Let's GET LOUD for Mental Health Week

I suffered from depression for at least a decade I would go on the air and look into the camera but I wasn't really being honest I never talked about the payment of its experiencing because I never thought anyone would really care it wasn't until one day I thought you know maybe this pain can help someone else so I talked about it briefly and I was blown away by the result people saying it's the first time they saw someone who didn't seem to be embarrassed or ashamed and didn't appear to be weak I got loud this year I'm working with the Canadian Mental Health Association we're encouraging others to get loud about mental health and I'm not the only one to me getting loud means doing whatever you can to help raise awareness I provided a platform for men to express themselves by creating a moment project what we do is we really bring men to a place where they feel safe and comfortable being open and honest d stigmatizing the vulnerability and masculinity we really provide a space for them to be themselves getting loud just means talking about it it means being there for someone who needs it it also can be donating to a mental health organisation I know it's important because I lost my son Jack to suicide five years ago there's still so many misperceptions around mental health and addictions if you think you might be struggling I encourage you to talk to someone you really trust then seek the advice of a professional I think the more people talk about it the more people are going to learn about it and it'll help reduce the stigma and discrimination I think the only way we can help each other is by keeping the conversation going so how are you gonna get loud are you gonna talk to your friends are you gonna write your local government are you gonna talk to your family are you gonna talk about it at work it's about telling your story it's about realizing that we all have a part to play and CMHA is there to help get loud to support the ones you love and have your voice heard get loud your way during mental health read let's reduce discrimination and stigma so people like me with mental health issues feel a judgment-free community of support in managing or recovering from their illness I always say why not treat your mental health exactly the same way you would your physical health it's Mental Health Week and we're asking you to get loud head to mental health week CA to donate it to find ways for you to get loud get loud get loud get loud get loud get loud get loud

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  1. What a joke! Emailed the cmha nl branch weeks ago and never yet heard back. Good thing I wasn't trying to kill myself They wouldn't give a F(*&!

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