Law of Attraction ONLINE Workshop – REVERSE Problems into Miracles!


  1. Loving the depths . . . : ))))

  2. Hey Matt, I've tried texting the number in the description a couple of weeks ago with the words that you provided in description, but I never got a response with any information.

  3. Amen . . .Adam was never given work to earn his keep . . . Work was for enjoyment , satisfaction and fulfilment…

  4. I wish my finance issue would disappear like the fibromyalgia in your workshop last winter. 6 months NO MEDICATIONS NO DOCTOR VISITS!

  5. I do have 2 ideas medical devices for babies?

  6. So true Matt after I was rob Feb all intuitive faculties shut down. Something strange is going on in last 10yrs manifesting is more difficult

  7. Ty

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