Labor & Delivery at Denver Health

Hi, everyone. My name is Julio Martinez,
and I am the community engagement and outreach strategist
at Denver Health. Today, I’m with Dr. Nicole Larrea. -How are you, Nicole?
-Doing well today, thank you. And today we’re going to be talking
about the program “Mom and Baby”. Dr. Larrea, tell us a little bit
about this program. So, at Denver Health
we offer prenatal care at nine different
community health centers that are located throughout the city. You can also receive prenatal care
at our main hospital, where we have
a women’s care clinic. Perfect. And what can moms expect
when they come to Denver Health? What kind of births do you guys offer? So, we try to provide moms the birth
experience that they would like. So, we have coverage from doulas
and from midwives. We have a collaborative model between
our midwives and physicians, so that we can provide safe
and quality care for both mom and baby. One more thing. Like, when moms
and their families are coming to have their baby at Denver Health,
what should they expect? -What would be the experience like?
-Sure. So, we have other services as well that go along with our prenatal care,
so we offer classes that are completely free
in both prenatal education, education in terms of how to take care
of a new baby, breastfeeding classes, and like I said, these classes are free
and offered both in English and Spanish. Perfect. Well, Dr. Larrea, thank you
so much for explaining to us about these amazing programs that Denver Health
offers for all the communities and for the moms to be. That was everything.
Thank you so much for watching.

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