LA Fitness Club Tour

The front desk is where you’ll check-in
whenever you enter the club. Just past our sales desks you’ll find our
comfortable lounge area where you can relax with friends before or after a workout. Then we have our Selectorized equipment – State
of the Art machines for any muscle group. We also have an area designated for stretching
and body weight exercises. Some of the equipment you’ll find here includes
stability balls, medicine balls, and foam rollers. Then we have our cardio equipment including
bikes, treadmills, Ellipticals, step machines, and more. Inside of our cycling room you’ll find dozens
of bikes ready to make you sweat. We offer cycle classes almost every single
day. Inside of our spacious group fitness room
we offer a variety of group formats including Zumba, Yoga, and Body Works. Then we have our weight room, which has everything
you need to need to lift. From plate loaded equipment to dumbbells to
barbells, we have it all. This is our Personal Training Zone, where
our Pro Results® Trainers focus on giving their clients the best workout experience possible. Everything our clients need for an exciting
workout can be found here. Up next we have our basketball court which
is open for free play every single day. It can also double as a volleyball court. Down the hall we have both male and female
locker rooms to accommodate changing, showering, and storing your belongings while you work
out. Finally, we have our pool. Used to host Aqua Fit classes, our pools also
feature 3 lanes for lap swimming. Every LA Fitness is a little bit different
so call your local club today and schedule a personal tour!


  1. This club has the same exact layout as mine

  2. Hey that’s my gym

  3. 😲

  4. You forgot the saunas that are located in the shower area just around the corner from the pool!

  5. There is a brand new LA fitness coming to Tacoma near Hosmer st — Can't wait to swim in a warm pool on a cold winters rainy day

  6. I'm seriously thinking about getting a gym membership here? Is it affordable?

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