advanced core exercises like these may
look tough and they are but they’re not impossible for the average gym goer as
long as you break them down into the different elements so in this video
we’re going to show you five advanced core exercises and the secrets behind
how to perform them you’ll see each exercise in full then the separate
elements you can do to practice them moves you thought impossible to carry
out can over time become part of your regular training and all these exercises
will increase your core strength and mobility helping avoid injuries and
making your workouts more effective so let’s take a look at the first move this is a single arm leg raise to the
bar look stuff you’re using grip core strength and of course abdominals so
how’s it done first develop your grip and upper back with these partial
pull-ups these will help keep your back engaged when you’re hanging this simple
raise is a great exercise in its own right
that’ll help you avoid injuries when you’re training shoulders and back then
move on to a full pull up again strengthening your back now
separately practice these straight leg raises with both legs together bringing
your toes right up to the bar once you’re comfortable with all these
elements you can put them all together for the complete single arm leg raise to
the bar next exercise this is a pistol squat on
a BOSU ball using a kettlebell again looks tough the move requires both core
stability and ankle strain you can separate it out into two main elements first work on your ankle strength by
balancing on the BOSU ball like this now separately you’re going to move on to a
stable surface to practice your pistol squat we’re using the raised plate here
so the front foot doesn’t hit the ground each time once you’ve mastered the
elements separately you can do the full move on the BOSU ball start by
practicing a pistol squat without the weight eventually you’ll be able to add
the kettlebell to make it even more challenging now how about this it’s called a Cossack
squat powering off on one leg while stretching the other is great for lower
body strength and mobility it’s not easy so to separate it out start with these
mobility squats using body weight each squat move your feet out slightly wider also work on your stretches will show
you more stretches at the end of this video then practice the move without a
weight toes pointed outward hands in front for balance finally add tension to your shoulders
and core by holding the weight for a full Cossack squat now here’s a move that combines core
strength and explosive power an explosive knee hop – squat press
starting on your knees with a weight in front of you explode up to squat
position pressing up with the weight to break this one down we’re going to start
with a hip thrust these will strengthen your entire core and lower back for the
knee hop start by using your arms to help propel you up then try it without
the arms finally add the weight and for an extra challenge the upward press
completes the move now one of the most challenging of all bodyweight moves this
is called skin the cat hanging on the bar you’re pulling your knees in flip
around overhead and tuck through this movement is about shoulder mobility and
it needs a lot of core strength flexibility in the shoulder joints as
well as lower back strength so let’s break it down first work on
your grip strength and make sure you’ve mastered the back raise as we showed you
earlier next work on your else it’s like so now practice bringing your knees up
without going all the way through as you get more confident you can complete the
full movement and the more advanced you get you might even try something like
this remember all these exercises take time to build up it’s not fun practicing
and always keep the body fully functional with great stretches like
this let us know how you get on in comments and don’t forget to subscribe
to fit media channel for a whole range of exercises our playlists are here to
guide you through thanks for watching


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