Let It All Work Out


  1. I felt Every word Wayne said. Depression is real. A person can smile all day and still be broken inside. I know this first hand because I’ve been depressed a few times in my life. Even to the point I almost succeeded 2017. I found my uncle shot gun, loaded it and blew my main artery out my chest close to me heart. When I woke up three days later being on life support, the dr told me I lost 10 pints of blood and my heart stopped twice during 3 procedures being cut open to take as many buck shots out as they could. (Thank god I’m still here) Idc what nobody say that man up stairs is Real.

  2. Just by the name i knew this was a "indecision" sample. Thats the first thinking that came to my mind. Damn i was locked up for this album. Better be good.

  3. Wayne bacc again

  4. If Kanye got a feature he would have killed it

  5. IMAGINE IF THIS ALBUM CAME OUT WHEN IT WAS SUPPOSED TO… Smh never seen or met this man a day in my life but Lil Wayne has helped me through so much through the years .

  6. I love this song thank you weezy f baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. First time listening and it gave me chills

  8. When lil Wayne said “he sold me another life, and made a profit” I think Wayne said that because when he tried to commit suicide he was still alive and now he’s famous

  9. People in music YouTube comments are so dramatic lol. “ThIs SoNg SaVeD mY liFe”

  10. Long Live Lil Wayne!

  11. it's songs like this…

  12. ..i swear it tastes like spearmint…

  13. As hard as it is, I keep coming back here everyday… AND IT ALL WORKS OUT! 3:16

  14. a fan for life! love this

  15. Sorry for even Apologizing

  16. Best song I have ever heard in my life. Wayne is the goat

  17. Now it all makes sense. Years ago Wayne said he was playing with a gun and he shot himself, now on this song it explains his thoughts about suicide and how it wasn’t a accident

  18. Wayne is a living legend. He’s So lyrical and talented with his word play and metaphors. He’s the goat in my eyes

  19. Damn that last verse deserves a Grammy

  20. I couldn’t ever imagine the world of music with out tune. Damn this song is good. Probably his best ever

  21. Best Wayne song of all time

  22. Needed that motivation 🤟🏾

  23. Let it all work out this song bring me joy feel like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to

  24. Thank you for releasing this Tune. It came at a right time, ish helped me to get out of a very serious depression. 😭

  25. 😭This ish right here, is helping me to achieve anything I want….Let it all work out✈️

  26. 🔥

  27. wow who can do it he just made two words into one with different meaning that sound the same profit-prophet fuck anybody say he's the truth i been a fan since 1997

  28. Life changing song; let it all work out.

  29. Every time I hear this. Number 1

  30. The greatest

  31. I hope it works it self out 😴

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