Learn an 85-year-old’s Secrets to Staying Fit and Healthy

I’m not crazy about getting up
at six in the morning and going to the Y to be there at
eight for a tough class but I know it has
fantastic benefits. My name is Jane Carlstrom
and I’ve been a member of Kaiser for
approximately 25 years. I’ll by 85 in three weeks. I probably feel better than
I have my whole life. Activity is very important
at any age, it’s one of the best
ways that you can stay healthy and independent. It’s fun to go, you
know you get there and, oh this again, get out your
weights and do that stuff, and the minute you get going…
and then when you’re finished you feel so good. It helps to counteract
a couple of problems that happen as we get older
and that’s that loss of bone strength and bone density
and loss of muscle mass. Two years ago I was in an
ambulance on the way to the hospital with pneumonia and I went home after four days
and the visiting nurse came. I met her at the door all dressed with my make-up
on and everything and she said, I’m surprised
that you’re I expected you would be
in bed or something and I am absolutely
sure that the fact that I recovered so
quickly was because I was in good
physical condition. So exercise is beneficial
for so many things, not just for preventing falls
but also for keeping your cardiovascular system strong,
decreasing your risk of things like diabetes and heart disease. The thing I like about all these
activities that I attempt to do and do is the people
that I’ve met and the people who are
very encouraging. One of the best things that you
can do as you get older is stay socially active as well as
physically active. It’s making friends and they all
have the same goal. There are several good studies
that indicate that staying physically active
really decreases your risk for dementia rather
significantly. Do what you can in small
steps because it really pays off in the end


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