lenovo yoga tab 3 100% pattern unlock hard reset forgot password,recover

hello welcome friends again to my channel patter lock share you hard reset of lenovo tab yoga tab 3 if you forgot your yoga tab 3 pattern lock yoga tab 3 if your phone is hanging at logo like this then you can perform this to eliminate problem in your phone so what you have to do is power off your yoga tab 3 then press volume down button AND POWER BUTTON FOR TEN SECOND UNTILL YOUR PHONE BOOTS INTO RECOVERY MODE now this is recovery mode yoga tab 3 you have to select wipe data factory reset scroll with volume down button and select with power button yoga tab 3 select wipe data factory reset and conform yed delete all my user data this will delete your user data and format your phone fully back up your data before performing this now phone will start formatting select first option reboot my system now your phone will yoga tab 3 start normaly i hope this will solve your problem 99% of problem related to software could be solve with this hard reset this will take time to start your phone for first time subscribe like and share this video


  1. Nice tutorial for a beginner level!

  2. yeah that's working man

  3. working

  4. working

  5. working

  6. yoga tab pattern bypass done

  7. https://youtu.be/tiivkPhJTPU

  8. https://goo.gl/6haRzy

  9. Mine keeps screen shoting

  10. excellent video

  11. Hello,
    My yoga 3 tablet is stuck on the lenovo logo, i tried to format but still it didn't work. Note that i only used it once and i bought from amazon 3 days ago.
    Thank you

  12. what about phones!?

  13. i love u man thx for help

  14. I wanna know how to turn on my Lenova phone thanks

  15. this really worked thanks

  16. my yogatab is only searching wifi…cant dectet/

  17. Thank you arbanus!

  18. Thanks for all your help and advice, worked perfectly

  19. thank you very very much – worked like a charm

  20. Hello, but they still want a email, but i don t know which ! Please help

  21. Greacias

  22. Thank you, very helpful video…worked perfectly 👍

  23. THANK YOU A LOT!! Finally some help

  24. Thanks alot. Proved really helpful !

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