Latinos Try Yoga For The First TIme

– Claudia lost her shit
in the video though. – You’re not getting half
of what you’re supposed to get out of this because
it’s like so intense. Sorry, I’m stressed out
about it, I’m just saying. (boat horn blows) – My name is Violeta Isavel, I teach yoga. I have been practicing for about 15 years. – [Gadiel] What are we expecting today? – Well I was planning on doing just some like super basic stuff just
to get you guys familiar. What’s gonna be challenged
is your mental focus because the thing is that
when we do yoga poses, there’s a lot of different actions. – Do you find that a lot of
Latinos actually do yoga? – No, not so much.
– Why do you think that is? – It’s just not like embedded in us to like go workout or to like be conscious of these things, you know? – Do you think that because culturally we might be like louder and
we have more like movement that maybe it’s harder for us to focus? I feel like that’s gonna be like what I’m gonna have trouble with. – If I tell my mama (speaks Spanish) – Exactly! – We wanna focus on a nice tall spine. It changes the way our
energy moves in our bodies. Just find stillness Yeah you can close your eyes now. – Let her teach the class. (shushing sound) (piano music) – I mentioned satya, satya
is truth in Sanskrit, okay? So now we’re gonna come to all fours. Bring your hands to the
floor in front of you. – Julius and I was not
taking it seriously. – [Woman] Like class clown. – We just class clowns. – It’s okay. – So your knees don’t
move okay, just the feet. Does your forehead come to the floor? Can you press your forehead down? Okay good. (Woman laughs) How do your knees feel, are you okay? Just check, you don’t
have to answer me, just… – [Gadiel] I feel good. – I was playing around in
the beginning a lot, right? I thought like I was
like I was just kidding I was like fucking
around, who gives a fuck, this is silly, it’s yoga. – I know, try to stay where you are. – Stay where you are bro. – We need to take a real yoga class because this class with Julius and Gadiel was not a real yoga class. – Dang, Gadiel, you never heard of lotion? (laughs) Crusty-ass feet. – [Gadiel] Take off your
socks, let me see your feet. – A few more rounds,
inhale, part forward, good. – I’ve got sinus. – [Violeta] It’s okay. – You guys made it a
competition, y’all were yelling, y’all were calling each
other out, yoga is about a very quietly supportive environment. – Man, you’re not planking. – I’m planking, you’re not– – No, I’m talking to Maya Angelisa here! – I was waiting for her. – I’m gonna be a teacher favorite here and say that I think yoga
is about being supportive. – She said that I was very flexible. – Well, she lied, ’cause
you were like (grunts). – [Maya] And she was, you
were getting a little– – [Julius] I was like– – [Claudia] I was getting huffy. – [Violeta] A pretty hard pose because– – [Gadiel] Claudia,
what’s up with that face? – Nada, nada. – [Violeta] Core strengthening, okay but you have to use your legs. – (speaks spanish) When we
did that thing with one foot, remember that one thing?
– Oh yeah. – Yo, I was so proud, I was like yo– First time doing yoga! – [Julius] Are you
holding it on your thigh? – [Violeta] Slow exhale, it’s okay if you have to fall out of it, if you do fall– – You saw that? (speaks spanish) (laughs) – Get your game up! Get your game up! Get your game up! – [Claudia] Gadiel, this
is not what yoga is! – Relax, not screaming.
– I know this is for a video, but you’re not getting half of what you’re supposed to get out of this because it’s like so intense. Sorry, I’m stressed out
about it, just saying. This is not, this is not yoga. – [Woman] No, but you’re learning poses. – Actually, I feel excited,
I’m actually happy about it. – [Claudia] You’re supposed
to support everybody. – [Gadiel] I am supporting. – [Claudia] This is not a winning thing. – Okay, I get it, it’s yoga,
so you gotta be serious, but I also wanna have fun. – Yeah, that’s true,
(speaks spanish) yoga, if you’re not having fun. – Exactly. – Separate your legs a
little bit more Gadiel. – So it’s hard for him. – That’s good though. – But I’m flexible too. – So this is a preparation
for crow pose, okay? But this is the Malasana squat. This is a pose in itself. So can I tell you how to avoid
that uncomfortable feeling? – [Gadiel] How? – Squeeze and lift your
anus and sex organs. Squeeze your bits. Squeeze them. – My anus is unsqueezable. – [Julius] That’s not what I heard. – Oh, that works, wow. – So until the end, when
I started really focusing then I really started seeing
that I actually was like doing the things that I
was supposed to be doing. – I think what was funny
was that like at the end, like Gadiel was super good all the sudden, like he was the one
that could do the pose. – Bring it to the floor. (says expletive in Spanish) (laughs) – Actually you’re wrong. – Claudia! – Is this the right form? – And she has experience. Yo tengo zero experience. All I have is Naval experience. – Stab at it.
– I think you would love yoga, ’cause it’s so spiritual. – I loved it. I feel like Maya did end up crying and I almost started crying. – Oh Mayita, why you cry?
– [Maya] (giggles) Oh my gosh. – Maya cry. – Maya cry. (laughs) – Because the end was when we were Zen. The end was everybody, I
could feel them give up whatever they were trying to do for camera and just allow themselves
to breathe deeply and to just be calm and to be totally in with the yoga process. – Whenever you’re ready start to come up, come back up to a seat. (exhales) Feel your heart beat again. And thank you guys for
letting me guide you today. Namaste. – Namaste (laughs) because we don’t get to do
that in class, you know? (relaxing oriental music) (squeaking sound)


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  14. Claudia is a party pooper

  15. People need to calm down. Gadiel and Julissa made the video interesting. This there first trying something and they eventually calmed down. The instructor wasn't bothered and this is normal behavior for most of their videos. Nobody would've liked video if it was just people breathing and yoga snobs know it. All their videos follow this same pattern joking around and then becoming serious. (See workout videos) Maybe this is why more Latinx people don't yoga because people are uptight and unwelcoming about what kind of people can do it. Applause for the teacher she met her students at their level and had patience.

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  29. yoga (or any isometric exercise) is hard because the human muscles are not really designed for extended static holds.

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  50. This was fun…yoga has spread everywhere, especially in Mexico. I've been teaching bilingual yoga for ten years now and Latinos are absolutely open to it. Admittedly Zumba is much more culturally comfortable but let's not generalize.

  51. Indian culture also has a lot of movement and loudness in it, maybe even more. But in indian culture they know when there is a time to speak and a time to mute.

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  57. Maya looked like a child who's parents embarrassed the shit out of them on parents teachers day . awe. sorry mamita… but the whole thing was hilarious. I tried to get the older folks in my Fam to due YOGA and it was very similar experience…..but worse there were peyos mal tiraou… that's flying farts and laughter. But in all seriousness that's what to go is like the first time around….weird you know and awkward, then the more You do it the better you feel. Now the viejo call it. La Medicine LOL. as always thanks for sharing.๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‡.

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  70. Im Dominican,super latina and I do yoga since I was 15 yrs old ,Im a beginner ,it helps clear my mind,opens my third eye,keeps me focused and flexible…For those that havent tried it , please try, it also releases tension, I love it,Im getting my Yoga back on again,Thank You Asia ,India For Inventing Yoga,Meditation is The Best!.

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    Oh I'm a bad person aren't I? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…

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  92. I love all these people in this video. Their personalities are so diverse. You have the people who are a little more uptight and those that are a little more loose. One is not better than the other. It just means that theyโ€™re different. Yoga is supposed to be a spiritual journey for the body and mind. For someone who is not used to doing something like yoga, their defenses immediately come up, whether that be laughter, jokes, indifference or frustration. Itโ€™s a process for everyone. You can not control someone elseโ€™s process.

    And again, this is an entertainment video. It was entertaining. This is what they get paid to do: entertain. Iโ€™m sure their actual private session or regular yoga class would be much more different.

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