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okay so mark first of all thank you very much for doing what you've done for it fit for two TV this month our fans are really excited to to beginning their scripts traps and to be learning all the boat set you know you're trading tools can you tell us just a little bit about you know where levered Fitness came from and a little bit about some of your tools sure first of all thanks for having the equalizers my first product sorry it's been one class an hour half of screaming at people being equalizers the genesis was training people in their homes and not being able to be back as easy as I'd like to you know chin up Flyers just not save a lot that machine might not be feasible due to a financial or space constraints trip so I came up with thinking lasers and then from there you know that's the doom really wild came out with a buddy system now they're functional too and the stretched out sense right yeah that's fantastic well I know from experience when I started my own personal training business about six years ago these were when I took into people's home oh I know it's perfect because you all you need is a very small space and it's great for for body resistance training yeah so you know looking at you a lot of people wouldn't guess that you are the age that you are can you tell us just a little bit about your training philosophy and then what keeps you young yeah juice me young just having fun that's really the key of sue's other side of that you know things become a chore I mean they should be your classes should be fine training with clients should be fun there's nothing wrong with having goals and having hard work to get to those goals but you know you gotta enjoy the journey as well yeah I always liked a little crazy fun is crazy if I've been accused of being crazy just one more question just wondering given you that goals for the future Oh so sputtering yeah I know my goals for the future are you know continued to grow the company I mean we we believe so much of the tools and what they're capable of people find it hard to believe all the time that I'm you know don't lift weights well you got your equal industries users oh that's my stuff lifting weights right they're like how can bodyweight train kitchen I can brandish a knife you know fight if 60 pull-ups with my body weighed 250 pounds times 60 reps and I do five sets that's thousands of pounds that gives me so bodyweight training awesome it's it's my favorite way to train the class that we just did that thought it was really cool that there were kids in the classes yeah yeah that's me first time I've seen that oh yeah well Riley knows a little part of my philosophy is have fun I play fun music we don't take ourselves too seriously everybody walks in they drops or she goes out the door we all are okay with looking silly and making mistakes and learning and the kids see that and it doesn't intimidate them so I have everything from 10 year old hockey players today to out of 61 year related comes in here she kicks butt she's throwing the punches and having fun screaming with the rest of us mark is very generously given us a set of liebhard equalizers to give away at the end of the month and as well a buddy system now we've already done an episode not too long ago where I did a little demonstration with the equalizers our viewers have yet to see the bodies that's right so can you show us Cheryl for five not awesome exercises we've done that so you're doing the work though yeah I have pay for this but she did okay I think the buddy system is so perfect for you guys does it spit for two yes this whole product when you design for people to work out together and you could have the client and the person their training you have a coach and their athletes so let's get started okay so you're going to start with a unilateral ropes and go ahead and grow and what I really like about this is you're creating your own tensions right so this product can be used by an absolute wreck or somebody as long as you know your son fully look at those are and this is what would I enjoy but this is if I want to do a hundred reps yeah I can lighten the tension a little bit if I want to make this a little bit tougher and I know I make it tough on myself look if you want I do and the only cool thing is I can feel it's old fun training you know I could write it right away if you're letting up or not yes and when I'm training to people so if you keep doing those broilers great I'm having the other person they're doing their squats the whole time so now we have teamwork we have to work on our communication and for whatever reason a little bit of friendly competition and although I see you working on yeah okay put it that's great then we keep going to buy my little training so they're gonna bring both arms at at the same time okay and that resists for me so now we have both phases contraction lengthening and I'm getting one arm bro you're getting a two arm bro stabilization the legs are working I can feel my front leg digging in I can feel my lives my obliques you play feeling your everything so it's one really good for those and then we can seamlessly go right into swimming so you remember the swimming lunch at ed thanks so the whole time that you're swimming I can do a static hold I can work through lunges and you can just keep going it's vertical shoulders like crazy this one is awesome I love this one this is hard to do with bats we got attention this but going through the Saints right beautiful I like that you can move from one exercise to the next to the next so it'd be very easy to incorporate circuit training and as you can hear my memory maybe cardiovascular training as well yeah and it's not just that you can move from one exercise the other which is an awesome thing – like you said earlier you can take a set and extend so I can go as hard as possible keep the set going right I don't the change of man changeup in all the machines I just simply dialed attention down myself so extended sensor that's awesome yeah so go ahead and brought to just keep the word your hands yep okay so what we're gonna do is you're gonna do a bicep curl so go ahead and curl up both hands and then resist for me all the way down yeah good if you go ahead again down nice return package so bison tries the whole time we're doing that we're getting a negative for the bicep tight and that give me just enough weight so you can curl and you can be watching the way down so like work my ABS have my triceps all at the same time over here right into assistant controls like to do side steps first I can new rock climbers just whether or not it's a motivation it's something else that they enjoy about those training tool is that I mean right away I'm thinking here's a lot of applications for hockey players and variety bath leaks but at the same time Martha and myself who are not competitive athletes can get just as effective a workout witness at home so like any any level of user really it's also very portable so we can take it with us right let's go on with us to Portugal yeah yeah absolutely extremely like equalizers are portable but this is ultra portable yeah it's versatile and it's deceiving it's all back yeah Trench Orlando just begun as soon as I get a trainer on it they're like well mark thank you very much for having us have your gym thanks and for being a sponsor and one of our lucky viewers is going to win a buddy system yeah and so someone else is going to win the equalizers Marcus now is showing about yeah we go and keep commenting every single day let us know what you're doing to be active because there's still a couple weeks left in the month and we're giving away set leaving stress traps everyday Leibert stretch straps it's time to eat we always allow our guests to ask our viewers any question that they will so they can leave a response to your question is there something you'd like to ask our viewers what's your favorite workout destination not to get line that's an awesome question perfect Costa Rica was mine there we go Barry not even ours is gonna be Portugal yeah yeah absolutely well thank you very much mark so from Brock and Marta thank you for watching good for to TV the internet trolling show dedicated to health


  1.  7:06 is hilarious

  2. This is great. I want to get started doing in home personal training myself. Good resources.

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