood pressure and your heart rate and lots of other good stuff but if you're poor or elderly you don't want to fool with these things you go well I mean because they cost money oh are you saying yeah you wouldn't so but they're saying nationalised give them out as it now disabled would it be kind of a smack in the face if you get like a step tracker and you're in a wheelchair what could still keep an eye on your blood pressure in that kind of thing I suppose they point out that the low bottom 15 percent of earners are generally the bottom 15 percent in terms of health yeah which I can't make sense so slap these things on them and then I don't know I guess call him in happens but who's monitoring that how I was always surprised that that uh like just from a food standpoint even if you get all the vitamins and nutrients and stuff that you want there was a study here in the u.s. that if you got your vitamins through a supplement versus your vitamins from eating whatever the vitamins from the supplements were absorbed by the body at a much lower rate than from eating whatever yeah I think it's pretty well known that everything that you get you should get from your food yeah I've even seen where people said that drinking water your body eliminates too much of that you should be eating like water filled greens and like celery and stuff hmm to get your hydration I believe it I don't know if I believe that one I've noticed that sometimes if I have a banana like I will be like halfway through eating a banana and it's like I'm thirsty I should have something to drink and then I finished the banana and I'm less thirsty after that because I think that I don't seem to have a like my body doesn't seem to know if I'm really hungry or thirsty but sometimes when I have food that has a lot of water in it like a banana it makes me not thirsty just like toast we all used to get some blue wilderness cat food super moist the online challenges continue to take their toll there's so many I'm not gonna autumn eyes them but we've laborious ly take you covered all of them in the news there uh one stupider than the next and now one has actually cost someone their life a team has been critically injured while playing at a choking game and and has donated his organs critically injured was he starve his brain of oxygen so he survived but brain-dead yeah there he is that's a picture of the young man he's at this point I don't know if he's dead yet but they have decided to harvest his organs and not you know to pull him off but not like they'll pull them off right after they yank those organs he's gonna live on in other people just you got to feel bad she was making that post of Twitter Facebook or something and it's like she mentioned the incident she gotta be ashamed of your kid choking game so public service announcement don't play the choking game and that's the you do that by himself that's choking yourself by the way yeah the idea is you choke yourself until you pass out and you're fine because once you pass out you start breathing again applications yeah unless you land funny or you know whatever this isn't that's how we lost the kung fu legend continues guy yeah David King Carradine yeah that was [Laughter] Kazakhstan has had a bit of despotic government problem they've been on eggshells ever since that whole Borat movie you think that's what they don't like any sort of speaking out against the current regime and it's gotten a bit comical Kazakh citizen has been detained over an empty placard vigil so this guy thought that hey there's something bad going on in my country like you can't really say anything it's not that you can protest anything or whatever so he's just literally standing outside of their equivalent to Parliament or like their government building or whatever it was and he's just got a blank sign and they arrested him and it's funny because there was he had he called the mayor's office and it was like I think this is really bad that we're heading they were heading toward a bad place here and the assistant from the mayor's office was like no no I'll tell you what I'll go stand with you to make sure that nothing happens and then that guy got a phone call and he was only gone five minutes and the police showed up and arrested him he also called the press and he made a special point to not say anything because if he were chanting something that might be disturbing the peace and he took his blank sign because how could a blank piece of paper be considered you know against the government they did let him go after they realized what he was doing but he got arrested but he was arrested in the first place something's not as oh I think his point has been proven that something very naughty is going on in Kazakhstan but will it mean anything I mean it does for the West but they probably already moved on to the next thing and the news cycle and is in his local area oh the news cycle there's probably little slower do you think the thing got reported there probably not I probably the state news agency they reported it but then the the military police that was in the newspaper publishing thing was like no we're not running this story we talk a lot about water on level-1 news because you know it's like the whole Nestle argument evil corporation but I like the taste of the water the form the form had a thread about water and it got as bad as you thought it might but some people see the water debate and they say this is stupid we're killing our planet with these plastic bottles we're pulling out of public sources they're selling it to us this guy saw this thing same thing he said you know what I can make a bunch of money with that former creative director for Netflix puts water in a can it calls it punk and it has raised 1.6 million in funding so here it is yeah we did murder your thirst this seems like something from The Simpsons or future it really does like you'd see advertising like this on the wall and be one of those jokes that they don't point out well you catch on like the second viewing I'm pretty sure that I already saw this product in be theocracy yeah basically bronde oh yeah the thirst mutilator and this guy just said you know what I think people will buy it and he's I don't know if people are buying it but he's got his his funding so the idea is kind of parody but it's real but also the he's playing the environmental card is he saying these aluminum cans a lot better for the environment yeah to the plastic balls although I've had water from a can it tastes very alumina mean that's the Alzheimer's yeah forget your worries but so if you want some liquid death yeah coming soon I guess this article was great it's really long but I read all of it because I was a polygon it was just more horrifying as I went and really galvanized my decision to never have children I got about halfway through it and the headline is fortnight is free but kids are getting bullied into spending money and about halfway through I was just so incredulous like there is nobody like no this can't be a thing this is this has got to be exaggerated but so the great thing about this you know we throw around the word Normie meaning someone who doesn't have a personality disorder and as such doesn't know the esoteric things that we know basically is what that means but these kids are using default as a way of saying someone is like poor or basic yeah or they've not even played enough fortnight to get a different scan their default we don't hang out with them and for fun they had a lot of testimonials from all these parents it's like I couldn't believe that my kid came to me and was explaining like they needed this $20 skin or the kids at school just more gonna talk to them but it's a free game like I would be excited to play a free game cuz stuff free is in speech and I was in beard well I'm thinking back so like you know I think it's uh I don't really don't think there was an equivalent to this because they're absolutely was it was like jeans and shoes oh no I was thinking on the computer side so it's thinking like shareware dude remember shareware dude everybody was playing shareware do nobody had the real copy no but it's just that omus even know and I everybody was playing no well yeah I guess it was just like and the other kids were absolutely yeah the status was based on all these different cars and now everybody plays for knives come to think of it I do recall getting the cold shoulder a few times for wearing my potato sack a lot of mana worn socks and sandals a few times you would have been a default yeah actually you probably would've played that fortnight then you get like the unlocks you can't get free stuff right or am I wrong about that yeah you can't well sometimes you get like a rare skin and that that talks about that but I mean there's not that's not really a thing with the it's definitely a status symbol of some kind but it's really it seemed to me to be arbitrary what exactly the status symbol was like fashion so they brought that up now I remember as a kid we had guest jeans were really popular and then there was Tommy Hilfiger yeah what was it look the khaki cargo pants those were a thing for awhile I don't know what the brand was but it's it changed it was cyclical because fashion is cyclical and they talk about how epic does that wear skins will only be available for a limited amount of time yeah and then the store refreshes and so you have to get it and then there's like a season where it's cool and then the next thing comes out yeah I'm not wearing that scale anymore you're still wearing the zebra stripes wow I'm not sure if we can be associated anymore and just the ruthlessness of these kids yeah so protip don't don't like monitor your kids enough to make sure that they're not terrible well the one guy they talked to here he was like I tried to I would play with my son I'd be like look son we're both gonna be defaults because it doesn't matter he's just like dad you don't get it you are a default I don't want to be one that's really horrifying is funny I mean how do you deal with that do you give it because giving in not only reinforces bad things for your child but you're paying $20 for a stupid skin in a video game that is really horrified I mean at least with jeans and shoes they had a function I eventually learned to be happy with my potato side you also eventually learned that if some of the kids if they were popular enough and just didn't care then they would set a trend yeah and it's like oh I'm not saying that's me but there is you know you don't have to be a follower but you learn that lesson too too late in life we've had a lot of people ask after your plaid shirts for the level one store which are purely functional they don't care although you know I'm have to get some new ones which I don't like to do I don't like to spend money on clothes seems pointless mister most tweeted about this and made light of it and honestly I'm surprised it took this long me too don't you think yep but it's happened it's here a couple has used a Tesla autopilot in porn so this was the number one thing on pornhub for a while I guess according to the article yeah and number one search and the the actress was so proud that she changed her name Tesla if you're Musk do you think that's like that's good brand awareness yeah he's probably was not gonna say anything like that but yeah probably but he did mention and I don't know if he was referencing this or just making a joke that eventually it would happen not knowing that I already had now they do point out that what they did was illegal you shouldn't take your hand off the wheel and this guy did for sure but I don't think they're gonna get no criminal charges for what state was it you don't even know I imagine most porn is well I guess that's not true anymore now you make porn anywhere but most porn is shot on the west coast right guy for Nia probably there would be a way to fake this as well I mean there's like a hole the first time I was in California there was a rig that was driving and it was like a really nice like a 1960s convertible and it was being pulled by another truck and there were just people in the back of the truck like two different camera crews in the back of the truck filming the car behind it and it was the craziest thing that I ever saw because it looked like the people were in the car driving but the people in the car were not driving at all it was being pulled by another vehicle and that's how you do drive shoots in California apparently that's okay well I thought it was always in like a studio where like all those the low-budget ones you'll notice what they do is they just like frost out the the back window holes you can tell you're not moving there they're playing a loop of traffic back there but you can just see like the lights and stuff cuz it's like oh the windows foggy oh it's not really I don't think that the budget for this video was high enough to have the rig yeah I don't think so I think they actually were in the autopilot having sex yeah probably but you know you can be your own judge cuz you can go on and check it out the engagement challenge I don't know if they I don't know if interesting engineering links to it but I'm sure you can find it easily enough interesting engineering comm probably another thing we'll be we're gonna be be monetize for for even mentioning it so dumb the algorithm has run amok yeah now the other interesting thing that interesting engineering interesting interesting interesting said is musk has made another speech and he says that internal combustion engines owners if you're buying one right now it's like you're buying a horse I don't think we're quite there yeah well yeah when the automatic taxi revolution comes do you want to be on the wrong side of history they don't make your preferred mode of transportation in Tesla yet that's coming oh yeah they probably do they're working on it I'm sure it's coming soon now hear this we decided to put this one last we just try to put the funniest one last this is another one where we want to get Krista's reaction to it okay see sorry I actually sent this to her during the week and digging her reaction and she was as outraged as outraged as I'd hoped those links hoping for a severe reaction here is like the opposite corner of the office and you want to be able to audibly hear her reaction from here yeah so when you think of hentai and manga the I guess the stereotype and that's kind of what this guy was pointing out the stereotype is rape what he calls it non-consensual sex let's call it what it is it's rape whether that's traditional or demon or tentacle or whatever there seems to be a lot of it and that's the joke but this guy said you know what I'm gonna crunch the numbers I'm gonna do the math I'm gonna show you so the anime news network yeah this might be a first brings us his analysis and this is a surprisingly dry and academic analysis with a helpful table I think the whole article can be summed up with with the table yes for example that's the that's the star of the show right there so the publishing like if you're into like I feel like Krista would say that the only publisher that's any good is the Magnum X at the bottom maybe is yeah 100% consensual I like for example comic babble was like guys keep it to a minimum but we have to have some let's go for 5% rape and they're like what the industry standard is 15 what are you thinking I don't know what angel club is here's the crazy thing I don't know if you noticed this some of these don't add up to a hundred yeah what's the other part uh it was ambiguous there's a there's a one line in there that not that I'm even scared yeah even scarier than the right yeah now this guy also just chose to to find a second data point which was the number of maids and I don't speak this language but it seems like over time the maids are falling out of favor they mentioned this guy is well known for his statistical analysis of anti manga job stuff this is an interesting job to have I don't know I don't think he gets paid for it one the historians will be talking about for centuries to come no doubt yeah yeah I guess all you know as a way to you sign off this week I would say be less like angel club and more like Magnum X we'll see you next week


  1. Wendell magic mushrooms are good IDK what it's like growing up where you're from and if you did many drugs or whatever or if u think they are all bad but magic mushrooms are really not bad for u to consume and can be really really beneficial for adults to use to work through issues in there perceptions and stuff

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  4. Doom Eternal: "Mortally challenged" hahaha

  5. There is no Level1Cats link in the description, Wendell. Why do you play with my feelings?


  6. I'd rather convert a manual car to electric and leave the transmission in than buy an EV as they ship.

  7. binance alone does NOT have the power to change the blockchain, they would need consensus from the whole network, all they did was mention it was an option, there is other options, like using the SAFU fund to cover the loss (which he did in the end), the only people who got upset with this option was the dumb arse's who didnt listen to what he said, albeit with an accent … he is not hard to understand he makes a pretty good effort when speaking english.

  8. Is it just me, or is there a delay on the video?

  9. Techdledum; Techdledee

  10. Leave Brittany alone!

  11. The amount of story tropes that come out of the news is great.

  12. You are right … Angel Club has way too little rape

  13. 27:10 At that age I played a different "choking" game … only so (and too much information) I did not choke my neck but a different body part

  14. proPr0nTip: 🍑🍆
    if you see prophylactic made in California
    If you see skin it's Florida they're in.

  15. I do the choking challenge all the time… although that involves a different hand positioning.

  16. 18:02 https://youtu.be/EIyixC9NsLI?t=4

  17. 100% rape

  18. 36:04 like he didnt know what he was enabling

  19. "Do they need a phone?" Yes, how else are they going to improve their situation in a world where one must be connected to find work

  20. 23:10

    I am a homeless veteran and I need my Obama phone to qualify for food stamps.

  21. I always wondered why altercation videos were poorly shot, now

    I understand.

    It is difficult to hold a camera when your adrenaline is pumping.

    link link link

    Then the camera doesn't like to focus at night.

    When I ask him if I can help him with anything he says, "No I'm


    Since he came back, I am now guessing he did not see me the

    first time.

    Maybe he just looked into the second story dining room and

    decided the entire house looked like that.

    He was baffled that the door was chained again. He pulled on it

    at least three times. He seemed a bit out of it, he may have been

    under the influence of "cough medicine".

  22. Shocked to have found a tech news show where the hosts have actually READ the articles they are discussing! Mind blown…

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