Leg Workout + Commit To Mastery

the alien I work as a freelance cameraman and most of the time I do work for clients I want to become an independent filmmaker what are the important steps in becoming an independent self navigated maker artists so the first thing I would say is create art create art for the sake of art this is what Oscar Wilde says he says art is only meant to express itself meaning art comes from your soul comes from your heart and you do it for the sake of art to make art to the save sake of art not to become a famous filmmaker or or have some other ambition art is of the celestial as of the divine is of God and if our intentions are pure art is pure and so you know I understand your calling and I would put the artistry ahead of the Entrepreneurship keep doing client work but build up your ability to produce amazing unique one-of-a-kind art and that way your mastery cannot be denied a masters a master regardless somebody wants to know what that flag is that's the og American flag when it was 13 colonies before the grid I liked the circle better than the grid yeah look up the American Revolution it's called the Betsy Ross 13 colony flag you might find it interesting when are you growing your hair again I'm not most of my life I've almost always shaved my head that's why I got this guy here I got that guy with the Mohawk yeah that guy right there with a man bun did all that dumb shit I did all the dumb shits I don't have to do it no more I'm trying to live as many lifetimes in this one stint as possible that's how you doesn't know how you do woodchoppers black phoenix one say this to you as kindly as possible fuck you what's the best way to incorporate fasting well I'm of the opinion that it's best to do prolong fasting so you know a lot of people talk about Oh mad one meal a day well I talked about no mad no meal a day so begin by doing a doing like a 48 or 36 which basically means you finished eating at say eight o'clock on Sunday night you go you go all day Monday you go to bed Monday night and you wake up eight o'clock in the morning would be 36 hours that's the first one I would do but then depending on how much weight you gotta lose I would try to get as quickly as possible into doing three days four days five days just long fast now wait drop that weight real quick then try to maintain it or maintain some sort of momentum with two maybe three nomadz a week so I'm not Oh mad no mad [Applause] somebody wants to see 230-pound exposed too bad after Elliot we're 140 yards in three seconds four three four seconds deadlift 800 pounds yeah you know the great thing about that my friend I got lots of videos hmm it's the old videos that you can go and watch that you watch that anytime you want bowls printing video likes when I was in college though learning football we didn't have YouTube back then but uh there are many different versions of II and people watch them all here on TV got another super chat here from Billy hey man what ingredients you putting your snake juice I keep it simple sodium potassium yeah I'm right there with you Billy sodium potassium magnesium if I'm going like two three days or further I'm not a fan of the baking soda although I'm sure it's good for you I don't like it I don't do it and so that's it yeah follow cool Robinson's website thank you good stuff


  1. Yo eliot, check out the woman ghost sweat stain at 2:29 on your shirt
    That’s some scary sh%t

  2. It cost 1000 dollars to meet this guy plus my flight from England but I think I’m gonna do it

  3. Man may Allah help you to be always find the right way

  4. any program for slimming down calve thigh and glute muscle size, i play football so i have huge muscular overall legs and i dont like how they look so i wanna reduce muscle size, any specific training techniques, diet, cardio i can follow to do so ?

  5. Hey Elliot, my name is oscar and I’ve been following you for a while and have found useful insight in your videos. I feel you are a person who can understand where I’m coming from in my current situation. As a twenty six year old, I’m pursuing my career in college, I’m in the best shape of my life, and I’m developing my strength since I’m going to be playing football again. While I feel these things make me happy and content, I tend to run into a brick wall when it comes to being social and engaging with the world. I can’t understand how people can effortlessly get along, have fun,and develop relationships like its second nature to them. Most people say I’m too quiet, and I’ve realized I cannot commonly communicate with 90% of people I meet after the introduction stage. Even when it comes to meeting someone from the opposite sex, they’re attracted to me physically, but when I open my mouth I see the disinterest come up immediately. I start to come off as a weird person or creep. My goal isn’t to manipulate people to like me, rather how can I be like everyone else and not be repeatedly stuck in my head? How can I bring value and a good time to others so I can connect and not live behind this certain? I’ve found no matter how much weight I’m able to lift or how good I physically look, socializing is a completely different skill I’m lacking. I’d like to make a change and overcome this mental obstacle that’s leading to painful depression.Any advice would help. Thanks

  6. Why are there a billion quick cuts between every 3 words?

  7. Check out two of the six videos that I have uploaded so far. The subject matter is a DIY resistance band deadlift platform and DIY deadlift platform two point oh. There may be value there.

  8. Art for the sake of art is why I enjoy grooming dogs. Ten years have passed and I’m still learning and growing.

    After a bad shoulder injury two years ago my career almost was ended. I lost over a year of work and never thought that I would be able to groom. Started working out with a trainer in November and I’m making huge progress and avoided surgery.

    Your videos over the last year have helped motivate me to strongly consider the gym, weight training and a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been trying to make 4 hour strength training classes, 1/2 hour with the trainer and one class that cardio with weight a week when possible. I want to hit 40 years old in better physical health than I hit 30.

  9. Yo Elliot do a video on people excepting themselves for who they are. If your bald imbrace no ones perfect type of deal I’d love to hear ya thoughts

  10. What is the soundtrack

  11. I think less cuts is okay. I like to allow your words to sit. You speak powerfully and let the weight of your words sink in, and too many cute takes away from that. Just my advice! Keep on being great!

  12. What should you eat after being fasted for 36+ hours for that first meal?

  13. Started watching again after a long ass time. I like the videos. That fb page doe. 😀

  14. @ 2:01 who is black phoenix?

  15. Where's the fuckin yoga elliot

  16. I can verify the nomad deff works in 6 months I lost 80 pounds then my body stopped being receptive to my diet and macros so I readjusted and am back to losing about 3 to 5 pounds every couple weeks.

  17. Do you do sprints or ballistic movements ?

  18. Yo Elliott, if you're doing a 72 hour fast, do you work out each day in a fasted state? I'm interested in trying to go longer than the 36 hour I've done, but I feel lifting after not eating for two full days could be dangerous.

  19. Hello sir, I need a full left ankle fusion or replacement but the va wont do it because im only 33. Do to this ankle problem I have too little range of motion to squat or calf raise, any ideas to substitute these? Also no I dont care about how it feels lol still do deadlifts heavy. Thanks for the help!

  20. Snake juice???

  21. Wow! Nice video 👌🏻

  22. What you're capable of matters more than what you do with it. Because what you do with what you're capable of is dependent on what you're aiming towards. Are you aimed towards the good, if so I don't care what you're going to do with what you're capable of because I know you're going to make excellent use of your capabilities. Now the only question pertains to what you're capable of. Are you capable of excellence?

  23. You're packing on size very quickly, that's that muscle memory

  24. Please dont quickcut this much elliott. I understand the need for it, but your message resonates much better with less cuts. Thank you!

  25. You ever sumo? Thoughts?

  26. I'm just here too say you a bitch bro

  27. Elliot said Fuck you!! Wood chopping comment guy! Lol!!!..don't question Elliot when it comes to exercise u deucebag. Look at videos from him beginning to now. He's accomplished and had every body type. Elliot is a beast. Straight monster u tool bag!!

  28. Repetitive Relentlessness Simplicity
    Doing things over and over again, while getting better each time.

  29. That weight is in kg or lbs?

  30. Less muscles used millions of nerve cells instead

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