Lamar’s Fitness Training

I actually have not had been in a formal fitness class in over 20 years so this was kind of a big deal to me Lamar was patient he was enthusiastic he showed me how to modify the exercises so that would best suit my needs which are very very basic and very beginner I already feel the burn and I already feel great and I would i look forward to attending another fan soon Lamar's he's not a drill sergeant he's very kind but he will make you work and you will is way I'd lost inches on my waist I've lost that pretty much the flabby under your arms I've tightened muscles up and it hasn't been that long he knows people in their body he's really good about just getting different exercises he has you know all these alternative ways to do exercises so if it comes to hard it's not a problem but he's still gonna keep pushing he's intuitive he knows you can kind of you know meet your needs without you having to really say much I'm just by your physicality he's just he's just great I can't say enough enough good things about him he's a great fitness coach he's just always a happy person he's very up he when you come and you're scared and you can't do something he encourages you or he finds a way for you to do it and it's just a fun place to come to and work he makes it really fun he encourages you he's very positive and always giving you positive feedback and it's enjoyable so it's a lot of work but it's a lot of fun to alomar makes it fun

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