Lenovo’s new Yoga Book: almost a laptop

– Hello, I’m Vlad with the
Verge here at IFA 2018, and this is the new second generation of the Lenovo Yoga book. This has always been quite a
particular and peculiar device because it’s never been quite a laptop, it’s never been quite a tablet,
it’s a thing in between. What Lenovo has done now
is they’ve enlarged it, they made it 10.8 inches instead of 10, so it feels more substantial, and now I would really classify it as a laptop. But once you open it up,
and the way you open it up is pretty cool, they have a
new mechanism where you do a double knock on the top, and the magnets that hold the thing together,
they reverse the polarity, they do some cool magnet
magic, and it pops it open. So you don’t need notch,
you don’t need to, like, fiddle around to open it up. Once you do open it up,
you still have an LCD, but Lenovo has upgraded the
resolution now, like I said, 10.8 inches, but now it’s 2560
by 1600 resolution Quad HD, and then you have an E
Ink display at the bottom which doubles as the keyboard. The original Lenovo book had
a Wacom digitizer down here, it didn’t have an E Ink display, and now it has an E Ink display. And the new keyboard,
I’ve just been trying, after being testing it
out, it’s really good, like, shockingly good for
a touchscreen keyboard. Usually these things are
really quite atrocious, but this is a massive upgrade
from the original Yoga Book. It has haptic feedback, and it
has little animation feedback which really makes it feel realistic. I am able to type on it really quickly, and I’ve picked it up pretty quickly, and I’m surprised by that,
I’m shocked by that even. The hinge is that watchband style hinge that Lenovo has used on
its Yoga Books previously. Inside the hinge, Lenovo
has woven the WiFi antenna, so they’re, actually,
somewhere in here in the hinge. It’s super sturdy, I’ve had one of those Lenovo Yoga Books four or five years. I’ve had members of my
family using and abusing it, and it has survived, so I’m
impressed with this hinge, it’s sturdy, it has a nice bit of traction and friction to it. In terms of design and engineering, as usual, with the original Yoga Book that was never a problem to be honest. These were really well
made, really solid devices, again, made out of
aluminum, top and bottom. It has an 8.6 hour battery
life, Lenovo promises, which is extremely reasonable
for a device of this thinness and this lightweight. And speaking of the battery, you can now charge it with the USB-C port. There are two USB-C
ports, one on either side, which is brilliant, it should have been like this from the original. Really have it stood up from Lenovo. Also over here on the
front, Lenovo has added a new fingerprint sensor,
it’s not a power button, it doesn’t have any sort of indentation, it’s just flush with the device, but it’s an infrared fingerprint sensor, which compatible with Windows Hello. And the point of the infrared part is that it should make your fingerprint easy to recognize when your finger is, maybe a bit wet, or dirty, or whatever. Predictably the main
display’s a touchscreen, but you do get plenty of other
things that you can do with the E Ink panel down here at the bottom. It can function as a
keyboard, and that’s really, that’s the main use that you have for it, but also it can accept pen input, so Lenovo ships the Yoga
Book with its on stylus. Unfortunately, because
it’s such a slim device, there’s nowhere to stash the stylus, which is quite substantial,
it’s the size of an actual pen, but it works well, and
you can get an accessory, you know, you can get a case, and stash the two things together,
it’s not such a big deal, and it’s good that the
stylus comes in the box. So, you can do pen input,
you can do keyboard input, or you can use it as an E-reader. As soon as this thing is launched, which I’m told is going
to be around October time, it will only support PDF
files, after that it’s going to support ePub, MOBI, and TXT
files, in terms of reading. There is a bit of lag, I’m not gonna lie, it’s an E Ink display, you
always have a bit of lag and a bit of redrawing time with it, but still it works well. And because of the
portability of this device, I can, actually, see myself
using it in this flipped mode, like this, whether it’s
on the LCD display, or on the E Ink display. One really cool and neat thing
that Lenovo has also done is because it’s a larger
screen, you get more space for the keyboard, and
they’ve also made the trackpad minimizable, so
if you want the trackpad, you tap down here, you have it, but then as soon as you start typing, it goes away. It’s such an intuitive and simple thing, but Lenovo has really
had the time to sit down and think for its design
and improve of things. And on the inside, the
company has upgraded things in terms of specs, you can
now get up to a Core i5 7th generation Intel Core processor, you can get four gigabytes,
or eight gigabytes of RAM, 128 to 256 gigabytes of storage. And it only comes with Windows, there used to be an Android version originally, but apparently the Windows
version out sold Android by a lot, and Lenovo has just chosen to go with Windows all the way. I was impressed with
the original Yoga Book when I was here two years ago with EFA, and it didn’t turn out to be quite so good as the final product, But this one, I can’t not
be impressed with it again, it’s done so many good upgrades across the board with the device. The one thing though,
the one huge difference is that the Yoga Book,
the original Yoga Book was really, super affordable,
where as this is now into straight laptop territory, it’s priced at $999 in the U.S. When you’re considering
this, you’re considering this versus actual laptops. What I would say is wait for the review to find out if it’s worth it. See we deal with the staging
and then it just feels awkward. So I’ll just whisper for this video, so it can feel more natural. It’s gonna be an A as in more hands on with the Verge, first
time I’ve ever done it. Eva 2018, there’s still
a Lenovo Yoga Book, I might, actually, keep going with this.


  1. Amazing but NOT for $1k. Knew this was too good to be true

  2. What amazing ideas! Great job, Lenovo! Now give yr engineers a huge bonus! 😉

  3. Lenovo has done some serious research to create this thing, Really we need to appreciate it. Because it will become a good Predecessor for the Future Device and As usual Unique video from Verge.

  4. Congratulations to Lenovo's design team. This is a really great design.

  5. I've had the original Windows version since launch and it still gets used everyday. This updated version looks like they literally addressed every single complaint I have with the original. There's a huge benefit to that e-ink keyboard area as well, the keyboard can be changed at will. Literally any layout can be displayed and used as input. I'll definitely be getting Gen II. It's about time we finally see some innovation in the laptop space.

  6. I own older model, first generation with Windows 10, and it is very cool and interesting device, not particulary fast but for reasonable amount of money. But honestly, for 999 bucks, the second gen is really worth it.

  7. Lenovo is very creative but they have a very bad history in updates (specially in Android)

  8. Finally revealed!!! I actually thought it will have a special press release event since there's nothing like it (with the exception of the 1st gen)… TIME TO UPDATE MY «OLD» YOGABOOK!!

  9. Nice features, the led open mechanism, the keyboard, the touchpad, but I doubt the battery will stay for 8.5 hours, I'd give it 4h top in best cases.

  10. Great Innovation

  11. The first gen more than enough for me. I'm glad they continue to innovate instead just stuck in the past

  12. Now apple will copy and reinvent it.

  13. Its cool tho

  14. Nice piece of engineering!

  15. Display is not big.

  16. 2050 called they want their laptop back

  17. Damn

  18. the new yoga book looks amazing and the new more simple features fix alot of the simple problems with the original yoga book (which i`ve had for a year and a half and i am using to type this comment).

    some of the best features in my opinion is the second charging port , the e reader version and the keyboard updates. The second charging port is amazing as it can be quite annoying and fiddly when you want to use it as specifficly a tablet (i have the android version) as you have to change the postion to use it when charging. The figiting nature of the original yoga book is saved by how well the auto rotation in the tablet mode works .

    The keyboard seems to have had a big update with the more 3D appearace but its the better feedback which makes it better. When using the original yoga book it has this loud almost violent vibration feedback when ever the halo keyboard is used as well as having the problem of when you type most of the time the tablet google keyboard comes up as well ,covering up a third of your screen.Although you can change these in the settings, the halo keyboard doesn`t allow for any room to budge as it is either on or off when it comes to feed back.And the google keyboard can be turned off so that it doesn`t interfear when using the halo keyboard , however it does loose it`s auto prediction and correction meaning it will no longer correct spelling mistakes or put in punctuation while using the halo key board.So these changes i think would massively change how comfortable the new yoga book would feel on first use ,plus the option of hiding away the mouse is a extremly useful feature as it is so rarely used when you can use the pen or the touch screen to control the tablet.

    lastly, the new e-reader function just looks beutiful on the tablet when joined with the fact you can draw on it too while seeing the picture as if it was on paper. The low and dull hue for the lighting on the keyboard has always made is unobtrusive while being visable with little glare, making it absolutly beautiful for to use as almost a second screen for the e-reader.When combing this with the fact that you can now also choose which screen you want drawings and doodles for it makes it possible to multitask while drawing (like watching youtube or googling a picture of what you want to draw). I find the greatist part of the second drawing screen is that is now feels more like you are using paper and when this is combined with the thinner stylish ,you are going to have this much more seemless transition when switching to drawing on a tablet for the first time.Instead then having to get used to not looking where your hands are when drawing or being immeditaly throung into the deep end of features while geting used to the basic functions, you can immeditly test out the features and slowly adjust to using a tablet for drawing. In my opinion this features will make it more comfortable to draw as well as just casually read in any light sorce without being too obtrusive.

    I am comparing this to the original yoga book and yes it does sound like the original has faults to it ,but this is just comparing it to the new and improved one which tackles all of the inconvinces of the original no matter how small they might be. As amazing as the new one might be, the orignal is a great piece of technology from great tracking software with a stlyist , ahead of time halo keyboard to it`s always smooth running,great design and great compatibilty with andriod (which is the one i have).Even the the annoyances i have had with the original yoga book can be fixed if you spend some time in the settings, but what i`m saying is the original is a great piece of tech but the new one is once again ahead of the curve and cunning brilliant.

  19. Cool device

  20. Vibrate screen when typing

  21. Can you connect a bluetooth keyboard and use the e ink side as a word processor?

  22. looks like acer iconia 6120

  23. The original yoga book came out in 2016, but this guy's had it for "4-5 years"

  24. Wow. Just wow.

  25. That seems to be a great device.

  26. Insane!

  27. Typing experience might very different with physical keyboard. I mean, the physical one is much more convenient rather than the touch based.

  28. nice review 👍

  29. for this to be worthy upgrade from first gen it has to have dual boot both windows and android.
    It is a must.

  30. For now I heard that the bottom panel only reads pdf files, not kindle – would have been really cool if it did.

  31. How much will it cost?

  32. They should've made this into a snapdragon device.

  33. Love the design, just it's not as affordable as he said

  34. bezels too thick

  35. I have an Onyx Boox and a Surface Pro 2 and am in desperate need of an upgrade. Never would I have expected to have a device that is both and is more portable (thank two devices separately) I'm over the moon!

  36. Can you watch Netflix with it

  37. Can you still use the paper on top of the keyboard area and have your physical drawing digitally copied?

  38. I need one of these for some reason

  39. I have the first one and I really enjoy it! And the 2nd generation looks smooth…

  40. I hate the original YOGA Book so much, it was so bad. You couldn’t watch a YouTube video properly. It took forever to start, and it was so lagging, HATE THAT THING.

  41. Well, it looks cool, but touchscreen instead of an actual keyboard…

  42. Lenovo got cheat codes .. they really flexing wtf… like is the keyboard a screen?

  43. Watching on original yoga book

  44. Surprised the e-ink keys aren't Lenovo-shaped (Thinkpad/Ideapad).

  45. Man could you imagine what gen 3 will look like?!??

  46. I have the original yoga book

  47. what version of the yoga book will this be and do u the est. purchase price

  48. When i can buy?

  49. Looks amazing, now they just need to work that huge Yoga branding. It should either be way more discrete or go away totally imo.

  50. If only this was a bit more affordable, it'd be a no brainer.

  51. Who is really innovating in 2018 while Apple keeps repeating their designs ad nauseam?….

  52. 5:13 laptop 💻 Territory? You kidding cell phones like iPhone sells for $1499.00.

  53. does they upgrade a little bit the sensitivity of pen when drawing on screen? 1st gen has excellent touchpad part for drawing but on screen, it lags…

  54. Desktop user here, been looking for a lightweight solution for a while.

    Is it safe to assume this is the kind of product that is very friendly to work environment? I mean you can just show your boss your work progress so far without bringing him to your own office. The tactile pen seems a nice feature if you want to draw/sketch and take note during meeting.

    Or this isn't a product for me and I should look for Thinkpad series instead? Like the reviewer said, price tag is in laptop territory and they are also more powerful.

  55. So much bespoke stuff here. Lenovo doesn't have a good track record of supporting consumer stuff with updates and drivers post-sale. I'd be afraid some Windows 10 update will roll out, a new driver will be needed, and Lenovo will be all "LOL, nope."

  56. Yall complaining about the price. A higher end branded phone costs more and can't hold a candle to this yoga book in terms of productivity and functionality.

  57. 2:49 The Pirate Bay in you google, bad boy !!

  58. Definitely going to get one for myself once ebook and note-taking apps are supported. I did notice some thick bezels, and the input lag on keyboard side is massive both from touching or stylus. Hope Lenovo improve these on the next- gen.

  59. You really should do an ASMR review.

  60. So if apple copies this and launches the "iBook" (probably with the options of either iOS + MacOS) then this format will suddenly becomes mainstream or even thought to be invented by Apple? Ps. I would also like to see affordable versions with ChromeOS/android hybrids

  61. This is awesome 😍 The mechanism is so intelligently mad and it's so beautiful and slim

  62. So if I place a paper on its halo keyboard and draw some thing with its digital ink refill pen then can I see the live drawing in its monitor? If not then to do so please send me the online purchase link for the extra item!

  63. today i readed for this laptop/tablet and i am all ready on love its so beautiful and the designers who make this laptop its really very intelligent and very smart.

  64. Damn I bought the old model couple of months back😪😪😪

  65. I am actually quite comfortable with the keyboard on the old Yoga book, but had to jump through a lot of hoops in order to get it working with Cyrillic (I'm sure mr. Savov knows what i mean). I assume (and hope )this will be a non-issiue with the new one, its keyboard being an e-ink display.


  67. it's a tablop

  68. What about ghosting image burn since the keyboard will be static for long periods of time.

  69. What make is this

  70. Love the new one .
    I want one.

  71. Wow. Do you recommend this for note taking as well? How is the stylus writing experience

  72. I don't have the money now, so you guys recommend me to buy this in a year or wait for the next upgrade?

  73. I wish it was still available. I think it is on backorder. I want it more than the old version and I kind of want it in Ruby Red. Guess I won't be able to get it for Christmas then. 🙁

  74. I have a old one

  75. It's a shame the logo next to the screen is not a small e-ink display that reverses it when bent backwards instead of being upside-down…

  76. Too many options. Hope theres only one option lol ,

  77. listen to my song covers while doing yoga subbing back comment done

  78. Lenovo products are poorly designed and rubbish,buy a better brand name and save yourself the headache

  79. Did Lenovo stop selling this in Canada already?

  80. I own the first generation versions (both an Android and a Windows version) and is still my preferred device for on-the-go. The Android version hasn't had an update since August 2017, but still runs flawlessly. The Windows version still gets updates (albeit from Microsoft). It's a little sluggish, but I got used to the keyboard. What I didn't like about the Windows version was attempting to take notes as the LCD screen had to be on to use the notepad (it can be off on the Android version). Since the new one doesn't use paper, it seems like this won't be an issue with the eInk screen.

    The other thing that the originals didn't have was being able to use the touch-sensitive stylus on the LCD screen (you could turn on Any Pen, but that's not the same thing). I'm used to drawing using the bottom screen, so that seems like it would still work, but would be better in the stylus worked on both surfaces. I'm keeping an eye on this one and want to see more reviews before spending double the money.

  81. The only gripe I have with my Yogabook Gen 1 is that I can't charge it while the microUSB port is connected to other things. Other than that it's been a wonderful portable device for basic web browsing, word processing and watching movies on the go!

  82. Wait till you see the price , sticker shock 🤒

  83. It's super cool! But kind of disappointed with the price seeing as the original Yoga book was only around $350 – – it's $999 now

  84. I wish it was smaller, just a touch bigger than book size would be perfect

  85. This is so beautiful ~
    I am gonna wait until the price goes down a bit though…

  86. Hi, model number please

  87. This is innovation!!! Just like the first iPod it seemed a little obscure…but man it is a standout in a sea of mediocrity. If you were part of the engineering effort to make this and are reading this: A million thank you’s! Keep it up, "be bold and mighty forces shall come to your aide."

  88. I cant find it on lazada

  89. I was all in for it until I hear $999

  90. Truly innovative design, well-done Lenovo! Also thanks for the good review!

  91. VLAD! Slavic origins? Learing UK English, though! Good job! 😉

  92. wow it is very amazing , I have first gen , I will buy this version insha Allah .

  93. Lenovo 💪 Nice

  94. But…who would want this? What would you actually use the E-ink display for other than typing, reading a book, drawing? And why would you sacrifice a regular keyboard for those features that aren't really that useful?

  95. Aesthetic table

  96. It released now, so has anyone tryed Ubuntu support?

  97. I already have this but I need help… After long time, it won't turn on and nothing help

  98. The keyboard looks horrible!

  99. this is the laptop students need

  100. can you lend me one Lenovo Yoga Book c930 to draw pictures

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