LA County Public Health: ‘Stop Vaping Now’


  1. Young people always cause new regulations and laws to be created because of their stupidity. They caused effective OTC medications to be put behind the counter. They have caused new purchasing restrictions on research chemicals that are not regulated. They have caused many effective prescription medications to be reclassified as dangerous scheduled drugs. Now they are misusing the vaping devices for something it was never intended for which is forcing lawmakers to introduce more regulations. Vaping is harmless when used properly, but young people are using the devices in a way that's harmful. This forces lawmakers to enact new rules and restrictions.

  2. LA city residents "Clean Up the Streets Now"

  3. If they don't wanna listen to the warnings and keep smoking the poison, fuck em. They'll learn the hard way as usual

  4. I can't believe the department of public health will put out a statement telling people to stop vaping, but they're fine watching people doing drugs like heroin and marijuana. Marijuana overdoses have spiked since the beginning of the year. The department of public health must tell Los Angeles County to STOP ✋ doing drugs! And do it NOW!

  5. It's partly because of all of the garbage that they're adding to the nicotine and THC etc. But yeah stop vaping. Our lungs were designed to inhale the fresh clean air of Eden. Not smoke or heated chemicals.

  6. Lower the rents now!

  7. Your NOT putting Harmless Fruity Flavors into your Body !!! You are Risking Your Life !!!

  8. I consider journalist who don't do their jobs in reporting the facts, and pushing people who vape back to cigarettes complicit of their deaths. At one point they should get their facts straight: vaping nicotine eliquid is NOT causing any illness, but illegal THC is. That is why there is no "mysterious lung illness" in the EU, despite the fact that millions vape.

  9. I think that's what caused my cousins heart attack

  10. Stop vaping NOW! OK?!? If you want nicotine, there are perfectly good cigarettes at every corner store that you can buy!

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