Let's Paint,Exercise,& Blend Drinks TV!

hey everybody welcome back to the live edition of let's paint exercise and let's make blended drinks tonight and we're taking your calls all these wonderful things that we can do all at the same time yes I'm your host John Kilduff and call that number and in the meantime we're going to get to painting we're going to do some exercising and of course we're going to make some wonderful blended drinks you know when you're running and doing a lot of exercise it's good to eat healthy and concern yourself with healthy kind of things and so we got some wonderful healthy things here today banana and an orange I got some lemonade and then with the ice this Meridian can't pronounce it it's a lemon lemon flavored ice and we're going to blend that up for you we got the calls here ready are those real calls we'll take those calls right now and like five Thank You Johnny I call our live five what's your name where he called from hi Bruce how you doing great I just want to say that you know it's great we're doing right here with all the stuff that's going on all the war and all that what you're doing is like a lighter side of everything it's cool you got it's all going you know my man and I know juice is a way to go you know that really healthy and so handed tapa Monica walk and Miss gang all right all right man hey callers are there alright just second ah hi caller welcome to less pain in exercise hand-make blended drinks today hello hello color picker all right all right well we a delight we run through the lines you leave oh no that's not gonna work okay all right well what we like to do is just get some paint on the canvas all right so I got some red paint and I got I'll at the bottom of this pan you know I I should just throw it away but thank you I'm just gonna just for experimental purposes good experiment you know if they need to get out of this show is that it's okay to experiment it's okay to fail and you never know you might learn something from the process so you know at the very very very least you know we've uh we stretch too you know before you do this you want to stretch stretch your body before you get into this kind of position don't kill yourself okay three point six miles an hour okay that's a good pace 3.8 kind of a good brisk walk okay let's see who these colours are today five hello caller we come from I'm Carly from la ya la alright oh no wa naze what are you gonna draw with that red face you know like I kind of had an idea but you made me a opinion oh I'll shoot it all man shoot it up and like you could run late maybe a guy with with red legs signif a lake um blood you know right right so play anything Monica okay all right now this shows about the creative process it's not a it's not about getting shouts out we want to try to help y'all out okay it's a tough world like first caller mentioned okay we're trying to kind of make this a little happier place huh okay so when the day is done you know when you're waking up early in the morning it's nice and peaceful let's try to get that in our real life's all right let's take another call here and you know we'll just cut you off but any sense that there's something going on okay hello we'll call it 25 where you come from what your name hello I'm Emily hi how are you doing what's your name I'm Diana I joy Anna do you you like to paint or exercise or make blended drinks I like to plane and I come a truther and I want to fuck you a Bic all right that's a probably a happy customer there Oh No Hey crazy hey I think what you're doing is great okay how do pitching in a paper like just kind of Bangor can be it could be we just we're figuring it out sometimes I like to enter the process without knowing what the hell I'm doing it's a great writer prepared it okay then oh I like that though you know there's something fun there but I don't like that end part but that's okay it's you know we're human we always we're all bound to like make some mistakes in our in our lives so uh okay let's not get into that all right blended drinks now now this is kind of a healthy segment here on the show we try to cram it a lot of stuff here in the half-hour show try to take on your creativity okay we got some of this shade guys yeah we got put in here you know you don't need ice cream when you make a blended drink you don't need milk ah you can just you know try try things with ice and maybe maybe a little milk might hurt but might not hurt but you know what what the hell let's try that all right I know we got those cause you just hold on there hold on get to those calls Here I am 50 okay the sicklied 50 okay I presume we screen this line out like 50 low Oh Johnny that wasn't screen you got another screen caller yeah okay let's try this one hello color alright okay maybe we won't take calls today all right okay so let's put a banana in there now I don't know if this is gonna taste good or nothing but I'm gonna do it anyway you're not saying let's just put it in there all right and just for practicalities let's just see it work okay let's not forget about painting all right what a pain and now go into the white paint I asked the white paint a different coloured frames here all right we're gonna need a pulse take that thing going Bosch ah there you go how do you get that theta Johnny what's wrong with this machine the liquid oh you need the liquid all right all right why this is pretty watery this is the lemonade let's try that out all right this is the Test Kitchen here today we're testing out new products all right so we got the ice cubes in there lemon flavored we got a banana and now I'm going to put in this lemon aid concentrate okay there's our liquid baby that's it that's how liquid all right just put the cop on there all right now I'm talking all right okay you know it's good I it's makes it seem a lot better when you're gonna do that little testing like you got some control of what you're doing you know I think like we want to do is let this ferment for a few minutes take a few calls welcome to let Spain exercise and make blended drinks Hey Bruce prevent it Hey Bruce from Venice why how what would I could do free free creativity process I don't understand it you need some liquid that's right and I just thought maybe I could be of help I mean if you know one another somebody needs liquid so I'm always cold and I'm there you know Hamid okay I'm a liquid would you prefer I got all the liquids in the world I know where you going thanks car hello Carl holder done let's get down there what's up a factor man can you factor in it come on Marion fat all right all right solidia all right let's go cake after brother all right all right back it and make them no dad all right we're at five okay five let's introduce some yellow in your painting yippee that's my mic oh we've lost the creativity that we got with that particular person all right and of course I lost my munch you're watching let's pay in exercise and blood drinks here on Time Warner Cable here I'm your host John Kilduff let's take another caller hello caller hi you're on let's paint exercise blood drips let's see if it'll call hello car hey Merrick you take a thing yeah go ahead and pay my face okay hello caller okay don't overdo it all right hello caller pather hello yeah we could get up to six pre safely 5.5 all right that's it I got it at six but I got take it a little slower hey I like it at five okay okay all right there


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  12. We should send this video into space as a message to aliens. It is everything we are as a species.

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  15. I get what you were doing Mr. Kilduff- truly creative and optimistic world view!

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  22. god bless this man

  23. Hey, I used to work for public access TV in the 90s and FM radio up until 2017. I enjoy your channel. Regardless of how many people make fun of you, I find it a fun creative experience, and alot of things (if you really think about it) really is good notation to take in life. Like taking chances, little mishaps in life are not failures, letting yourself go and grow!, etc. This show makes me feel normal.. I can relate with this and appreciate the honesty and creative innovation you have done. I think this is great 🙂 Much blessings my friend!

  24. i remember back in the day my brother showed me this show on the TV we had in the antic , i wanted to call you but the line was always busy

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