Lee Haney, 8x Mr Olympia – bodybuilding greatness alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and more

so today's guest holds the incredible joint record of eight mr. Olympia wins from 1984 to 1991 retiring undefeated and beating the previous record set by Arnold Schwarzenegger passionate about the importance of both physical and spiritual growth he's an incredible spokesperson for fitness at any age of your life today with his wife Shirley he runs a youth charity to help support children at risk and guide them through the right path he's also inspiring the older generations with his new book fit at any age for a lesson in staying at the top of your game and someone who's inspired me personally through my junior bodybuilding career please welcome world champion bodybuilder author and mentor Lee Haney to the escaped intimates podcast thank you so under beam and it's a real pleasure to sit down with someone who through my younger years I looked out on pages of magazines and been inspired for a long time so it's a real honor to be making you ladies wear one of the things I didn't know though when tummy office is true is is it 16 did you really stand on stage in your underpants and win a body yes yes you got you heard oh yeah it's true you know it's amazing I was like you know come from a small home town called Spartanburg South Carolina and you know don't do what bodybuilding was only when you went to the YMCA you saw guys there who was lifting I mean prehistoric weights right and all these different gadgets hooked up and so I wanted to enter my first show which was a little South Carolina they didn't have a teenager at that time so I was all 16 16 and posing trials what opposing trunks to me they were a pair underwear from Kmart so I got a pair underwear they was I can still remember them they was blue with a red stripe and I'm glad the little slit then come open while I was on the stage oh yeah that's it oh yeah damn I see got a creature of that I'm a beginning yeah but you want I guess you know I didn't wait him win no I feel great though I felt great and I was told by a lot of the judges that I had great potential and there was a lot of fun man you can smell the oil and you saw their sight man I mean you you you just can't compare the feeling of that you know particularly as a youngster you had a great beginning yeah now I hit the bug after that really yeah so tell us about the beginning because I we talked off camera but it sounds like we had us unfortunately lingo as far as you did but we had a similar background with parents buying us some plastic weights as a present was that was that right that was started yeah I asked my mom and dad for a set of weights with crystals right and I was around 11 years old okay you know they got me a set of plastic weights y'all do your barbell with the plastic in the I guess the clam inside of them and with that came a small a book Charles Atlas so that was my Bible which was exercise was concerned and man I would use it every day you know I got home I would read and I was studying then of course we would make our way into the city on on Saturdays and I would rush to the newspaper stand to see what was happening in the world of bodybuilding with Joey ders muscle builder and then you had Perry Raiders iron man magazine Dan Leary muscle training Illustrated so those were the exercise and the weight training Bibles and then in those younger days and who were the people that were your sort of poster at inspiration oh man Robbie Robertson right I had I mean on my wall at home my parents allowed me to draw a picture of Robbie draw a picture draw a picture on the wall in the house of Robbie Robinson and that it was so exciting then I make my own Robbie Robertson t-shirt you know we've cut out painted a picture of Robbie and I was a jack lick artists at that time so yeah I love Robbie love although you know you got to love although he he had such a tremendous impact on the sport of bodybuilding then of course you got serious knee brace or alleviate Bertrand Fox and and Frank Zane and aid Corning a master poles or so all of these guys I studied their nutrition studied their training I sort of pattern myself after that school of bodybuilding right right so what was the journey then when it was you when you was at school or finishing school did you have a dream say I want to be mr. Olympia or did you think about going you know going into another heir was what how did I come to the lip will never out really it was just so far out there you know I after I entered my first competition in South Carolina you know with the with the underwear on from Kmart I did well and I didn't begin to train them a little harder well straighten it hard anyway but got more information on training you know being around some of the older body girls I would pick up different points from them and I entered what is called the hapmap toe the mr. Pennell Chris was in Greenville South Carolina at age 18 and I won that show then a few months later I entered the mid-south and won that show and then both of those competitions you know at the age of 18 I beat men that was 30 years old and 40 so that said to me say hey maybe maybe you got something got something special here and then I went on in 1979 to enter and win – mr. teenage America and man when I warned that you know beating over a hundred teenagers from all over the United States it then said to me that maybe you got a chance in this because you know Frank Zane one the teenage America Chris Dickenson one the teenage America and after seeing their success and where they eventually ended up as a professional I felt maybe there's a possibility there there's a possibility and in 1982 I entered the Junior Nationals where first I entered E well let's back up a little bit 1980 I sustained an injury to my wrist which I guess you would call it and I develop a ganglion Sisk here my wrist so that set me back in 1980 I had to go through the healing process of that so I couldn't live probably about probably about two months or so I mean it was so painful doing bench presses and any pressing movement so I had to back away from that in-house surgery but afterwards it's amazing i sat down with two of my gym buddies we were gym rats and I said and it surely at the time which is now my wife for 32 years I said in 1982 I was shocked the world of bodybuilding I said that with my friends I was reset there and I mean everybody listening I mean it was a matter of fact it wasn't jokingly why did you say that did you did you something I just man I guess it was an epiphany or anything I just said I'm going to shock the world of bodybuilding in 1982 you know having worn the missile south the missile palmetto at the age 18 then one two teenage America and when I wanted teenage America yeah the teenage America I weighed 212 pounds as a kid and I came down from 226 pounds and reached 212 and so I knew I had potential because you read the magazines and you see what's out there you see you you compare your weight to the other guys waiting I said man if I'm a youngster this big a heavyweight natura heavyweight then maybe I'm on to something and after winning two teenaged America I then began to you know I had the surgery then I started to make my comeback and my comeback for that year was the Atlantic USA which took place in Atlanta Georgia I won that show hands down that was your hometown was it well I was in South Carolina Spartanburg South Carolina but I travel you know three hours to Atlanta Georgia and that's where that particular show took place and I won that show and then that show was Tony Pearson he was the guest poser and later some of my friends said to me as Tony saw me walk out on the stage to present he said the bodybuilding world is in trouble that guy got something real special and so I won the Atlantic USA 1982 which qualified me for Junior Nationals I won that in 1982 which then qualified me for the NPC Nationals I won that in 1982 Chris then qualified me for the IFBB World Championship which was held in Belgium I want that in 1982 so in 1982 I shocked the world of bodybuilding just as it was spoken so you know so I always talk about the power of words and what you really believe and if you're willing to back up what you speak Muhammad I leave was that way which wasn't one of my heroes you know not a bodybuilder but I love his energy and how you would speak a particular thing and say this is gonna happen those guys going out in the third round or the fourth round that was my attitude how just on that point and and I do hear it and read it and it seems to be a common trait but how do you kind of match up sort of having it in your head but probably with no opportunity of doing it or sort of bringing out what you've got the potential and and getting your mind to sort of take that beyond is it does that make sense because I guess some people sort of have these dreams and it's like look you're never you're never gonna get there right but some people have the potential but they just that their heads not in gear how do you think those two things need to come together you know I think there are special people that have a certain mindset to deliver all their vision certainly everybody don't have it that's why there is only one Muhammad Ali one honest Watson eager one Lee Haney you know because I had never doubt it as I said in 1982 I mean I'm in a sling I hadn't recovered yet I still have stitches in my wrist and we're sitting around and at the gym and I said well I'm gonna shock the world about it go to 1982 it was no doubt I never had a doubt you know so I think there's something that's inside of certain people that speaks that and make it a reality is it cockiness I think is and it and uh an assurance inner assurance and that I had and that people who achieve great things have it's nothing that can be manufactured in your mind you can't make that you either got it or you don't right every guide that I've been around this very successful being in business or whatever they have a different kind of attitude and that's what separate the wood bees from the guys who actually get there right they get there well you don't look for no excuses it's do or die you know and it's a weird thing but it's just nothing you can learn can you do you think you can develop that sort of belief in you know develop your mind to kind of have that confidence because I guess as you said it applies in business it applies in you know personal goals of wanting to do something achieve do you think these are things that you should practice and develop yeah I think you know one of my buddies I learned years ago well my dad was say to me you know these guys you see out in the world in the world of bodybuilding whatever they put on any man he put his lay his pants on one leg at a time just like you do he said whatever you do son do your very best he said don't have but do anything that was that's how I was raised don't have but do anything then I have my grandpa backing that up and then we'll forget he called me dragging a ladder one day my grandpa I'm about 12 years old he's in his seventies he said were you dragging that allowed a fuck-boy picked that thing up show your strength act like a man some matter with you man I picked it up and put it on my shoulder what about my granddad that cross striations in his chest I mean a farmer you know the mewtwo plow the whole deal you know so when you raise around things like that and that kind of wisdom is imparted into your life it can take your mind to great places my mom would always say she would say son put God first in your life that mean on a dog with your life and she said it'll take you around the world it's nothing you can't accomplished so all of these people there was a part of my journey who created Lee Haney gave me that mindset that drive and then of course I had to put the elbow grease to it you know you can have words spoken to you as much as you want but you have to allow them to be embedded in your spirit and once you get that man you can conquer the world right you can conquer the world and I did and I know I know that the children the charity is a big part of your life do you think these and I've got children we spoke about earlier and they're beautiful thank you beautiful do you do you think these are things that should you know we should really work on our children you know to develop that mental strength and confidence in they can achieve anything in their life you know is that something really important to send in at an early age that's extremely important that's what I had as a as a kid growing up and so that's what I gave to my kids always that way with them I recalled my daughter Olympia with that name of Olympian see beautiful athlete we would play basketball you know she and then she played volleyball but basketball man she was very competitive man we were playing bumping elbow and she was so mean she spat on me Oh I said this is our food a free pull back on you now good in the house and tell your mama it was stuff like that man go now man you should come back out and we would get at it again you know but that made her an athlete see she is she went to scare Savannah College of Art and Design left records there and volleyball she could jump at 5 foot 8 t to jump ten foot five inches she could grab a basketball around a human fly and Joshua he finished at the Citadel played quarterback and wide receiver they're both superior athletes Joshua the weight of 175 pounds to benchpress five of scuse me squat 500 pounds he didn't wave 175 so that type of you can that type of you believe it's in their DNA and I think it's apparent if you feed your kids positivity keep negativity away from them as far as what you speak because we're the powerful words are extremely powerful they can hurt or they can inspire you know so as a parent I strongly believe that is what we have to do we must do and in time the challenges we have to hold their hands and walk them through those different challenges let them know that no life ain't a bed of roses you're gonna be confronted with negativity negatives people but you have to hold true to who you are and believe and continue to move forward you know just as you face that negative negative challenge or that negative person just remember that that's a lesson because you're gonna meet another one so don't give up keep pushing forward keep believing in yourself right and just to just to continue on that point then people could say well yeah it's all right him saying I'm gonna win the Olympic because genetically he was gifted were there any people that you know or do you know any people at that time that are probably also genetically gifted you know got the right supporting types but probably didn't ever do that one of the people that I kept my eye on that I felt was the most gifted bodybuilder that mother nature said here it is was Matt Mendenhall I have never to today seen a physique as complete as genetically balanced is Matt not Arnold not Robbie because Robbie had to work and he worked hard he still looked beautiful today at the age of 70 I had to work you know I had some weaknesses in my biceps had to pull those up and put my calves up you know and those are things I had to do and work on I was born with a nice small waist and nice shoulder waist taper very good you know good legs all of that but Matt Mendenhall you called a movie he-man right cotton email met with a walking heat man he was absolutely beautiful some forms to by self to chest to shoulder waist ratio to cache the thighs everything and I always talk to my head if this guy ever got it together he would be it would be a challenge like no other but he lacked that fire in that desire you know my mom only went to the second grade my dad on the middie today's great they worked hard my mother was a housekeeper they worked very hard so instill in me the importance of working hard you know not giving up moving falling get into good education being somebody being successful they push me forward in doing those things so having that attitude and having those parents that could speak into your life and grandparents you know it made all the difference I think when you come sometimes from the side of the fence that's nice and sweet and you know everything is truly be truly dumb your attitude is not the same you find people to come from trying situations they have a tendency to launch forward and do great things because they didn't have all these other opportunities in front of them so whatever they grab their hands to they maximize and take it to a whole nother level with great trial come great success if you have the heart right yeah so I think what you're saying whether it's sport business that really yes people probably do have a lot of other advantages than maybe you may do but if you know having that heart and that head in it that's right is gonna get you to win that's right it'll help you win every time yeah so I've seen things like that I've seen people like that that's why I met never achieved this ultimate goal I recall this training at one time at Gold's Gym in California training to working out the governor's particular day that's okay Matt we finish here let's go to the sex race I don't really have to do that one so we want let's go to this one where I've done enough that was his attitude and he did enough and that was it and he's he never achieved his full potential and what was your what was your sort of attitude at that time in the gym and I wanted to make sure nobody was out training me no one were being more discipline than swords they had nutritionists concerned nobody was taking care of their body as far as getting a rest and recovery all of those different elements of adding to success I made sure happen when I was preparing for competition I still do that today I don't trash my body because it takes care of me you know if I take care of it it's gonna take care of me you know a training great athletes like Evander Holyfield same way you know his van I had this attitude everything you told him to do everything I told him to do in the way of food and the way of rest and the way of training he did and that was result a cruiserweight became the heavyweight champion of the world several times over so that attitude and that stick-to-itiveness can take you far beyond your natural potential that's the other side because science can be your friend along with great genetics can be your friend also it can be your downfall if you don't get the right science because I always tell when I'm talking of in college I'm talking to students particularly fleets once you meet somebody head-to-head they have great genetic potential and you have great genetic potential but the thing that's gonna separate you is your science science and eating giving your rest science and your training that will separate you you have to continue to grab more and more science and when I began training to be Vanna well he was eating that chicken places you know a little quick deals hey man listen first of all we got to get you a cook you can't put that kind of garbage and a body's gonna make you millions of dollars you can't do that so I recall I had this all audition for all the several malls we were stated this hotel it said okay which one of you girls have a mother who loved to cook and so I interviewed two or three moms and I ended up with one name miss Betty two hundred and sixty seventy five pounds five foot zero and man she laid it on him we had his food prepped and everything and hey the rest is history yeah but that science of nutrition science of training if he clicks you to take genetics tour whole nother world right and and how just slightly jumping around but how did you end up training you know world champion bodybuilder training a boxer yeah it's amazed that we used to we were trained some time would see each other in the same gym you know because I lived in a place called Fayetteville in college near College Park Georgia and Eve and lived there also and we would often see each other and became you know friends and associates and his manager called me and so Ali we love what you got which what I had they loved as he explained at the energy the fact that I was a mr. Olympia I had a track record of winning and knowing how to win I understood the science of nutrition all those different things of training and so they said we want to have any on our team we want you to work with Evander and created a program to help you get him from cruiserweight to heavyweight but at the same time keep him explosive and and maintained his endurance level and build upon that and and so I began working on that and one of the people that I got involved in doing so was dr. Fred Hatfield I'm sure you familiar with dr. squad yeah Fred as you know he squatted over a thousand pounds to set a world record at the age of 46 you know a lot of times do you 46 years old and he didn't look like it I look like I could squat a thousand pounds Fred look like Elmer Fudd you know a little tank a little big belly and you know bald-headed this guy can't lift anyway but Fred was a science you know for most recognized sports scientists in in the world and I said Fred listen bodybuilding I understand sports science a little bit different so me and Fred got together and he helped me massage the program helped created created you know bringing plyo plyometrics into the training ballistic weight training everything is stimulate fast twitch fiber without using 8 million pounds which I'll also enhance his speed and explosive power so we put all the let together we got Evander from 192 up to 212 214 pounds at 5 weeks faster stronger all of that and we had miss Betty wearing 275 that cooked his food before so it can be done and having an understanding again with those understanding I've spent countless hours with dr. Hadfield Richie no God rest his soul he passed a year so ago oh really yes and when he was there in California you know overseeing muscle in the fitness magazine and readers Center so we spent a lot of time together man just talking and going over different things and and he gave me a lot of insight on how to go about stimulating muscle growth without using 8 million pound and ripping your joints apart and that was all of that you know at age of 58 I have no knee hip back or shoulder problems because I understand the science you know which is why I also I started what it's called the International Association of Fitness science it is a certification program that teaches correct training the right training system how to master different body parts understanding of nutrition how to blend that in so we have two different functions there one is ultimate body building that's body but in science what we did here the mr. Olympia but then you also have functional training which is the Aged management type of training which helps to our helps to sort of massage training program suitable for your age and suitable to where you are in who you are which is extremely important setting up training program yeah and I know you're I've got it on the book exercise to stimulate not annihilate and being in the industry obviously at the moment the trends really kind of you know don't go all out just be smooth destroy yourself but we all you know I'm 48 this year we want to look we want a good body we want muscle what's your approach to that do you have to if you know if you want to have a good and you've had the best physique in the world you know if you want to build muscle can you still do that without sort of destroying your body oh yes yes I'm living proof of it not only me but you have people like Ed corny you have all know you have Franco Columbu you see none of these guys particularly like Franco he lifts a ton of weight but he understands systems that's what I love so much about the science of our sport particularly people to use the term old-school and new-school well in old school we never got hurt we're still walking around without injuries and without surgeries the younger school they Teddy needs hips back they ripped themselves apart to tear triceps all kinds of craziness because of trying to lift the world see I always use that example in 1984 I weighed 243 pounds when I wore my first mr. Olympia in 1991 I weighed 254 pounds so that's a that's about 10 pounds over a year period so we look at muscle maturity balance growth over a period of time we don't we didn't rush out physiques we made them better looking for different angles as for training using a type of weight that will allow the body to grow and recover at the same time I've always used a term that is better to under trained than to over trained that's what you see a lot of what what's happening now a lot of injuries are taking place you know there's training systems now where so now fleets are training one body part a day well if you're training a body part for an hour you overtraining I generally even when I train for the mr. Olympia I spent no more than maybe two hours or hour 45 minutes in the gym that split into two training sessions you know so but that was being it was training once every fourth of fifth day right what were you doing well I would mix push pull push meaning chess poor meeting biceps that would be for example that would be Monday then of course abs and calves with that to Z would be legs horse and hounds Wednesday would be back push shoulders were back pool shoulders push Cash Alps the fourth day would be off then I began to cycle again so the 301 was the best training program there was enough training frequency to develop quality for the physique at the same time enough time to recover for the next workout right now you see guys that love training one body part a day and as you see the physiques is not as complete as they were doing that error you see guys are much smaller calves you can't train your calves I talk to a lot of guys at the show no you meet them said okay let me take a look askance that's always indication of how far you want to go and so I got to work on a little bit how many days are you trying it once or twice us you can't train your calves and what's the price it's a stubborn muscle it's been walking around with you since you were a kid you got to give you a cast at least around four to five days of training a week in order to stimulate it because it's been walking with you ever since you were a toddler so just a regular whole home workouts not going to get it so these are kind of pro we see how those kind of system just all messed up and they're using too much weight and they're doing giving too much stress to a particular muscle group in a long period of time as fools in the gym like an hour it doesn't make sense right yeah and and with with it were you using machines were you using a lot of traditional squat bench I use a lot of traditional a lot of tradition I've used machine to like definition separation in the like leg extensions I'll use a machine on that Lakers use a machine on that but for all mass building movements I would either use the bar or dumbbells bar or dumbbells you can't can't get better than those you know there's a lot of machines out there today but when you notice most of the machines when they come to chess or that sort of thing they a little bit different because when you're training you want to make sure the body mechanics are a line with what you're doing if they're not then you can get injured I recall at one time doing an incline chest press because the bench was was fooled incline was full and I used the machine I had only 25 pounds on each side and I went up to do a incline and I felt a tweak in my shoulder because the machine was taking me in the direction it wanted to go so I couldn't naturally make the adjustment as my body felt free and doing so so that's my problem with machines they predetermined for you where the muscles should go goodbye for you have free weight you can make your adjustments well I'll scoot down a little or I'll bring them up a little higher or I would bring my arms out a little further or in a little closer so all the little things are very important that's why you know and again the free weights are fought better right and you mentioned about the weight you don't use crazy weights and and and and you said you even now you do that to protect your body going back then and I guess there's lots of people there is striving to have that type of fatigue that you had what sort of way were you lifting like you obviously did go heavy on I'm guessing but how did you manage s heavy for me would never allowed me to drop below for five reps see five reps was heavy two reps was too heavy right and of course I maxed out on the French press indeed 500 pounds just one time just wanted to know if I could do it you know and that was it but I never did it again I've always I would always stay around rocking at least knockout in the offseason when I'm developing strength at least six to eight reps I never go below that because I'm getting into powerlifting at that point well I'm not a power lifter my deal is get as much quality and use good form and good technique for longevity and over a period of time give quality to the muscle so four to five reps was really you know any lower than that and it's like it's powerless your joint sooner or later your joints are going to tell on you when you're doing that yeah and even as you get older I guess particularly for guys you know testosterone drops we want to maintain muscle mass with those similar principles apply then well as you get older you want to lighten the weight definitely I mean I can go in the gym and try to make my you know chest lift a hundred pound dumbbell but but why and I'm no longer competing you know so I just want to feel good I want to keep that muscle belly nice and healthy I still want to have a good look so generally I would go around fifty pound dumbbells now and doing a flat dumbbell press I don't do bench anymore because bench was necessary but not totally necessary for bodybuilding but the bench is not really correct you're here when you're pushing that is not correct a dumbbell is correct were you here coming here so it's a lot easier on the shoulders you have guys to always got shoulder problems from doing a lot of benching so but then again in the sport we were a little bit crazy we do stuff they don't make sense like behind-the-neck presses we do all kinds of stuff but we have to know how to how to change gears with that I wouldn't always bench press sometime I would do flat dumbbell you know and maybe the next workout I'll do bench presses but benching I would generally stay around 3:15 maybe 365 she'll give my my six to eight reps in that was good and what about speed I know now you see a lot about people sort of you know really controlling the speed really dropping the weight was that something as well you were doing so some very slow reps was I've never done slow revs okay never never it's always doing the negative that people getting injured or tear their pecs really I will control the weight control instead of slow coming down on the bench you come here the explode at the bottom like I call the checkmark come check check ease out check ease up check ease out but never never okay because is crazy if you're going to bend down you wouldn't bend down slow in slow motion you have been down then you come up goes longer huge there's something bad going to happen when you go against the mechanics of what's natural for the body that's interesting you know you got guys do you know curls and they coming down real slow it's a negative you're not gonna get him to grow from a negative all you're doing is putting stress on your ligaments and tendons they wasn't made for that right cuz always doing the exertion would you still make fast with fiber and growth right and again as you're with your aging as you get older those guys are still with the same thing still the same nothing changed nothing has changed about my training it's just the amount of weight that I do is not as much the volume change the little you know I go in the gym now I do a flat press incline press then I would do a dilt an assisted deal let the young cats do the other stuff so I would do a deal and then next work I go in and do still flat sheelane kind cause these are the basic fundamentals flat and client then I'm doing a dumbbell fly you know for qualities he dips his quality and the histor lower PEC and you have your dumbbell fly for quality which dumbbell fly make up to about 40 she don't come nice squeeze nice and slow and controlled right and what about you still scoring oh yeah I still squat right I've used I do it I use a pre-exhaust see and the priya sausage this is very important particularly for those who will be looking and listening if you can get your leg to think that you use an eight million pounds and you only use it 500 or 300 then that's great because the leg doesn't recognize how much weight you're using it only recognized the feel and if it feels heavy then the response is going to be growth so with a pre-exhaust leg extensions leg presses squats number three guess what you don't have to use a million pounds that saves your knees your hips and your back so you fool your leg into thinking you're using 400 pounds you're only using two on it so I still use that same training principle I have no need problems no joint none of that and I see I have nice nice development to my legs and as we get older we have to continue to do leg presses and squats because your legs would be the first thing to go and I don't want to look like I'm riding on the turtle no it's interesting I've we interviewed Frank Zane as well and his same approach was I want to be injury free and and it seems that you know I think it's an important message because the industry is going into that kind of you know beat yourself down come out the gym crawling and I certainly you know I've had back injuries shoulder injuries and the injuries and it's interesting with that message for someone who's sort of been through that whole sort of spectrum of working out and still looking good how do you I'm fifty eight fifty am I look that good but but I think it's a great message to say like you know if you if you if you're smart you can still have the physique you won that's right an amazing physique but you don't have to destroy your body for when you're older I think that's very important yes that's what you want to shoot for stimulate don't an hour late yeah and that's true and everything you know just give the body enough to keep it awake you know you got to have your cardio in a total program you know a total program the cardio is important you know now I do you know exercise ropes for a little cardio I'll do work chops with medicine ball for a little cardio but I want to do a little speed walking a little jog I'm on grass shock absorbers so if you do smart things you'll get smart and healthy results and I think when you're younger you you don't take those things into account oh yes you don't testosterone is all over the place are you crazy let me love to gym for me that the Baba I when you get 35 or 40 your body doesn't you remember that that crazy squatting you did you know we're coming back to haunt you yeah yeah and we all get we all kind of get there I kind of in between both you know still doing some of the stupid things but it does make sense you know we still want to be around when was 16 moving around and doing cool stuff and your body will wear itself out I guess you know that's right so so just going back then to the because we haven't we've gone around a little bit but the you have the year you predicted the changing the world of bodybuilding how did you go from there to me Olympia well there's a stage you know when you hit the IFV be world championship and you win that one that's a worldwide amateur title you turn pro after that and then you received invitations for the Olympia and I was just smart to maintain the level of knowledge that I've gotten on my way up then why change things because we go to another level you can always say well now I'm in the big leagues let me do something different and see it don't necessarily have to be different because whatever gave you a level of success at this point we will continue to do so yes you do want to add some science you know things that that make sense that can add to your successes you particularly nutrition-wise and that's that's a big difference now do you have to change the training up but add to the nutrition because training for the first 1983 I peaked at 243 pounds four weeks before the contest Arnold saw me it's about Lee how are you looking as good this soon and you know I'm young my first Olympia I don't know I'm just looking good and I'm eating but come day of the coming the day of the show on their way 233 pounds and on us all that was weird for me being that kind of condition 243 10 pounds less you know four weeks later couldn't figure out what happened you're not placed third which was great in the first Olympia but I went back me and dr. Fred Hatfield sat down again and we went over all the meal plans although he said Lee hey man just not eating enough you didn't eat enough went back to the drawing board entered the 1984 mr. Olympia 243 pounds I was that four weeks before in the 1983 but what I was learned at that particular point that you can't train like a horse and eat like a bird if you were giving more of a physical demand out of the body with the robux extra sets and reps here they had to increase the food intake you know you can't you know what I had won the Nationals and the World Championship from was okay you write to a nutritional program and just amount of calories you're on you stay on that all the way through the whole deal but the transition of knowledge from 1983 to 84 showed me that listen your metabolic rate 16 weeks out from a show and the fact that you always kept your body fat around 1011 percent meant that you could eat and not starve yourself because you didn't walk around like a fat boy in our season so I kept notes on that so as I began to get closer to show I won't watch my weight as I saw it dill I would up to calories I ended up going from 3,000 to 4,700 calories off until we before the midsole Olympian 1984 my body asks for more but at that point I was wide enough to give it more I had my notes I had science mm-hmm that made a difference and what do you think about all these diets because you're again through competitive bodybuilding you've had you know you've had the ultimate ripped physique that everybody's dreaming for there's low carb diets as fasting there's all that stuff you know okay let me lose this make it plain low carb is for fat boys if you look like a pokey pokey the pig in all season you're fat you got to burn this stuff off when you burn it trying to get rid of all the weight through aerobics and starvation your muscle is not going to have that that you know that life to it that life force where it looks great on stage and it's popping because your aerobic in yourself to death and stress will show up on your physique you know it did it it'll tear you up you know so my message has always been in bodybuilding as I occur with young athletes always stay within striking distance train around no more than around twelve fifteen pounds over your competition weight and if you pick let's say if you're 15 weeks out from mature sixteen weeks out if you're fifteen percent body fat then guess what you can drop a percentage every week until you bottomed out at about three percent or three and a half percent you're ready then and if you get there too quick then guess what increase the food intake but I don't believe in zero carbs I never had to do that I was a car monster my cars would be four to five hundred grams of carbohydrates a day because I was never fat boy that's a different these guys get forty and fifty sixty pounds overweight and they have to just traumatize themselves eating chicken and green beans kind of life is that it's terrible man it's ignorance right and for people who are overweight then and and do want to get down then is there any sort of basic principles that you followed yes Mel effect in my book fitting in age is the same principle of eating that I that I recommend for people and shows and so forth never going to zero carbohydrate diet stay away from the keto you should never be a zero keto is crazy you know you can go low cost because when again you're trying to get rid of body fat you want your muscle to feed on stored fat in the body so you have to keep the carbs low so their body will feed on that because we've got too many cars the butters gonna feed on the cost and the fat is gonna stay where it's at so you have to be smart and knowing how to manipulate I recommend never going below 50 grams of carbs never gonna be lost 50 grams of cost zero carbohydrates for me Aikido for me is you were gonna call Aikido we just said just lawyer you called the hydrates or carbohydrate depletion it was around a hundred 150 grams of cost even when I was called by hydrate depleting and that only took that only happened three days prior to the competition not three days let's say we would go like Sunday Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I would call behind rate load reload so during those three days of depletion I will only go as low as 100 honey where I'm to cause I would never go zero and that's what all the other activity I got going on then I would call my hydrate low then go back up to four or five six seven hundred grams of carbs two days two three days prior to the show right but you got to find out I talked about in my certification we got to test that to find out does it take you two days to reload or one day to reload a bigger guy would take two days you know running Cobra take about three if you want to use that science yeah so there's several different Sciences you can use with that but zero carp is or no no right you know throw the body in the shop that's why we do it and the but the muscle overcompensate we are the sales overcompensate when you put the cause back in and that's why we want to hit the stage and we're fool and the muscle in the vein that's popping and even on another when we do carbohydrate deplete we don't use bacon and cheese and garbage we use sunflower seeds we use almonds we use walnuts and so you hear out there know this so-called diet community where these people are telling people eat steak and use you know fats and cheese and which jacks their cholesterol out of the roof total ignorance they have half-truths they don't live and they haven't live what we've lived and I say we we're in we're bodybuilders that's what we do we understand the science of food they don't they just read stuff and don't get it right and get a lot of people hurt or living on statins yeah so thanks for that I must cleared up a lot of things also I've got me thinking as well about about diet again um so 84 that was the first year you won the Olympia then it was that right what was that like well meals like a dream come true I think golly winning a muscle it's a miracle in itself and you know to be there with on the same stage with Frank Zane and you know Robbie Robinson and Sir John Olivier was there Wow you know that was absolutely incredible it was like a like a dream come true man yeah you know you watch these guys at the magazine you grew up admiring them there you are standing on stage with them and to be to be the winner and the victor Wow thank you lord and what was it like going into that were you confident that you were gonna be oh yet up on that previous year I weighed 243 but when in short to 33 I had went back and figured out through my nose and study what had went wrong because no one has stepped on the Olympia stage at that weight and at that height you know so I knew that was a winning package and I I felt with all of my heart because I mean you size up your competition I always knew that if I was a combination of Arnold Robbie Frank Zane ed corny who can beat that and I felt that that's that's what I had achieved during my whole career not just for that one but during my whole career that's what I wanted to be like a combination of all of those gentlemen those awesome ledges right and and they say certainly a lot of people we've interviewed and a lot of people with success always talk about the the group of people around them the five closest people who were the people around you at that time well you know what our has I trained for my shoulder there time for the whole Olympia Reno of the first Olympia so with Joe Jackson the first the first one you won what was the sort of you know who who were those people that was the sort of positive influence on you to get to that we pretty much do it on your own or was there well you know my wife of my training partner at one time you know surely was always there she was my second grade sweetheart you know she would help spot me you know then when I moved to California I had this other huge kid you remember Ricky Wang oh man Ricky Wayne was he was doing Arnold's error in Robert Robertson era Ricky trained out of a Gold's Gym in California and he introduced me to a kid there there was huge Italian kid named Rick and we ended up training together I mean Rick tableau could move a lot of weight so he became my training partner when I moved to California and we will work out together the science of training and nutrition you know I had it had what I knew had got me where I was so I didn't go around looking for coaches I we couldn't we didn't have coaches back then you had training partners hey man how do I look today and my flat you know you know what's happening my definition coming in what am i posing look like so we would bounce ideas back and forth off of each other you know and and that that was our training part we didn't have coaches I don't know why these guys used coaches today anyway it doesn't make sense to me you know so that was a huge influence my wife and my training partner there did you have any manager that was managing your sort of affairs at that time my wife met is my affairs and I administer we didn't have to do that I mean if you know how to manage your own affairs and shame on you you know to go to other levels outside of bodybuilding and ministering and doing that kind of deal okay but at that time it was strictly bodybuilding sorry had the worst yeah you had my wife there that he had though I had a great mentor in Joe Weider Joe and his wife are Betty just beautiful people love Joe still missing today he was always there another dear friend of mine was is an NPC president and pro league president mr. Jim Mannion love Jim a matter of fact it was Jim will help me help negotiate my first guest appearance and I loved him all the way to today you know he's always been there anything I needed houses walls with any of the body builders coming up to the NPC ask me be mr. Magna was always there right so you you won the first one and you went on to win eight mr. Olympius what was that did did you set a goal in your mind say what I'm gonna I'm gonna equal Arnold's record I'm gonna beat you don't say that no you know you kill say that you baby big that you hope if you win your first little well me back it I would love to do three cuz surgilube really at three frames ad at three okay and you do three Wow Apple quick it's a well however be good you know of course then I got to fire seven a big you know and I got to seven and I never will forget when I reach the seventh one me and my wife sat down they know you know surely sees you know we grew up together she was my second race free dog athlete man after he took cold hard Catholic and I said well baby no I meant to seventh on Olympia nobody's ever down seven in the road that's a reckon in itself yes his tower Donald's overall well what do you think should I do a she looked at me as head what are you talking about some matter with you boys you got to do it this nothing to talk about was yeah it irritated heard that I mean self say such a thing like that I was almost embarrassed so anyway she was a huge supporter and the eighth one happened but I knew after date when that was it or it anyway and what is that well you know you just know okay I've said all I had to say here what are you gonna do do a ninth one for what let's sound take the seeds of success and plant your energies in other areas so I wanted to step outside and use my success to do other things which you know I ended up having a show on the ESPN the Angus championship workout Trinity Broadcasting Network totally fit or exercise fitness program their sports south Network I also went on to have own fitness centers I've had three to four different gyms and other other type of investment so life was good I raised my my kids they're beautiful people I now have I now have about vitamin product line I also have now the international association of Fitness science my certification organization I also have now Lee Haney the Lee Haney games games which is my own fitness event this would be the fourth year there in Atlanta it's a PC national qualifier we had around 317 Ashley's last year in the third year we would probably get over 400 this year so it's all these different things doing other investments and you know taking business to another level yeah you know to stay continue to do the same thing okay my faith was it was used in bodybuilding too she would ID and you wanted no one should you and she got to a it's like well it's it's enough you're you know you you say too long and he was quite young I was 31 right you can say too long I think I left from my body was still in great health my body was tear producing growth hormone which kept my joints healthy and so forth you got to be smart about that you know you know that you know the life of athlete for the most part ends in their thirties you know if you're trying to put you to 40 you can but you'll pay for it physically yeah at least I'm a competitive level yeah and on that final year he was up against Dorian Yates was it and Jordan was up against me let's get that side not me up against Dori I always make sure I make that clear yeah yeah so I took him to school on that one yeah yeah yeah and I've read you know I guess for him he was probably someone who ya wanna be during had a Dorian I really enjoyed competing with him it was a great experience he was a great champion you know a like door and he was a very cool guy you know we still we were Facebook buddies even now you know talk back and forth I really had a lot of respect for Dori a lot of respect for during he R he had great genetic potential also you know you see his picture when he was a teenager it reminds me of me when I was a teenager mr. Olympians are born you have to have the right genetic blueprint then you have to have the heart you know during Dean comes from all the life of truly D totally dumb he had to be successful he didn't have a lot of choices so he had to really sink his teeth into bodybuilding as I had to sink my teeth in the bodybuilding you see the do or die well you find it was that way for all it was that way for Robbie you find athletes who who have to face challenges of survival like you know in such a way we rise to the occasion right neither's gonna swim are you gonna sink yeah all the people I just mentioned shows to rise in during was one of the greatest of them all right so when you when you made that decision to retire did you already have a vision of what would come next or did you have a period where you thought damn you know I'm missing this out of my life because it must have been quite consuming no not at all listen man I had my keys you know as you know the father your vision is always okay what's the next move you know it wasn't like oh man I'm bored it's never in the border I hit the ground running had a lot of different things going on anyway even before I left the the mr. Olympia Reno I had things going on I was chairman to the President's Council on the President Bill Clinton you know working with the Department of Health and Human Services so you know doing public speaking all over the place so there was a lot of things happening I had endorsements going on so it was never dull moment never a dull moment and then being involved in my kid's life was very important I was the baseball coach basketball coach I was all of that you know all over the place playing volleyball with the kids you know it was all no problem transitioning no problem and how did you apply that winning attitude to your your business after bodybuilding exactly do you apply it you know you you don't give up you make sure you have a good game plan you know in business like you did when you were as a a fleet you know if you know there's corporations loved athletes because we have to multitask we don't know how to say no we don't surrender easy anything we may stand there a little longer than we should have you know as far as changing gears our concern but that's who we are it was easy to apply that you know is sometimes easy to say is this harder to say well well it's not working we have that kind of determination tenacity well I'm gonna make it work even if it kills me which sometimes it can kill you so you still gotta use wisdom and step back in you know in business you know my wife is my business partner we always talk and we share different things and I've just been blessed to have some great people that I surround myself with you know in business who've been there done that beyond me so I would call upon them for counsel you know and that makes all the difference you can't be in a world within yourself if you haven't been there done that find out and talk to somebody who has yea save you a lot of trouble and there's an athlete and a businessman have you have you also found that business is you know if you had a lot of ups and downs and businesses and has there been times where it's like you know mentally it's it's pretty difficult I'm gonna have to sort myself out oh man I've had to pray on put a lot of time praying you know with bidness ventures and that sort of thing all of them wasn't successful some of the pain in the butt you know but guess what you go back to the drawing board and you keep your notes and said well maybe I need to add a little bit more protein she won't carbohydrates do extra set of reps over here and it always works out you know I'm a strong believer in that you know my life has been such that growing up my faith out of follow of Jesus Christ had made all the difference in who I am and where I am today you know he said that he would bless the works of my hand as long as I I live according to his word purposes to be a blessing in the earth honor my wife honor my community as a man of God then things will work out for my good and always work out in my favor and I found that to be true in every aspect you know I'm at peace with my life I love my fans you know I enjoy being here the Miss Olympia hugging and kids and fans and feeling like dumping some of them on the head too but it's all good life is good so I thank God for what he allowed me to do I've lived a fantasy with most people you know you you fantasies is like a dream deal but I had to work my tail off to make it happen but God said he blessed the works of your hands you have to lay hands on him you got to work it it's not just gonna fall out of sky each on the head it's not his will for us to get something for nothing you have to work you have to meet the challenge you have to overcome different things it's not gonna be a bed of roses and life is not that way so has it always been something even through your bodybuilding career that that's kind of I guess it you know sort of center-of-gravity almost this sort of got you through all the ups and downs your relationship with God is that oh yeah no doubt about it no doubt about it when I was 17 years old I got on my knees one night before going to bed as a teenager and I prayed I said Lord if you see fit to make me the best the best at the sport that I love so much I'll go before the world and give you the praise and the glory if you see fit so apparently he saw something in the prayer of that teenager you know and after every mr. Olympia I would always kneel on the stage people's over and he's crying no I was giving thanks to God for what he had done for me so I try to use my success to impact the world for good to be a light in the world because that's what God has called us to do because every good and every perfect gift is from him it's his guilt so I have to be wise and using that gift and honoring him and doing good within the earth that's what it's all about because after I was all said and done your legacy will be what people remember you by where was you a decent person or was you a nasty human being or did you make the world a better place I wanted to be said of me that I made the world a better place I'm with your relationship your your your quite unique because you had a childhood sweetheart and you've been through I guess you know you must have had sour of women that just looked at your picture and is like wow you know how what's the secret of being someone before that success being you know having this amazing physique and continuing to stay with that person so long well you know as long and again as a follow of Jesus Christ you understand that marriage is a covenant it's not just a promise it's a covenant a covenant is it's a lifelong commitment and marriage is holy matrimony in the sense of what it yields in the sight of God is holy you know it's not like a just a promissory note and you know people break promissory notes all the time so it's a it's a you to honor God with that and so that's the way I view my marriage to my wife surely she's my best friend she's my business partner she's a mother of my children and more importantly she's a daughter of the Most High God and all fathers are crazy about their daughters so I have to treat her as such you know and and and in doing so I honor her you know she you know they sometimes use a statement you know behind every successful man there's a moment of an every successful man there's a woman dying it's not the hand it's beside you she's my counsel cause in the book of Genesis you know you know because I studied read the Bible it said when God said it is not good for man to be alone I was making my helpmeet so it goes back to Satan well if it was good for him to be alone then God would loudly to continue to be alone but apparently it was something missing in man that needed to be completed and that was woman so God created the woman for man to be his partner in life not his slave or his you know that's his that's his buddy that's the other half of him that makes him complete and with understanding of that my marriage is lasted over 36 years now still in love still have fun you know she's my best buddy all of those things we do together sex is wonderful whoo baby you know so all of the all of those things are great this suits a fine journey so I've never had a problem you know you I never allowed myself to be in a place that I shouldn't be you know you you you can make decisions like that and you know the Bible also says what man is it that can take fire to his chest and not get burned so you stay away from situations that can put you in a different difficult place where you're you're you're tested because the greatest of man has fallen short because of being in the wrong place at the right time so I stay away from students keep yourself from well yeah that's interesting because yeah it's an interesting statement in general in life whether it's as something as simple as diet only bad food it's like I guess we're all gonna be tempted in lot of ways that is sexually financially whatever food wise this is it's out there we're all gonna be we're all vulnerable to that it's not something that means you're incomplete we're all vulnerable for it you know it's the best thing to do is just just stay away take the ice cream out of the house don't even break it without is funded my wife had we had a little celebration at the big limited Lorraine pie and neither both of us are careful about our diets so it only had one slice out of maybe two slices out of it I didn't eat it and this thing you know but it was in the fridge right I went there and it had of I cut me a little smidgen about like that then I ate it then I took the rest of it and dumped it in a garbage because I knew what would happen three temptations run away from it get it out of your sight so there's less counter they had to deal with so what's now what's left now for filet you've achieved a lot you've set up your foundation you've been well I'm gonna see what God got a store for me man you know I'm looking forward to with my new book fitting in a I'm excited about that Shirley and I are touring together with this book cause she's a very important part of the book uh yeah I talked about you know with age management fitness why should I stay healthy and she is my why in the book she's my wife I gotta be here to take care of her take care of my kids my grandkids you know so we talked about that do we have fun you know as a couple hundred and wife and people get to see that that's a very important thing that the world needs to see more because marriages are falling apart even on understanding poor the for Covenant we get up there we laugh we do some exercise and demonstration we give people some life skills tips and those kinds of things we're not perfect but in our 36 years of being married we've never cursed did anything crazy like that a throne fits our broken things we don't do that because that's not of God you know we feel that we are Nagada in our marriage under God and what we see and what we do continue to work on our cells and always do self-examinations that's very important and it's a self self-examination self is selling yourself because if you do that you wouldn't set yourself up to be saying I'm sorry a lot whenever a person's always said baby I'm sorry I said that I'm sorry I did just but Nate continued to repeat that they got the issue going on in Woodleigh did they need to sorry it maybe not be the other person may not be them it's you yourself what can I do better what can I say better what what is my train of thought you know you pray about those kinds of things and and I believe that God will guide your thoughts in your heart and keep you in the right place that's been the key to our relationship yeah that's that's amazing great great great story so I've got I've got a final question but before that I'd just like people to fully understand how to get hold of you the different businesses where they are so just just for a few moments can you explain about your book your foundation your certification course please well the with the Foundation heinous Harvest House we started that organization back in 1996 you know we came from you know a small town and country you know you know why we had chickens pigs all kinds of stuff and that natural living was I think was instrumental and giving me balance you know and I wanted other kids to experience that too I think we ring out of nature you're closer to God I believe you know not saying you don't hang around in skyscrapers I believe you do there he's everywhere but I think nature when you hear a bird sing and you smell fresh air you know you can you you there with animals and you it's just calm your whole spirit you can breathe I'm calm just thinking about it oh yeah oh yeah you can breathe and and a blues all of that we started the paint his harvest house which started as a retreat center you know we had horses pigs girls rabbits chickens basketball court baseball fields there and in the airport and that lanta expanded so at that time we had to change and move to another location which we got some donkeys now and we still got you know the basketball courts and all that set up at a church that we do it I don't but showing giving kids directions giving them life skills all the little string and putting particularly with young boys you know because having a dad there I having a father figure me and that would be gap man that would be there to encourage and to help young men and cultivate their lives make a huge difference so that was important for me ain't it's harvest house and people wanted more information about it they can go to Haney Harvey's house calm they can even donate if they'd like to so that's very important we we have Lee Haney games which is the fundraiser find his harvest house so we got a lot of great people involved and helping the fund that my dear friend mr. Jim Mannion has been very instrumental and being a blessing there you know throughout the years when we first started also my friends can Mel be Ron hell m'god who started European health spa another good friend of mine uh you know naina just a great guy great great great people you know who's always been there been very instrumental in making that happen so that's one of the things we do this for is the the book is concerns fitted eating age as I said me and sure there's on the road now having fun with that you'd go to my website Lee Haney dot-com and get information on it it's also being sold in Barnes and Nobles Amazon Kobo it's an excellent book as it talks about what exercise and nutrition should look like as you manage aids so it's age management fitness functional training age management nutrition how to deal with stress that's a biggie because if you don't deal with stretch properly it can derail a healthy body in a matter of no time at all you know I mean all of us sometimes we've physically great we've got it together Allyson you get a telephone call and they hit you in the gut but that didn't physically hit you outwardly he hit you in Whitley and came out with Lee and caused you to sweat or to get nervous or to get shaky are even throw up in some cases so that's a very very important part of dealing with the body in the system so we talked about all of that we talked about the importance of having of of having faced and dealing with day to day challenges you know I think that's a huge part of it to where it's gonna be alright you know a lot of people worry about things that never happened it never happened but they build those monster inside of your head yeah they create their own monsters you know so it's important to know how to maneuver through those types of things and so the as soon as the game is concerned Lee any games the athletes as a national NPC qualifier they can go to Lee Haney games.com and find out about that I also have my product I now teach management nutrition I have one of the first age management packs which have the supplements like resveratrol ubiquinol d3 you know your different nutrients like that to help manage age which is systems and when can you order that you can go to Lee Haney calm right it's there then I also have all I created us a seven-day systemic cleansing in detox the first one introduced to the bodybuilding world to keep delivered the kid in their bloodstream the urinary system clean also the colon because after you've been on you know a high amount of supplements for a period of time and proteins you got to give the body a rest it's just like changing all in the filter in your car you do that every 3,500 to 5,000 miles well you need to do it to your body you know a lot of some athletes I ran into you know some amateurs you get just when you smell their breath you notice they system need to be clean you know red meat diets high protein fattening foods you know trying to put on all those sides and so forth they don't think about the other implementations of that it's fine if we we I guess I'll say this is for the other table with you we wouldn't arrest you yes it was long line there and all the commodes will feel up use not the commodes you have to compose not the urinals the commotion loaded yeah yeah now I said to myself you know what just be a good place to do a seminar I said that's why all the guys are there because if a protein is causing you gas and constipation and it's running right through you guess what your body's not digesting the guys so be smart about that get some knowledge so I did a little quickie there a punk seminar and the rest weeks of all the rest but you got to be smart about all those different things so I have make sense having a you know getting your oil change your name your do it to the car it's all change man so detox of the bar to that stream import all right and you're on Facebook and Instagram is right yeah go to you catch Lee Haney on Facebook Lee Haney on Instagram I don't know a little bit different things I'm called there my kids do that right that's when the limpid they set all of that up man but are you there under there yeah come you see it out there yeah so final question escape your limits is about escaping what you've told or believed in the past yourself was impossible or other people may have said is impossible what's a recent example of where you've escaped your own personal limits when the camera rolled I'm good my wife's out talk too much sometime ah but I've learned not to put limits on myself I think sometimes I don't I tried through humility I always try to be humble and I don't boast a brag a lot but you know my poor dog we don't wag his own tail if you're gonna promote yourself I think I could do a sometime a better job doing that but at the same time I try to balance it with humility and not to over saturate they are ways they just is Lee ain't there I got the next greatest thing got a little bit weird you know at least I feel that when it comes to that but I could do a better job with that you know I think I can go beyond where I am now and I'm already working on new ways to do that but I try to do it in a way that I continue to minister to the hearts of people you know my whole thing is about ministry you know using it to draw people into a greater relationship with Jesus Christ that's important to me you know because I understand God gave me the skill so I got to give it back and try to try to create tools through his wisdom and his guidance to use to make the world a better place so and that's always an ongoing journey you know with my certification program the International Association Fitness science to my certification program we have the minister of fitness as well as a minister of a minister of fitness where you out in communities and within churches teaching exercise and fitness and nutrition these people are hand-picked you just can't say I want to be a minister of fitness well who are you what do you represent you know do you you're involved in your church you're involved in your community if you're not that you can't be a minister of fitness you know but then you have then we have ultimate body building which is body building science what we did here then we have functional training which is for the masses so I use all of these different tools to speak into the lives of people and there's ways to you know make the world a better place you know as I said the book of James chapter 1 verse 17 says every good and perfect gift is from above so God gives gifts he gives TV he gives radio he gives what we're doing here at Skate to impact the world in a positive way to use it in the right way for the right purpose because we found that when things there's not a clear understanding of the right purpose of a thing in the right plan and why God allowed it to be be created then you either gonna misuse it are you going to abuse it one of the do gonna happen and we see that happening all the time a gun wasn't made to kill people it was to make the hunt food but look what people are doing with it you know like a plane was made to travel here to there and you know to meet people in greeting different nations to carry the gospel to Jesus Christ around the world you know and I'm a Christian I don't down I don't put down any religion and I don't call myself religious I'm not religious my followers Jesus Christ I look at his life how he lived I had loved people how the impact of the world for good that's what I look at and so but notice people can use things just like an airplane to use it to to fly into at 9/11 to fly into a building it wasn't created for that but yes it was distorted for destruction a lot of things can be used for that sex is being distorted for destruction it was a way of replenishing the world as God called us to say be fruitful multiply replenish the earth replace thereof with a godless sea so it's things like that if we get a clear understanding of why we are and the gifts that God has given us we make the world a better place journey right and I think Fitness just to finish that Fitness is certainly being your vehicle and I there's a lot of people right you know touting and showing why you should get involved in fitness and a lot of the messages and advertisements and people have spoke to I think yours is a very unique message because it you're using Fitness to kind of bring every different part of your life in terms of the spirit together and I think if you know if someone was just to follow a little bit of what you're talking about I think you can't go far wrong in life so Lee I appreciate your time thank you so much and it's been a pleasure ladies with man thank you you look great man keep up the good work via fitted in the age I hope you enjoyed this podcast if you did then please go over to iTunes and subscribe to the escape your Linux podcast leave a review leave it really would help us a lot to continue to keep these game


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