Lenovo Yoga C930 Review: An Exceptional Convertible with Soundbar Hinge


  1. How is this thing for use on like a bed or something? I've been looking at some Y-series processor laptops to replace my old one since I don't have to worry about fans or vents that way, but given the lack of bottom vents on the c930 I'm curious as to how well it can handle watching videos while placed on blankets or whatever. Do the fans turn on then, or can it stay quiet so I can actually do whatever in silence?

  2. Not to be rude but, you always do hardware reviews. Will you be doing apps and programs for windows?

  3. No LTE available/upgradable (even not to be expected in the near future)?!

  4. thanks

  5. When will we see a full review of HP Spectre x360 15" with the new Gem Cut Design?

  6. Hi Dan! Are you at all concerned about Lenovo's prior indiscrections on things like Superfish etc? It's one thing that's giving me pause when looking at the thinkpad line (frankly everyone seems to love the Dell XPS 15 and my mum and wife both have Dells with no issue…). But I'm looking Lenovo's way too as I want a tank and not for gaming, just 3D (Blender) and video work (DaVinci Resolve)

  7. Yeah, the 2TB version is "ONLY" $2999, so if it isn't the best at something, then DUH!!! The big drawback is that it's still f**king Windows and all that baggage comes along with the pretty face. My last Lenovo/Windows laptop is now a Chromecast streaming device and I have liberated myself with a premium Chromebook. Free at last.

  8. I would get the Glass version. I wish the screen was nicer. I also dont like the Type C port is in front of the Type A port. The charging cable will get in the way.

  9. Is the drawing capability good enough for comic/illustration artist?

  10. Can this laptop is used for vedio editing for youtube

  11. Garbage

  12. put 3:2 display on it and it will be perfect.

  13. 4:25 Edward Snowden woud like it =D

  14. This or HP Spectre x360 (late 2018) gem cut?

  15. Yoga 730 is 800 CAD, thus like 5-600 USD hard better value, with dedicated GPU

  16. great how about right hand mouse users

  17. too expensive.

  18. If you could combine this with the Asus UX333FA then you'd have one incredible laptop.

  19. A soundbar with exceptional convertible?

  20. Can you compare this with SP6 please? I'm in between!

  21. Can u share the link for the wallpaper?

  22. 3:2 aspect ratio would make it perfect

  23. Hello guys!
    I am a great fan of yours for quiet a while!
    Happy Holidays!
    Please recommend to me what is the best laptop computer to buy it at the beginning of the year 2019!
    I hesitate between HP Spectre Folio 15 ", DELL 15" XPS 9570 or LENOVO C930 YOGA 13,9 " (all being 2 in 1; detachable; with RAM 16 GB; ROM 1 TB, or ROM 256 GB or rather ROM 512 GB or else).
    If you have another brand and configuration suggestion please do feel free to recommend it to me!
    I am ready to hear and accept all the best proposals of yours!
    Beginning from year 2009 I use HP 4710s 17 " RAM 2 GB, ROM 320 GB!
    Now I want to replace it and buy new excellent laptop computer like that one!
    Also, I am ready to wait for better period of the year for getting better price, hence I am ready to hear from you all your great proposals.
    Anyway, thanks a million in advance!
    Best regards,
    Dragan Nikolovski

  24. Love that wallpaper.

  25. did some tried connecting external GPU ( external graphics card ) on this laptop?

  26. Фирма леново это хуйня и ужас1 😅😢😠😈😂😂😂😂

  27. Good video as usual but you need to say less "actually"..

  28. This or Surface 6 Pro?

  29. Personally was deciding between this an the Huawei Matebook X Pro, but ultimately no regrets in choosing the Huawei, the kicker for Huawei is the screen and the bezels as well as the graphics and the 3:2 screen ratio. Lenovo does things well, it has the convertible feature but the screen just feels too 2015 for me.

  30. Is this better than nitro spin 5?

  31. I do not agree with what you said about the display
      the 4K is significantly more vibrant and higher in constrast looking

  32. In one of your reviews I criticised that we wanna see the device more than your face… I can immediately see the difference between that review and this one. Great review well done

  33. What app are you using in 10:45 mark thanks

  34. Wallpaper please!!!!

  35. The physical camera shutter is actually elegant and more secure than a software solution. Hackers can activate a camera without any indication that the camera is on. With this solution, your privacy is 100% guaranteed.

  36. You've now tested both the C930 and the X1 Yoga. If you could pick between the two, what would be your preference?

    I purchase the C930 with the 4K, i7, 16 GB, & 512 option and it's a great machine but the matte screen option, better color gamut, brighter screen, better battery, a CPU that's allowed to run free, HDMI built in, legendary Thinkpad keyboard, etc. of the X1 Yoga has me wondering if I would prefer that machine over the C930. My local Best Buy doesn't, unfortunately, have one where I can go and test. If you had to make a choice between the two, what would you choose?

  37. What background were you using on the laptop? Looks really nice!

  38. Both colours are very pleasing. However, I actually love the lighter silver color. Looks elegant and clean!

  39. Got it 2 months ago, the 4K 16G RAM. The sound is amazing, great build quality. The battery is pathetic though.

  40. Way brighter than MacBook Air

  41. I would like 15 "

  42. Can i have the link of that wallpaper?

  43. So I've been looking for a laptop for YouTube Netflix and some random rocket league.

    It was between this and the Huawei with the mx150. But I decided to go for the c930 because of the tablet mode. Wow I honestly am always in tablet mode more then anything lol and the screen is beautiful for movies and shows don't know why people like those other square screens

  44. I thought this was a great review! I'm not super tech savy, and don't even own a laptop, so I appreciate a review I can actually understand! I do know that I really liked the fan with the vents at the back, so the bottom of the device doesn't get hot! This was always a problem with the hubby's old laptop. That pen is SWEET, the speaker at the back, and the hinges too!!! Very impressive for every day use, in my opinion. Thank for the review!!!

  45. nice cup!

  46. This or the EliteBook x360 1030 G3

  47. Great notebook and all, but what really bothers is that the camera does not support windows hello.

  48. Are you able to upgrade the VRAM on the lenovo yoga c930?

  49. Hi all! I'm going to be purchasing the c930 later today but had a couple of questions. If anyone knows the answers, please feel free to respond. 1. I know this has a pen in the garage, but I didn't know there were different qualities to the pens. I'm wondering if I should be purchasing the other lenovo pen to use when writing or drawing. This video made it seem like the included pen is less than stellar. 2. I'm a freak about keeping my tech toys in pristine condition so I'm curious if there are any cases that can be used with this laptop? I was hunting on Amazon last week but only 2 options popped up and they didn't have the best reviews. I'd settle fof a skin which I imagine will help keep scratches to a minimum, but there were some skins that left a residue on the product. Has anyone used a skin or case with this and if so, can you point me in the right direction? Thank you so much!

  50. Can you compare this and the Surface Pro/Laptop?

  51. Can you do digital modelling like solidworks work on this laptop?

  52. In laptop mode doesn't the keyboard get scratches?

  53. It would be nice if you slowed your speed of speech. It really does sound like you are in a hurry somehow, where i prefer videos that have a moderate speed of speech. They are a bit more relaxed to listen to……

  54. would love this as an 18inch and with lte and micro sd slot 🙂 benosey.com

  55. 2tb version promised for jan, still not even the 1tb available on Lenovo UK… Update 1tb now available on UK site 8th April 2019

  56. Best laptop of the year. Only two days into 2019.

  57. Great 2-in-1. Only thing missing is a the Cat 16 LTE-A sim card slot. Hate carrying around a USB modem. Besides that it's fantastic. Love the privacy camera shutter 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  58. It's been sitting on your floor… Well Just send it to me 😂😂

  59. will be great to also include the topic of Lenovo Software & driver updates and also their customer service.

  60. Any chance of a comparison vid to the xps 15 2in1?

  61. Urgh, how come so few laptops include an SD card reader anymore 🙁 SD card reader is a must have imo. I really like the minimalist design of the laptop, perhaps one of my favourites but it seems the hardware lets it down a bit.

  62. Does anyone know what movie was in the background with the glowing woman in it?

  63. Thank you for the in-depth review. It helped nudge me towards my purchase of the C930. I tried and returned the Spectre 360 – it felt too rough for its price points (poor touchpad, fans always on, bug in the battery life, and the fingerprint sensor stopped being recognized after a windows update). The 4k C930 starts at a few hundred dollars more than the HP, but as all reviews noted, they run sales all the time, and I managed to grab one for the same price as the HP. I quite like the 4k display – bright & sharp – and unit is quiet until pushed, and even then, the fans produce a low key white noise. Overall, the C930 feels like a mature system, where all the parts and drivers work well together. Again, thanks for the great review.

  64. I REALLY liked the Watch Band hinge, probably my favourite hinge design.

  65. ‘“A pain to pull out the pen” at least it’s not going to fall out.

  66. It's an OK review.

  67. Are you able to rest your hand on the screen when writing with it using the stylus?

  68. Is that Robert Downey jr?

  69. that ugly black band under the screen

  70. Could you please recommend a Laptop to edit videos. Under $1400 US

  71. so i cant play games on it?

  72. Great review…well balanced. I have the Iron Grey and love it. If people do their research…patiently…they can get the 4K, 1TB, 16 gig model for about $1500. I got mine in early December for $1519 and it's well worth every penny!

  73. Is this laptop good with not being too hot?
    Does the pen inside the slot drain battery life?
    Is this laptop better than the Lenovo yoga 730 2 in 1 15inch?

  74. The screen looks like it doesn’t get too bright.

  75. hi,I bought Lenovo Yoga 720 at 4/2018, but it had a big problem (blue screen) appear after I used it on 6months. I send to your company to repair. However, your company not best to fix it, the problem got more and too frequent to opened laptop. I send my laptop to your company again. A month after, I got my laptop again, but it still had the problem and also frequently to show out. Therefore, I was called phone number said I wanted got a refund, because this laptop made me tried and not beneficial for me. The company takes my case like dodgeball. I use $1500more to buy the trash, only use a few months. By the way, the manager Demone, he threatens me if I just want to return the laptop, I must give back my laptop to them and they not sent me replacement and refund.
    The company always said replay you soon, but I didn’t get response and solutions. I will talk about this laptop not the best choice for everyone.

  76. C930 vs X1 yoga?

  77. Hi friend, would it be possible to share this wallpaper that you are using?


  79. Does this get hot while streaming movies?

  80. When I came in, I really thought that it’s the Ironman who is presenting haha

  81. 16:9 no thank you

  82. needs dedicated graphics

  83. Bad review

  84. Uhm, egpu … what would work? Nice to know it will work due to 3 lanes and TB3

  85. Does "Thunderbolt 3 " really work ? I found problem that lenovo might fraud us because it not detect by any Thudnerbolt controller manager !
    So it might be just USB Type-C 3.0 it will never support External GPU or 40Gbps transfer data speed rate.
    Please take a look at here and may you confirm this with us and push this issue to Lenovo !

  86. The physical slider is literally the only real fail-safe to a hacked webcam. Also, there is a button to turn it off (fn 8)

  87. Great job sir 👍👍👍👍👍

  88. Is it also good for gaming?

  89. Can it handle multitasking like many browser tabs alongwith video on VLC and youtube and opening folders on your hard disk and also working on word. Plz need some help. couldn't decide to buy this or late 2018's HP Spectre 15 inch with almost same specification but major difference is that SPECTRE includes a graphic card .

  90. How about yoga c340

  91. Fan noise after few months of usage.

  92. What is the max brightness for the 4K model?

  93. im about to do a video of smashing my reasonably new lenovo laptop to tiny pieces ,mother board caught on fire so replaced it ,camera stopped working after 30 days ,power jack etc blew up and more and more and more ,warning ! do not buy an electronic product out of china they dont do qc ,
    spent more fixing it than actual cost and it still dont work ,lenovo is rubbish and anyone who promotes it is a fraud

  94. I've been using yoga for like 4 years now and it functions great but their build quality is total s*** . Just try to avoid 360 variants coz they'll break off from the hinges easily.

  95. great job. thank you

  96. 9:18 nbme or bme ? typo tongue

  97. " that's not cheap" lulz pretty sure that hits apple macbook air users so badly! '😂

  98. Does it support gaming?

  99. hows the pen experience compared to apple pencil or the surface series?

  100. waisting bloody 6 minutes to learn that this dispaly is just full hd and 300 nits. these basic specs should be provided right at the beginning of the show

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