LeBron James – 1 hour workout (uncut)


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  2. It's not 1 hour it's 57,40 minutes

  3. Dude looks laser focused in training too I’d be nervous passing the rock to this man 😂

  4. El 🧠 James. Who dat?

  5. All I can think about is the vine 'LeBron James'

  6. With the new YouTube format he is telling me not to click the subscribe button but to click the search bar, thanks lebron.

  7. watching lebron, I felt a realization of the fleeting aspects of success.

  8. 19th doll

  9. King

  10. Most of the athletes training is in the gym to become strong, and fast.

  11. This Comment section is:
    20 % Lebron is the goat, I love Lebron
    30 % that not even hard workout
    30% telling people that’s not his real workout
    15% “ I just watch Lebron workout for an hour”

  12. Basketball champions

  13. yung bRon

  14. Ohh thought this was his workout?

  15. This is a fucking laughingstock. Lucky for him he’s genetically gifted.

  16. I thought I was the only 1 who worked out to that Song💪✋💀🔥🔥

  17. horrible posture when squatting.Toes are out,hips are tight.Trainer will be short lived,his posture sucks too.

  18. And if this doesn’t work… recruit D-wade and Chris Bosh. 😂

  19. eres impresionante Lebron gran atleta

  20. sir u need to stretch

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