Letsfit fitness Tracker Setup

Hello guys and welcome to Huber
Tech today I’m going to explain how to use the fitness tracker so let’s get
into it This is the LetsFit Tracker that I got If you have a different LetsFit Tracker it will probably still have the same
steps to it so guys we just finished setting up the
Letsfit Tracker and yeah as you can tell it’s working step counter is showing
the miles we have walked is showing and yeah we’re done now if I check my phone it has the same statistics as my LetsFit Tracker thank you guys for watching and don’t forget to Like and Subscribe for more content by the way


  1. Nice🤪

  2. A

  3. I don't use the phone app, and it still works just fine for my needs. However, I can't find anywhere how to reset the date and time. Can you help me please?

  4. Please do review on jolt hr fitness tracker

  5. Thanks little dude very helpful

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