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  1. I hope Scott is the next wolverine

  2. "Kickers and Punters get out"
    and then proceeds to say "we're talking about football here"
    love it

  3. 1:45 … 💀

    “ Get out! “

  4. Is anybody gonna talk about kd cannon speed ?


  6. i wanted to hear Scott's speech

  7. 5:59 i diieeedddd just how little he compares

  8. I think I saw 2pac at 8:20? 🤔

  9. 12:28 rip the hand shake

  10. the best thing is Kevin’s characters in movies is his character in real life

  11. Peace Love And Positivity never cap no negativity

  12. 4.5

  13. 12:28 why u do him like that.

  14. Hahahahaha

  15. Scott looks so much like his dad but none of his dad's charisma… jst my honest opinion. His personality and presence is just meh.

    Kevin talks a lot sh*t but he can actually run fast. Having bullies while you were young might have something to do with that. lol.

  16. Osain Boult. 9:34

  17. I’m in 7th grade football and our running back is faster than Kevin

  18. Kevin…hotfeet lmao!!

  19. These videos just makes me Motivated for work out

  20. 12:28 coach just gon do kevin like dat? Wowww okay

  21. He looks like a child 😂

  22. 😂😂😂

  23. Sean McVay a leader, but omfg seeing how small Kevin looks to all these giants tho lol

  24. Is he like the grandson of clint eastwood?


  26. "If you gimme a head start, you gon' lose".

    That was the truth tho, wasn't it?

  27. Lmao Kev

  28. “Somebody get me a cigarette cause I’m smoke this mf” 😂😂😂💀

  29. 12:27 …..rejected

  30. kevin tried to help but they didn't win the superbowl

  31. Lets rolled means 🍁😇

  32. Bro, The way that coach held kevin at 12:22 makes me feel very uncomfortable.

  33. “ let’s get them on our team let’s be friend’s with them “ ain’t no freinds

  34. Guess being black is more worth than height in the speed test. lol Dude can run. Is there a white running back or wide receiver in the NFL? Which position are the fastest dudes?


  36. When he said kickers and punters get out Greg zuerlein was not laughing while the rest of the team was

  37. T

  38. Kevin is probably the 9th fastest person in the world

  39. Do it with Seahawks

  40. He has to do this again with Jalen Ramsey🤣🤣

  41. Ahhh KD Cannon is from my home town

  42. 12:26 we gon talk about how the coach left him hanging? 😭

  43. Where is Jake McQuade

  44. The amount of times he said God damn is amazing

  45. Kevin hart- breaths

    Ramas- 😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Lol kevin smoked that white boy….he's pretty fast.

  47. you can’t tell me Scott doesn’t look like a qb

  48. After this episode they went to the Super Bowl

  49. BassHeadZ – Yeah Tho Ha Ha Duh Bass Creditz


  50. Kevin do tennis

  51. 12:27 look at his hand 😂😂😂😂

  52. I

  53. Smaller people live longer than bigger people

  54. Scott look like junior hugh jackson 🤣🤣

  55. Where the hell was Jared Goff and Todd gurly

  56. Who saw the front guys with sandals on ?

  57. God damn kevin hart is painfully unfunny

  58. Why does he look like Tarik Cohen with gear on lmao

  59. He look like frank gore for a minute

  60. My cousin is on the rams team Nikel Robey

  61. Did he say Scott was in better shape than Kevin?? Kevin hart is kinda buff and very in shape

  62. 12:28 lmao Kevin got rejected and deny the hand shake feels bad

  63. 4:07 Scott’s face 😂😂

  64. Basically Darren sproles

  65. Why Scott tryna look like Hugh Jackman?

  66. Punters are people too.

  67. Who else is here after his car crash?

  68. 12:28

  69. XOQtion 😂😂😂

  70. 10:47 the number 33 looks like 50 cent

  71. Kevin I probably can catch those footballs better then you

  72. get out my space time

  73. Coach ignored Kev’s hand then dapped up Scott 😂😂

  74. That Life reference haha, " If it was cornbread he just took it."

  75. So, there's me, Usain Bolt and…there's another guy lol hahahahahahahahahah

  76. I’d no one gonna talk about how the coach skipped Kevin handshake at the end

  77. The dislikes are no 1 from rams

  78. 11:31 funniest line ever

  79. 12:28 Sad Kevin left to hang.

  80. ik someone saw coach miss kevin’s hand shake 12:29

  81. U should do the PA Eagles since u were raised in philly

  82. Up I wanna say Kevin Hart is a hilarious dude all of our own around because when I see his face he is fit out good dude I wish he was playing for the Steelers i’ll be laughing and cracking up

  83. this is just kevin hart making fun of the rams players for 13 minutes😂

  84. Those laugh tracks remind me of the 70's…

  85. Kevin is fast at making jokes. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😄

  86. He’s so……TINY.

  87. Kevin: wins at 20.7 mph.

    Also Kevin: I heard rumors about a contract…

  88. Who's is number 41 at 10:41?

  89. Is Scott Eastwood Clint Eastwood's son? Definitely looks like a young Clint Eastwood. Lol

  90. منحىيمى

  91. Kevin you should be have raced West Virginia mountaineer Tavon Austin

  92. KD was legit taking a leisurely walk and having a full conversation while racing Kevin lol

  93. Scotty is mini Clint

  94. might be the best looking dude in Hollywood, takes after his old man


  96. 4:28 didn't know dababy played american football

  97. idk why but seeing the players smiling so big makes me happy lol

  98. This cracks me up every time

  99. It goes Usian Bolt then Deestroying then you.

  100. can’t wait to meet him 🤣🤣

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