I think if you had to say who was the first gentleman of bodybuilding who is the greatest ambassador we ever had and still have it's Lee Haney my job natheless olivia is to help motivate and show people that are they can do all it takes is determination you'll get your chance sometime it doesn't come as quick as is our issues light and there's a lot of hurdles but you will get there you have to believe in that I fear no man no man can hold me down Lee Haney came along with a combination of size and good aesthetics there was nothing blocky about Lee had a great shape that as he had this massive muscle structure but his bones were and joints were smaller that's how come he got the the taper it can become a dangerous game and I think as long as I can play the heinous game correctly I'm gonna still selling it inside thusly animus that type is a freak real white cloud with a little waist huge back thick chest when I peeked at 2:43 with symmetry balance would the looker Ravi with a look of autumn and a polder routine the lack of Frank Zhang never the winning combination I mean selection your routine make sure you select poses that are suitable to your physique and as I prepare for that competition I prepare like like never before I went into that competition in perfect peace at the end of the night my arms and raised in victory I've always looked at my training for Miss Olympia competition as my job I'm going to work when a network give my very best don't have slack on anything because I've been taught that then you gonna give your all every time around I don't think I don't think he's home we'll make enough water came together at that 1984 mr. lemon when I raised my on the victory man I felt I was on top of world you know I've proven time and time again defend my title under any eyes on a depression one more number one I've been welcome now for Lee be strong it could be beat that was my mindset that's what I worked on my entire career


  1. Real gentleman

  2. 8 x Mr Olympia by age 31 is there anything else to say about Lee Haney?

  3. @4:27 lee next to Dorian yates

  4. Lee Haney is The greatest bodybuilder ever.

  5. Bubble Gutts just ruined class of Bodybuilding

  6. Haney was the greatest of all time with Arnold❤️

  7. Is that Dana White's voice

  8. Lee Haney is the best Mr. Olympia off all time… best physique of all time and the second one is Sergi Nubret amazing body and Natural

  9. Class act!

  10. Lee Haney and that “thousand watt smile” one of the greatest physiques for sure and a God-fearing man!

  11. My favourite bodybuilder all time

  12. 8 x Mr Olympia by age 31 is there anything else to say about lee Haney?

  13. Lo quiero ver en español por favor

  14. Haney was never as good as he looked. In reality, he had a very wide waist and narrow shoulders; however, he was such a master of illusion he fooled everyone into thinking he looks like we think he looks. A master of posing. Also, his body fat levels never went any lower than about 20%, he just knew how to manipulate the lighting to his advantage. genius.

  15. Lee Haney and Brian Buchanan. 2 guys who dont get nearly enough credit, but they had 2 of the best physiques to every go on a stage


  17. Jesus Christ man. That’s what a Greek god is suppose to look like

  18. Nice video, Mind blowing.
    Please make more videos about Lee Haney

  19. Arnolds better he just is

  20. Muito legal! ! uma lenda do fisiculturismo

  21. Great shape .

  22. After Arnold , the best , no doubt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. to me he looked like that super hero who whore the yellow shirt and big silver wrist bands and what looked like disco boots I think he was a marvel guy

  24. Brian buchnan had better chest to waist ratio.

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