Korean health ministry comes up with measures to control e-cigarettes

concerns over east cigarettes are
getting stronger here in Korea after one case of lung disease related to vaping
was reported the Health Ministry announced its pre-emptive measures today
to reduce the risks of smoking e-cigarettes and for more on this our
Kim bo-gyung is on the line for us Bhagyam Pelisson hygiene the Ministry of
Health and Welfare came up with its measures from liquid type e cigarettes
less than an hour ago these measures come as one suspected
case of lung disease related to vaping was reported over a week ago after the
Korean Health Ministry had advised people in Korea to refrain from using
electronic cigarettes last month here’s what missed minister pang noon who said
during the briefing firstly the ministry strongly urges people to stop using
e-cigarettes especially children teenagers pregnant women and people with
respiratory diseases the ministry also emphasized the importance of passing the
law soon so that it can control the cigarettes by spending the definition of
them and make sellers submit information about harmful substances adding to that
it will also make it possible to let the government recall cigarettes and banned
the sales of the product if it harms people’s health along with that the
ministry will also ban companies from putting flavors in cigarettes step by
step as these flavors cause teens to start vaping and it will finish
investigating the effects of vaping on the human body seppuku young these
advanced measures come in response reports of lung diseases related to
vaping in the US right Yes to Yoon although only one case has been reported
in South Korea concerns are rising s diseases and deaths in the United States
have been on the rise according to US Centers for Disease Control 1479 lung
disease cases associated with the use of e-cigarettes or vaping products have
been reported from 49 states as of October 15 not only this 33 deaths of
patients who had a three of using e-cigarettes have been
confirmed in 24 states the CDC has recommended people not to use
e-cigarettes or vaping products in order to avoid the risk especially products
containing THC as this substance the substance is linked to most of the cases
after the CDC’s report a cigarette giant Joe decided to temporarily stop selling
certain flavored cigarettes online about a week ago and states such as
Massachusetts Washington and Michigan have also temporarily banned a cigarette
sales that’s all from me back to you June

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