you're not gonna know this girl but I've just thought um say it anyway hi Sam I'm a huge fan of Li he's one of the true aesthetic bodybuilders which are severely lacking in the Olympian air anyway what does Li think about fitness girl Paige Hathaway on her Instagram she looks ripped has big quads and a big button but offseason big but in offseason but on stage she has tiny legs no ABS all but do you think many fitness people should knock off the Photoshop as it is a bad example of two fans who are aspiring to look like their idols you shouldn't look like your Idol you can't have an idol and think they look good and but then you should inspire to be the best you can be because like I said with Photoshop you know what's real anymore so yup me myself I'm really got green eyes black hair and I'm black but you to photoshop in 3ds camera huh look like a white Australian I actually speak German I'm speaking German there with Judah voice translation through to camera I'm sound amazi so but Paige Hathaway now I don't really know her the only thing I've seen of her was when someone actually showed a photo like you mentioned where it had her okay in a picture where it showed a big bummer net for them to show to somewhere like on stage or backstage and was like half the size which you know off season on season sure you have a lose size on that but they look like two different people so yes a lot of them even guys they had a thing on there know long ago about some guys in some magazine ads and these guys looked twice the size and super ripped compared to what they really look like so yeah photoshopping now you do it people on Instagram and stuff even Jay James picture of this girl we know the other day and I got easiest girl from the gym she showed me I actually thought that that was the girls Instagram page but she did maybe posted pictures of a sister off yeah because I didn't fuckin look like her not one little bit so yeah and there it is silly and how long has that been going on for was that before because they were the last four years for free isn't maybe people may get into all these filters and photoshopping shit but even gotten back to the late nineties I remember going up to our readers office and I doing a cover of flex magazine and flex wheeler was on the cover they're actually making his waste of it's more on it so that's gone back yeah I mean that's just the basic things back then yeah be your away smaller but now five people are changing the whole image getting really like flawless look at the fashions but you did good like a porcelain doll stupid bucket space young girls especially should know that that's not how people look in real life so you want try and emulate any of those idiots come worry about but even the see pieces of Phil Heath before that's a picture of him from stage and the same picture used in the head and he's twice the size when a body that is already big and freaky it needs a fucking photo to shop under so if it goes idly she's ugly white by the shoppers yeah well no that's what I say no anyone should I should be eating when Matt sends pictures back of his nice girlfriends in Toyland he's good a shot the most well the dong out these are not bad are they product plug no I've never had one because it is it just beef jerky or is it yes like Jack Link's beef snacks 97 percent fat-free high-protein teriyaki snacks that's like eating a piece of steak which is my comment like beet jerk you better people tender intesting that little bit has 9 grams of protein fat less than 1 gram no bit of sodium but it is carbs 4.5 so I must say 400 grams you get 36 grams of protein with 25 grams so forward eating your 36 grams of protein 18 grams of carbs 3 grams of fat so I must say that teriyaki flavor I know it's her language is on the back let's say I highly recommend this one whenever I'm traveling and I have to stop at service stations and then they grab a quick snack ain't great Jack's links these snacks well feed your wild side being you're not not associated with them I might add I just like I'm sorry just if they're out there if any of Jack Link's people watching um feed your wild side keep snacks look at that gun there look at that gun bitch thinks these days yeah and a bit different to normal snacks that you have on the road oh yes always a chocolate but no traveling like if I counted idiot point or sometimes grab some lead him on the plane they cook you know food on the plane you don't get enough protein up but they usually good and I think they're very tasty too so you are sort avoiding a bit at the moment they like girls let me know any cuz I'll sick like would need for a couple of days but now come down here brought my germs down here I just what I'll share with you the next couple days when you'll be likely to come away from here with a few diseases just touch much trying to tell there's like past the monthly Washington H isn't it that was three years ago stains in the corner by I can say it this got like a yellow bikini that's fing you know when I take a swab and put it in a petri dish oh the fucking growth that would come off there but made I tell you what the tick only got the Black Plague Salmonella okay I'll tell you what the cheeks are lining up to just um just get tailed down with that that's the the cheeks you mean the cheeks fatigues I mean if you just like fill that sink with water soak that in it and then take a cup of water and drinkable fountain pure semen your training county have the goodbye you can actually take Matt's towel go to train without your shirt on as your body gets hot in your pores open up laying on his towel you could absorb what it shit India know the good stuff or something you'll absorb something well you know when you get a vaccination you get a little bit of the you know what is it is yeah that that's been ready to do everything like a small change that could be like 99 yeah yeah you'll never catch the Zika virus Ebola or the now you'll get all that from that town mm-hmm that's got everything from A to Z yeah aids to Zika it's not at all probably gonna be a fuckin melanoma for any ladies that want to be tell down by a not to see us IRS for a fucking case study then tap the send them up Aires under pains he does amazing wall back


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