Who decided to go out to make videos while hiking?. . Wait muñe that I’m making a video for social media Muñe we continue in Los Angeles California, making dream come true From here to there and from there to here. An actress that wants to make it into this city and making into Hollywood muñe We are now in the neighbourhood of Hollywood, but the idea is to take it to… Ok Today we are going to learn how to have a fit lifestyle And I mean fit as fit. In Los Angeles California. We are going to go on a hike. What’s a hike? It means going out to walk in english. Go adventurous to the mountains Accompany me. We are going straight to the Hollywood mansions. You never know muñe, maybe we end up having and encounter with A Brad Pitt or an Angelina Jolie. Because they used to live here, and now we are going to follow their steps. Record my fit walking It means strength. It means a bathing suit we have a kangaroo That’s where we keep our cellphone so we can take selfies and more And a little visor so you can protect yourself from sunlight. Apply sunblock muñe because this sun is just starting. Muñe, record that house What are we going to do with that mansion? We don’t know who lives there, maybe Aladdin. Because look at those entrance This is the glamour of Los Angeles California My question is always. How many people do you need to clean a house that size When you look at a house don’t think of it in terms of space But think of it in terms of dust, because they get very dusty. An American person just said hi to us. Aladdin, Aladdin muñe, let’s get out of here that someone just stared at me. We are going to the top It means let’s go, let’s go. I want to be fit muñe So I can prove to the world muñe, that there is a way of having a successful career in Hollywood while you make the dishes But also you keep a healthy lifestyle That’s the real glamour, record over there Those mansions of celebrities from Hollywood You can also make this hikes at home Because what’s important is having a healthy lifest- There’s a car crossing. At this moment A car from Los Angeles California Be careful muñe that there is a car coming. All you need to be fit is attitude and a few stairs Only five stairs and you are already fit I feel that… Look make a closeup. Look. It started. Now. I liked a lot the experience of being fit Nothing stops me muñe, there are no barriers, there are no limits Let’s go before I regret it. What I like about these stairs is that I can practice the numbers in English And from there you keep going until you die Now is perfect time muñe, when you encounter something like this Use some little weights that can help you running Walk and make your hips stronger Rice muñe, just rice. You don’t have money for expensive weights All you need is a little rice. It means do it yourself If there is a brand of rice that wants to sponsor my hikes Thank you muñe What other elements do you use to replace weights? Ok we are ready muñe Steady We go It’s important muñe that you always remember to hidrate I can feel it muñe, I can feel it You can use beans, you can use lentils, you can use chickpeas You can use quinoa, you can use. No muñe. Muñe no one said that making dreams come true was easy It’s not easy But it’s not imposible Some times you need to take a break Some times you need to breath. But you keep going muñe And we go because we go, and nothing stops us The most important thing about following your dreams It’s that every time you make a dream come true You know you can make another come true, and another one And look how many stairs we are still missing. Nothing stops us muñe, nothing stops us Rambo. No that is Rocky And I was saying Rambo You can also switch during your fitness moments From the stairs to making things stronger. yes. Change. It’s important to be fit so you can work muñe in action movies, no one is stopping me Record the muscle Strong, relax, strong, relax We need to do a little work here Work in movies like this girl Natalia Reyes that works in Terminator muñe It’s important that when you are being fit You take advantage of the elements you step into Nothing happens by mistake muñe. There are no coincidences #UseThem This for example is something I can use for Little weights There is a spider I loved the experience. Those weights made a good job, too bad for the spider that It did scared me a little but it gave me strength and I’m empowered now This is going to strengthen your legs And… All of these exercises are design for you So you can eat during the holidays and burn calories Muñe, the one that makes a sin and prays, makes a match How do you say match in english muñe More stairs A new challenge Muñe we don’t know where these ones might take us But we will get somewhere for sure Record the rice, that I’m still using the rice. An actress that’s not scared of anything muñe After We keep going muñe, nothing is stopping us. I thought those where the last ones It’s very important that in a fit life You challenge yourself it’s always a good time for some pictures for social media Make it look as titanic. In editing you make it like- Casual, like if we don’t need anything Nothing is stopping me There are no barriers, there are no limits A bit of water Doing this with thirst it’s not possible The muñe. Nothing is stopping me. Remember to follow me on social media as The Real Mune In instagram because in English there is no letter ñ There are no barriers, there are no limits. Subscribe muñe My god what is that The Griffith observatory of Los Angeles California Oh my god what is this view?. And look at the ocean over there muñe, it makes me want to cry Muñe when I moved to this city I never thought this was going to change my life Muñe Juts one decision muñe, one, can change your life I’m here triumphing In Los Angeles California And nothing stopped me and nothing is stopping me There are no barriers, there are no limits muñe And if one day you’re thinking I’m not doing this anymore, I’m not going to keep on going. Muñe what’s that? We only got one life and we need to find reasons to keep on going There is always something to do There is always something to learn. Check all of the things you can loose if you give up No muñe, there is something to learn, we keep moving forward Subscribe That I’m going to keep on sharing with you adventures Because dreams do come true Life runs out easily. I’m getting serious right now This is serious and this is falling. I’m taking out the rice bags and I’m going to do more… Back home muñe that this rice it’s not going to cook by it self What a feeling muñe, what a feeling. There are no barriers, there are no limits. #Nothingisstoppingyou Give it a like if you like, because you shouldn’t deny a like to anyone muñe Makeup! Wait muñe I’m rosa which means rose, and Jack means Juan, Jorge I don’t know. Accompany me.


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