Lesson 4: Healthy Food Choices & Snack Choices for Teens: A Day In the Life of Some Busy Teenagers

so we've looked at the breakfast choices that the group is made and we've seen what Sarah megan and gabe chose to eat for lunch when they're at the mall but now we're going to follow a few of them to get a picture of what an entire day's food choices might look like pay close attention to their food choices at each meal and snack and pay attention to where they're eating are they at home at school at a restaurant or a mall also think about what else might be going on like if someone's at school and doesn't have a lot of time to eat is that person making food choices based on being rushed what do you think about all the factors in a day that steer the way we make food choices you just might be surprised so let's start by taking a look at the meal and snack choices that drew made today okay I'd like a hot dog canned fruit and a brownie oh and similar to please all right thank you hello hey mom I'm just making this movie for snack before I start science homework yeah I know schools go nothing earth-shaking all right I'll see you then okay okay photosynthesis awaits what's for dinner mom hey can you help me unpack these bags see I got some pasta salad salad some chicken pudding for dessert there's some milk can you put that on the table finally milk hey hey mom we're out of milk again this morning so I couldn't have any cereal do you think you can get more stuff for breakfast and snacks around here sure true what type of things that we have that you want milk for one and like string cheese would be good oh and I like to munch on cashew sometime so maybe some of those and Oh different kinds of fruit like pears apples grapes and with those big containers of fruit yogurt you sometimes get those are great hmm okay how about this why don't you and I make a list tonight after dinner and then I'll pick that stuff up at the grocery store this weekend sounds good oh can we add one more thing to that list sure how about a home audio system nice try go wash up now take a look at the meal and snack choices that Mike made today yo Mike who aren't raise your chin to see how much for my chili now Gina is one of my favorites mmm sure good you want carrot sure our boys pregame break time good job but Union it's the new energy bar Coleman's advertising so it's got to be good for you just because your favorite athlete advertises an energy bar or cereal or even a sports drink doesn't mean you have to eat it it might not be the healthiest choice you see that you can read the nutrition facts on all foods they're facts not just clever advertising all right boys let's get back to practice okay I hope you're hungry here we have your chimichangas deep five burritos filled with beef for you and you thank you you're welcome and we have chicken over here and for dessert I got you some churros what it's your us churros are strips of dough that are deep-fried and rolled in sugar while they're still really hot I think you'll like them I already enjoy your dinner now let's take a look the meal and snack choices that Sarah made today no way I'm wasting part of lunch waiting in that line I'll just eat here instead not a lot of variety but I don't have much time and this will fill me up quickly I could get a chocolate bar or licorice whips or maybe a fruit roll hmm I didn't eat much from any of the food groups at lunch not good haven't had any milk products today I know cheese perfect snack can somebody pass me the salad please thank you Harry did you get some peas so how was school today guys fine fine fine hi so what exactly did you do nothing nothing nothing nothing so how was your day at work today babe fine what exactly thing to do nothing


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