Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is nourishing
of all the centers in your body it’s really where man is a plant
and he’s a natural thing and the reason the world is screwed up
is because nobody is open inside they can’t receive energy
and they have nothing to nourish themselves. People die without a rebirth
because as they get older this thing doesn’t carry shakti in them. the whole thing of knowing anything of your past life is because you can reach the
nourishment of your past life well, your past life doesn’t have to do
with living a thousand years ago, it has to do with yesterday too. If you’re not conscious of your past life of yesterday what does it matter if you can remember
what your past life was a thousand years ago. So you use everything, and your consciousness grows,
that’s really what it’s about, you know? And you get as big a life you know, out of it as you’re able
to hold onto inside so that every experience in a sense you
have one thread here, goes right into paradise another one goes up there and this is how you pull you life together because these threads become a fabric and the rest of you becomes adhesive to it and slowly you can surrender you
as these things come and you can change. You grow by putting layer and layer
and layer and layer and also these threads come this way, you know layer by layer this way, and threads this way weave a fabric, you know?

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