Lemi – Italian Wellness Equipment

Since 1989 Lemi has been manufacturing Beauty & Spa, podiatry and medical equipment with high level of design, technology and comfort. All the production processes is concentrated inside our company, that’s why we can expose the 100% Made in Italy certificate. This certification certify not only that the production is 100% Made in Italy, but also all the major components and all the major suppliers are from Italy. The first of those benefits is the Warranty that goes up to ten years, one of the longest warranties available of the market. The second is our exclusive Lifetime Assistance that enable our customer to always all the replaced parts and components even for older and discontinued products. The third benefit is the option to entirely customize the products thanks exclusively our total autonomy. Indeed at Lemi we create technologically and esthetically tailor made solutions. Our clients can select between a wide range of sizes and thicknesses for the mattress as well as number of actuators and futures for the bed. Of course they can also select the bed’s colours and finishes to announcing the setting in which the product will be placed. This is the Lemi excellence and that’s the reason why we have been chosen in over 100 countries worldwide. We are pleased to provide this values to all our partners in order to support their business.

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