LDAC: Army Physical Fitness Test

you these cadets from 1st regiment Bravo Company took part in the army physical fitness test the morning of June sixth team also known as the APFT the test took place on this field the test consists of sit-ups push-ups and a two-mile run everyone in the army must take the APFT at least once a year according to sergeant Nye the APFT requires training for some this is at times pretty rough for somebody that's just coming into the army just to pass it but on average any Americans should be able to come into this army and pass an APFT as long as it within the army you know with armies standards cadets forgiving examples and tips for push-ups and sit-ups after being divided into groups within their platoons they began testing Sarge and I was at the APFT and thought the day went well in it I think the pfp went very smooth today I think the lieutenant's did a lot of hard work and doing all their push-ups sit-ups in the two mile run they gave it their all former cadets who have come back as new army lieutenant graded this year's held a cadets in order to pass and meet army standards soldiers need to accomplish a certain amount of push-ups and sit-ups in two minutes and run two miles the amount and time is determined by age and gender those who do not pass the first time will be given the opportunity to test once again at the end of el doc hi doc preferred even though they've been to the other for only a few days strong ties have already begun to develop and encouraging shores were heard throughout the testing process cadets motivated each other up until the last seconds of testing the sense of camaraderie was strong and cadet Torres explores the future encouragement from fellow cadets throughout alda I am very super amazing and they're fun to get along with and they like to help each other out and that's what I like after a morning of testing cadets continued on their journey towards becoming army officers after crossing their first finish line with warrior forged public affairs I monkey that ISA


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  2. hey, dudes!!what is your secret?i keep hitting a wall at 60 sit ups in two minutes, i have tried 7 times and cant do even one more. tell me what you do!!bobby w

  3. Man, that's good! In 5 years, add 21-50(+) pushups, and you would be a PT stud. Way to go!

  4. Iam tired

  5. man im stil trying to get a good 1mile run in

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