Learning disability – definition, diagnosis, treatment, pathology


  1. I think I have dysgraphia and dyscalculia

  2. "in the early school years" i was diagnosed on the 6th grade and i knew nothin from the past years due to the teacher thinking i wasnt trying and Just ingnoring me i have dysgraphia and because of my poor hand writing teacher though i was doing it on purpase and they took me to the princible also they would show my writings to every one and they would see my hand writing and make fun of me i had only 3 friends and i was bullied daily now i make sure this wont happen to any one alse by making People aware about learning dissabilies

  3. I have dyslexia, and i was homeschooled. I know most people think that homeshoolers don't know anything but that fact is my mom taught me everything I know and i learned at a slower pace not much slower but enough that helped, and when i struggled in a subject my mom had me focus more on that subject. Honestly i would be a lot farther behind if it wasnt for her, and everyone else out there i believe you guys/girls can do it i know its a struggle, and people make fun of you but they dont know, and ignore them, and if they are your close friends that make fun of it there probably trying to get you to see the bright side of it cuz they care they dont mean to hurt your feelings.

  4. I have specifc learning disability

  5. My life has become so miserable because of it…everyone I know gets frustrated with me quickly and I have weak language skills and I don’t unleash my anger on anyone because I always hold back besides I have trouble comprehending almost anything and at this point I have a very low self esteem and I feel like a total failure and stupid kid. I didn’t ask for this😪idk what to do

  6. I have dysgraphia and ADHD

  7. Well, I believe I have all 3 because I started to noticed these things over time and wanted to figure it out and I guess I did now and I have been working on a lot like my gammer and writing.

  8. I have all of them in fact a in a class for people with LDs it makes the world more hard

  9. my life is hard being L.D and black

  10. Having a learning disability really makes things harder and I wish people were more understanding towards it

  11. Oh hell no….. i can't have dsygraphia. Nooooo!!!

  12. im only 14

  13. i laearing disbltiy and tbrs and artisum

  14. If you have a disability you mines well kill yourselves you can never get rid of it stick with you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Thank u very much. I am inspired.

  16. Your video was very useful and educational. Could you tell me what program do you use to make it?

  17. I'm good at every subject in School and gotten harder classes. But Math is literally the only thing standing in my way and it sucks.

  18. I have all three, and ADHD and other disorders

  19. I suck at math . Never been a time in my 8 years of school were math was jus plain easy for me ! N I’m starting to think I have a LD. N my parents can tell at me n take my phone away for my bad grades but that won’t change the fact that I’ll never understand it

  20. My perants don't believe I have dyscalucia even though I have been diagnosed people make fun of me everyday and I'm trying my very best to keep up. I'm basically torturing myself since my perants set expectations for me.

  21. Nice one sir

  22. How the Law Should Be: 1. The School Should Need to have at Least 2 faculty members who Independently come to the conclusion that a student has ADHD, learning disability, mental illness, etc  2. The school Should first consult w/ the student for his/her opinion and then need the Permission of the Parents/Guardian to administer an IQ test or psychological evaluation. 3. The school Should have to Consult with the Student's Doctor before making any kind of diagnosis or prescribing treatment such as forcing the student into therapy or drugs under threat of expulsion.  4. The Parents should have the Right to a 2nd Opinion from a 3rd party doctor if they disagree w/ the school psychologist's findings.

  23. I'm 29 now and still don't have a full job in my life.
    Of course I'm not blame all of this becuase of LD but if I can be normal…….

  24. I have learning disability known this for years but I think a lot of it was because I had a bad start in my life with health that could have killed me and caused brain damage witch makes me think if i wasn't unwell i would have been smart and able to do all the things as quick others can. Its always been hard to accept it really but things get better growing up got bullied for it but sense I become a adult a lot of people I make friends with don't care and enjoy having me around witch feels nice. Its hard to deal with but you just got to try be confident in yourself and keep trying to improve as much ad you can as well as having support and don't give up even when sometimes you want to, and get frustrated with yourself be strong.

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