Leg Workout & Full Day of Eating

good morning guys and welcome to the video it is Wednesday and I do so we just went to Starbucks we actually went on our way home from the gym so I did already train so I'll just throw my mic workout in kind of after this clip but I just wanted to open the video say hello it's gonna be regular video hold a meeting work out all of that so yeah I don't really have too much planned for the day so I'll keep you guys updated on what I'm doing right now I'm just gonna make breakfast and we actually need to go grocery shopping really bad so we don't have too much so I'm actually just gonna make another breakfast burrito but I am also going to add a hash browns to us but just hooked up is O'Bryan hash browns so yeah I'm gonna throw that in there as well and I think that's about it so hopefully you guys are doing this video I'm gonna put the workout in right here and then also show my breakfast after that so hopefully you guys enjoy this video see you in the next just a few turn I know it sounds so fired a baby on fire baby I'm fine baby I [Applause] oh all right so here is the finished product we have this turkey bacon from Target and it's so not as good as our normal brand um so I'm kind of bummed but anyways um gonna eat this now probably just to get ready for the day take juice on a walk and I will see you guys in the next clip alright so juice has been the best sleeping literally this entire time so I was able to curl my hair do my makeup I don't know I just wanted to have a little fun I did it kind of like a rainbow me look a little bit of color I uploaded a new YouTube video on growing on social media not really anything crazy or monumental it's just kind of like my honest simple tips that I can give if you're looking to grow your pages so if you haven't watched that and you're interested check that out and yeah that's kind of it so gonna take him out now cuz he just woke up and I just fed him so we got to go out then I will probably make lunch myself so I will show you guys what I make even though like I mentioned we really don't have much food right now so hello and B – interesting but yeah I'll keep you guys updated and a see you in the next clip so it was a good thing that you slept that whole time because I was able to do work but now I have literally a psycho puppy with so much energy and just acting like a little crazy person so I'm kind of just dealing with that for probably the next few hours but I'm just gonna make a lunch really quick I have Kobe beef sliders wasn't really planning on eating iPhone meals but here we are and these are actually like my favorite meal hands down from any meal prep company and literally they're very very good like they taste like a good ass cheeseburger I mean I know they're mini and they're sliders but like the actual soup is phenomenal so I'm gonna go ahead and make those up and then I just keep having to take him out a million times I know he has to go the bathroom hasn't gone so I just really don't want him to go you know so I'm keeping an eye on him and I think that Andy might be going grocery shopping to grab some supper tonight so maybe we'll be able to make like a nice little dinner for you guys make this video a little more interesting because we know it's not doing so hot so anyways I think that's about it for right now I will keep you guys updated I have a crazy puppy on my hands and sorry to be so predictable but we got vanilla milkshake pop-tarts and they're so good so I'm gonna go ahead and have one now and then he just got home what we didn't go grab food yet for dinner so goodness don't figure that out and then I will keep you guys updated but I think we might be taking Jesus to the park to get some energy out so yeah that's kind of it okay so ignore the fact that I changed literally a hundred times per video but I wanted to show you what we grabbed from the store first of all to Red Bulls horse and then these ripped buy one get one free it's just round tip steak thin I don't know so hopefully they're good I'm really not good at hang out to be honest that's spinning low-sodium soy sauce just to have I got to giovanni flips peanut butter dream flavor shredded lettuce Farragut's and then these 93 seven turkey patties I just cook it as a regular turkey but at least it's kind of cool to like have the patio option so got those some bananas because I was thinking maybe I'll use this for like french toast or pancakes Chobani and raspberry flavor and they wanted new peanut butter I just use almond butter you guys know me these potatoes for dinner tonight they're just super-easy microwavable tasty ass that's that and then my love for these is back sweet potato fries the alexia bread once I got regular and then waffle they're really pretty good I saw these last minute and I just had to grab them because you know Anthony and I like collect Oreos so the new is some more sleep ribs so maybe we'll try them in a little and let you know how they are I feel like they've had them before I think they've been a thing before they just brought the pack so anyways that's kind of it for now I will keep you guys updated on dinner I believe we're probably going to do steak asparagus and potatoes something like that so that's kind of it and I will see you guys afterwards all right so I'm sorry this takes really thin it's not like real change that's it guys it's time to turn into more of a surprise um but anyways we have those potatoes in the microwave we're probably gonna eat on the roof so I'll show you guys a final product and how the rest of the night goes and that's kind of it so just learn my favorite trick that a dog could ever learn which is Paul so we will show you thank Jews forgive me are you game the new one of the pick-6 Swede everybody I'm gonna run down and get his bed real quick so you can lay in it and much well let's uh we've showed the rooftop before yeah this is it's crazy crazy nice I was hot today so that's so another video I didn't finish the night before sorry guys so anyways ended up just kind of relaxing for the rest of the night and I did a finish my night with a Chobani clip I had one of these last night so anyways that's right a bit for the video guys I hope that you enjoyed it let me know what you want to see the future as always I love you guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one


  1. I just love these videos so much ❤️ thats all i have to say 😂

  2. Please tell me you have he Starbucks app!!!?? If not, you gotta get it! Since you go to Starbucks so much!❤️

  3. Okay they need to bring back the Rocky Road Oreos now! lol But I'll be trying the Smores now haha,
    Since Juice knows paw you can probably teach him high five too.

  4. I love Juice so much!!🐶
    I will seriously never get bored of your full days of eating, love your channel💕

    you encourage me so much. i’m currently bulking and it’s SO HARD to handle not feeling as lean as I used to. you look absolutely amazing.

  5. Juice is so cute!

  6. Yay. You are my favourite youtuber💞. Sending love from czech republic🇨🇿

  7. YESSSSS THE SMORES OREOS!!!!!!!! those are my fav they finally brought them back

  8. Yasss leg workout!! Perfect timing 😊 now time to get that workout in 🍑 loved the video #inspiration

  9. I wish I could have as much Starbucks as you 😂

  10. I loveeeee new video.

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