Lacrosse Ball Exercise: Plantar Fascia (Foot)

In this demonstration, Dr. Walsh is going
to show us how to use the lacrosse ball to mobilize the plantar fascia, the
tissues at the bottom of the foot. She’s just gonna put that lacrosse ball
underneath the medial arch of her foot and she’s gonna roll from the heel up
into the toes and from the inside to the outside of the foot putting as much
weight on that foot as she can tolerate. Now, if you have an active plantar
fasciitis or foot pain this can get very painful very quickly so just do it up to
tolerance. One of the areas you want to avoid is the actual heal itself. There’s
a fat pad underneath the heel that you don’t want to put a ton of pressure on.
You can just irritate that and create a whole separate set of problems but she’s
going to just use that ball to roll through there to mobilize the area. This
also works well with a frozen water bottle as the added cooling effect but
this way she can get into certain areas just to mobilize the plantar fashion
and the arch of the foot.

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