Kip Andersen, Dave Asprey, Dr. Joel Kahn: “The Ideal Diet: The Directors of […]” | Talks at Google


  1. Vegans are following a religion. They don't care about health.

  2. Kip is acting extremely underaged. If you won’t debate your point of view without getting passive aggressive then perhaps get coaching or lessons. It detracts from the wisdom and the listeners don’t get all the information they could.

  3. well dr.eric bregg one of the biggest promotor of keto diet at the end of his video relating keto and kidney said that we should have high vegetables and avoid gmo foods. so yeat at the end vegan wins

  4. Dave makes the most sense to me

  5. The only thing that Dave is good at biohacking is his company’s marketing.. this dude looking old af

  6. No keto representative, so not a full discussion. 'What the Health' has been totally discredited. Check out the thousands of youtube videos from former vegans, a diet that was killing them. Vegans are religious extremists – the Taliban of the diet world.

  7. I'm happy this debate actually happened. Whatever side you're for, it shows these guys aren't afraid of debating opposite positions publicly, or maybe google just paid them really well to do so lol. With that said, it's depressing this is STILL a debate in the 21st century. The only reasons it can be is either due to marketing/profits countering actual science, or maybe some people actually do better on one diet versus another. So what's the average person who wants to feel healthier to do? EXPERIMENT! Test most popular diets (such as plant-based and keto) each for 2-3 weeks and see which makes you feel better. If you're not into testing or learning how to implement these diets, then notice what the most popular diets have in common and do that (eat more whole foods and veggies, which is also known as the "clean" eating diet). If that doesn't help you feel better, try eating more foods rich in probiotics for few weeks. If that doesn't help, try avoiding gluten for few weeks. If that doesn't help, try avoiding each of the 8 most common food allergies one at a time for few weeks. Gather that data for what diet to implement long-term. Don't test these suggestions all at once. Otherwise, you won't know what helped/hurt you.

  8. if Im not mistaken collagen doesnt make collagen……I thought that process was done by amino acids….please enlighten me if Im wrong

  9. I am surprised to see the outlash towards Dave here. Really I thought he came across very well, spoke eloquently, and was trying to find common ground. Kip was very poorly spoken (too upset), knew almost nothing about what he was talking about, and took a shot at Dave every chance he could. He definitely doesn't understand farming. I highly recommend Michael Pollan's books if you want to understand farming, vegetables, and meat. Joel and Dave are friends and have done podcasts together before. They actually live their entire lives in the domain of human health, are well researched, and very professional.

    Also Kip's idea that we have to consider others first when we personally feel sick is really a toxic idea. To me, it seems important to be healthy and happy, because then the entire world benefits. Your joy spreads far and wide! This is the entire idea behind health and wellness. It seems to me that so much of our problems come from the fact that we are mentally and physically unhealthy, and we can't possibly be a positive influence on the world when we live this way. We are grumpy, miserable, and unwell, and it shows in our speech and actions. The analogy is thus, if you have two broken feet, you can't help push someone in a wheelchair. If your feet heal, now you can push people in wheelchairs all day long! You can be MORE altruistic, and benefit the world much more greatly if you are healthy.

    I could add so much more, because Kip was really out of line a few times here, but I just wanted to give some defense of Dave here because I think it's totally unjust.

  10. Was this supposed to be a discussion about diet and health or..Kip whatever his name is, is not an expert. This is all over the place bs held by a company that is one of the most suppressive, leftist nests in the world.

  11. Wow, I've eaten mostly plants all my life. I've recently discovered that most of my health issues are caused by my lovely veggies. In searching for how to eat without nuts, nightshades, legumes, squash, and some other loves-of-my life, I'm looking everywhere. Dave Asprey's my favorite. He has given me information which has lead to my now being able to live without pain. Thank you, Mr. Asprey. I'm disappointed in Mr. Anderson who says he is for harmonizing and yet is vicious and attacking. I've liked Joel Kahn in the past but here he is too supportive of the medical research done over the years which has led to our dependence on medications. However, Mr. Kahn remembered too be respectful, unlike Mr. Anderson.

  12. My heart is with Dave Asprey!!! 🧠✨🙌

  13. eating what I want but not too crazy= deatheating what this guy says and be made everyday= deathpoint is the end result is death. tell me how many people get to die the way they want?so eat what you want, at least you will die one why you want to.

  14. processed foods are junk. eat real food only. that is just common sense.

  15. I was vegan for almost 2 decades… and was psychotic at the end of it. I wish they would talk about brain health and how to get proper amino acids

  16. So much ego here sigh…. Bring back Nathan Pritkin…

  17. Aspey lost all credibility when he brought up the soy fields killing critters for vegans/vegetarians.

  18. Kip is right about grass fed livestock, it leaves no room for wild life. Eco systems collapse and that is bad for human health in it self. We need wildlife around us to be happy.

  19. This debate is pretty lame. It doesn't seem to be a best ideas vs best ideas format – just some amateurs.

  20. Never seen more slippery slope (non-sequitur) justification of non-facts than the Asprey dude in the yellow glasses. At least Dr Kahn politely made him look like a used car salesman.

  21. Dave won this debate by far: calm, collected and full of scientific facts. Vegans have an ethical agenda but it doesnt match with nutritional needs.

  22. Kip Beta-sen: ' Bulletproof coffee, blahh bulletproof diet we have enough bullets around, it sounds like a Trump thing…' So fucking cringy. The genetic makeup is different for everyone and I implore you to find out what works for you and what doesn't. The reason veganism sometimes can be good for some people is the same reason why something like the 'carnivore diet' has been found to be of benefit to some people. You take out so much from the diet there's no doubt your taking out some things that your individual body doesn't agree with. Then there you go, you're healthier via absence of the foods that didn't work for your individual case.

    There’s veganism and then there’s VEGAMISM—the upper case, ideological veganism, the kind that goes beyond diet and lifestyle wisdom to a sort of counterfactual crusade. For this crowd, it has become an article of faith that not only is meat-eating bad for humans, but that it’s always been bad for humans. Fortunately, Science doesn’t care about their politics. Humans evolved from eating both plant foods and animal foods. I know you'd prefer it to, but your moral high ground doesn't give your arguments anymore validity.

  23. Go vegan! And lose your teeth

  24. this need 100x more views.

  25. Dave you’re a beast!

  26. That's cool….

  27. I eat collagen…. wait doesn't our bodies produce collagen from amino acids helped by vitamiin c?

  28. I do keto, but I don’t care if someone is vegan, i am 42 and I bounce out of bed, has long has you got that your doing good

  29. The worst google talks ever

  30. I find it funny that Google said they had different viewpoints on diets but it seems like Kipp and Dr. Joel have the very same viewpoint.

    Kip just looks and sounds so defensive and angry.

  31. Wow!  Dave Asprey has the most distorted and bizarre reasoning on this subject I've even heard!  Just wow!  Does anyone actually believe his strange ideas?

  32. The story Dave gives of a Buddhist Lama killing yaks is a little troublesome – Tibetan Buddhists eat meat because of their environmental conditions, but monks are forbidden from doing any of the killing (it's usually relegated to the lower class). And contemporary Tibetan Buddhists (like HH the Karmapa, Lama Zopa) are actively calling for vegetarianism in Tibet because eating meat directly goes against the cultivation of compassion, their main virtue. So to use a 'Tibetan Lama's wisdom' as a reason for starting a coffee company and sheep farm is some orientalist bullshit meant to woo the crowd.

  33. I’ve only watched the introduction so far and I already hate bulletproof guy and vegan movie guy. The heart doc seems pretty cool. I’m only watching more of this to here what he has to say. And yes I know he is also a vegan.

  34. I have to say that the comment from Dave about soy beeing high histamine was dissapointing. Missleading. I have histamine intolerance and he is right but a lot of of healthy foods are high histamine like: fermented foods, oranges, kiwi, avocado and so on… Just because its high histamine it doesnt mean its a problematic food. Btwo meat is also high histamine….I do eat fish and Im not a supporter of vegan but it was a bit dissapointing that he was missleading.

  35. And looks older and older. Asprey is not convincing me to eat meat. Ewwwww

  36. uh uh uh…uh uh uh…

  37. Ya so I think I will go with the cardiologist… ya think? Kahn is the real deal he practices what he preaches.

  38. That Kip guy is blend of boring and smug douchbaggery.

  39. Vegans take away the bad food but miss out on important high quality animal products. Dave’s mental clarity is stronger and he can run circles around the other two. But I wouldn’t have noticed the difference when I was Vegan.

  40. You should be an educated, informed individual to speak at Google. That guy on the left is an embarrassment.

  41. Usual bs about killing animals. Pussies. I kill and eat them and have no moral issues

  42. Kip's and Dr. Kahn facial expressions when Dave is talking are priceless 😩😂

  43. 5:00 Kip's body language is saying this guy is sooo full of shit…or butter…leaning away, touching his face, trying to tolerate him speaking.

  44. the problem with elimination is that u will still eat many other foods which may not work for u at any given moment of your trial…. so u may have to elininate to the max in order to get a clearer picture …

  45. Vegans are not even about health they more about not killing animals

  46. Dave Asprey looks like a young Kevin Spacey with Ali-G glasses on.

  47. I respect vegans ,for caring about animals . But not every "body" is made to eat like a vegan. Different bodies thrive on and in diff ways. I have tried it. I am very health conscious, and when I eat only plant based… I feel sick. I don't feel well at all. Sorry.. I tried.
    My body needs healthy meat. I don't eat a lot .. but I do need it. One size does not fit all. There are diff blood types, diff bodies, diff genes. Trial and error. Feel and be the best you can be. Lets all respect one another and our differences . 💙💚💛

  48. Beyond burger , has msg, gmo and unhealthy fat. Not healthy. A lot of foods that are made to" seem " like other foods… are not healthy. They are processed and have diff chemicals used . Not good. Eat clean. Read a lot of the ingredients in vegan packaged foods. They are very bad for your health. Please be careful. 💙

  49. painful

  50. Dave made an amazing point about the specificity of reacting to foods. I react to tomatoes, I get knee pain! I have also experienced reacting to an oat bar, which gave me such bad brain fog, my short term memory disappeared for about an hour (which may have been to mycotoxins, moldy grains!). Don't just assume all plants are good for you! At the same time, do not overdo protein!

  51. Don’t put a debate with an expert (Dr. Khan) and someone trying to sell a fad (Asprey).

  52. Dr. Joel Khan needs to be clear. People don’t need eat a little meat. People are confused. Just say meat is bad for you, which is a fact.

  53. Dr. Joel Khan is too convoluted. Dr. Garth Davis is much better.

  54. If you think only people who have an official education rather than basing it on how educated they are on issues, than you are the moron. Doctors are not gods. They are all from drones to geniuses. Do not appeal to authority if you are not a moron. Think and educate yourselves.

    If you do not know about insulin, IRE, TMAO, neu5Gc, glycogen, glycocalyx, LPS, lectins, oxalates etc, you should shut up, bcs you will not know who won the debate, just cirkeljerking.

    And who won; none of them. They are idiots, one ”hacker” and two pleading from the position of morals. The Doctor to the right if not judged by a false dichotomy but scale, he is right there at a reasonable cowardly but intelligent position. But anyone relying on studies rather than conclusions that can be drawn past the studies and that is logical conclusions, with ease you can be healthy on a diet with meats. But not by in generality; that is what conclusions morons are forced to rest on, if relying only on the avarage stats of significance of studies and not thinking of the exceptions.

    Just wow. The man in the middle is a god damn retard. Where did they find this moron?

    28 minutes in. Bullet guy gets it right.. and the moron to the right argues about it proves he is a moron! Only way a one diet fits all would be to kill all at age where there would be minimal damage to a minimal group which people disregarded from as an exception and maybe most could eat the candy cane diet diet fits all before the new normal would be to be killed at age 15. Wth.

    Oook. I assumed the bullet dude was not so aquainted with science. My bad.

    40 minutes in. That moron counts saved animals by not consuming animals and thinks that he has saved WATER! Oh my GOD! I swear to GOD, HOW STUPID DOES ONE GET! That figure is based on amount of water rained or used per domesticated animal, accounting to the acre of land! And for the love of GOD! Do they NOT KNOW BASIC CHEMISTRY!!!!? So embarrasing. Figure out Einsteins , how one oxygen atom and two hydrogens are created in the first place and than shut up about it!

    Stfu. Off yourself to diminish your carbon footprint!

  55. Dave Aspery is very arrogant, and ignorant. He is not a doctor, nor someone who does real research. Notice the attitude he has — well, I'm taking nootropics and you're not Kip, so I'm obviously smarter than you. Big time arrogance there. Then he goes on to make so many incredibly obtuse statements that are beyond the pale. He's a guy who's all about the $ and his own ego, not science and health.

  56. this video of all the different panelists make me feel so uncomfortable

  57. I'm also a vegan, vegan diets are the healthiest and most appropriate diets for humans, my Vitamin D and B12 salesman also told me i should stay on my vegan diet. Nature wanted me to hunt food, but nature forgot that I have science on my side.

  58. Im made out of human therefore I eat human? Well I do love a bulletproof coffee though 😃
    Also love this debate, need to see more opposing views sharing a stage!!

  59. I really wanna see Dr Eric Berg up here!

  60. This would have been much better if it was just Asprey and Kahn. Dude in the middle was useless to the conversation.

  61. Great discussion!!

  62. All 3 people on this panel can help you live and eat better. Let's not trash om over the other. They all changed people's lives for the better and wouldn't of been on this Googke panel if they haven't been positive influencers in this field.

  63. Vegans aren’t healthy – prove me wrong

  64. These vegans aren’t saving animals. Animals will be killed if you go vegan or not. They won’t kills less animals just because you have gone vegan. At the end of the day you are just waisting the meat

  65. It is unbelievable Kip may even have worked his mind around the things he says! Have to rewind and listen to it again just to make sure he said such logically fallacious things!

  66. The chad Asprey vs the virgin hippie vegan and pretend doctor. Lol

  67. "There is no beef on the planet that has much in the way of nutrients…"says Kahn. Show me a plant that by weight has more nutrients than liver or that has Vit A , DHA, and K2 in their most bio-available form. Kahn is pretty careful about some of his language and seems like a pretty good guy but he is completely wrong when he says no beef on the planet has much in the way of nutrients. Grass fed beef is especially nutrient dense and outside of the macro-nutrients has plenty of B Vitamins and a good mineral profile. Vit C and Vit E are the only micro-nutrients I can think of that would be more plentiful in plants than in animals. All other micro-nutrients will be more plentiful in animal sources than plant sources and more bio-available. You can also say something is unhealthy without being hyperbolic. Eating processed meat is not as risky as smoking in terms of causing cancer. If you do not understand this then you do not understand relative risk and you probably should not be holding yourself out there as an expert on science. There is no hope for Kip but Kahn I think could be convinced to change some of his language so that he doesn't make these false statements.

  68. Agreed with everything khan and kip said really. Except kips obvious ignorance around NGF and nootropics. That one thing i can side with dave on. Although dave thoroughly disappointed me with his misinformation throughout this. Nootropics are an wonderful.

  69. Why it's called veggie burger? Instead of just plain veggie sandwich.

  70. I am 64 and I eat Chicken, beef, and yes love salad and veggies and nuts. My thoughts are that much depends on you as an individual. I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. I can tell you none of these guys have a much muscle as I do but of course I lift weights 6 days a week. Love eggs and dairy. I do not eat any refined sugar. NONE! and no alcohol. Eat from the source is my logic and for me it works. NO PROCESSED FOODS!. There is no proof that Vegans live longer. Exercise, diet, and sleep for health is what I have found. REFINED SUGAR IS A KILLER!

  71. Mind Lab Pro <> Nootropic <> ALL Natural !!! <^> Exact amount of ingredients are included and if you research the good doctor David Toman nicknamed the Nootropics Expert, he gives U an exact detailed breakdown of how each ingredient effects the brain ! <^> Modafinil = medical pill <> I believe should @ 1st be micro-dosed. <^> The rule of Limitless should be that if we can take an ability like that of Modafinil's inner reach to fix Narcolepsy and then push the envelope beyond that fix and towards deeper regions of chemistry that align Zen Cognition, Clarity, Energy. etc; that we'd get closer too and even bypass the movie 'Limitless'.

    So, it's 2019 and in another 15 years baring we don't nuke the planet, I believe that the community of folks coming forth out of the 'synthetic valley microdosing magic shrooms club' will eventually break the science towards that of the mind-set of A Paul Stamets. <> Thereby connecting the best of Nootropics into the pure cures of God's alchemy; I.E. Mushrooms like Turkey Tail etc. Its a friggin huge subject of mass incoming benifit and because there are at this point millions of people giving their detailed experience on the internet with Nootropics, and Mushrooms/Vitamins, etc; and ya have to admit that with Folks like Dave Asprey/ David Toman/Pau Stamets, and especially Joe Rogan's podcast of incoming new knowledges that we're getting very close I believe in exceeding the history of pure alchemy… Long Long ago in a distant galaxy far far away from the Enlil Enki little g gods at a place called Earth we began with zipping tea under the myrtle tree, then coffee, and now we have science to the point of knowing that <> Galantamine Hydrobromide <> is specifically responsible for the increases of the level and action time of acetylcholine, thus extending REM sleep, this increasing dream activity, of which all of that devine actively there then provides a conducive environment for lucid dreaming, of which U have control control within the dream state! WE R GETTING VERY CLOSE!

  72. "Holistic spirit planet health" here at google who puts AI and works with the military and is responsible with all sorts of nefarious capitalist atrocities. "save the animals kill the workers" – the ethos of the "moral" vegans

  73. Implying a Tibetan monk or spiritual leader was a hypocrite in order to make a point was ………Wow!!

  74. Why on Earth would anyone invite this Dave Asprey character to a debate on diet? How stupid is the internet making people, seriously?

  75. Even as a stupid kid with basic biology knowledge… What happens to proteins if we eat them?… Oh wait, aren't they sliced into their little aminoacid- compounds so the body can use those to build the proteins it needs? Digestion and stuff, Broo…

  76. I don’t want to take any sides here, as I’m watching with a complete open mind. Kip’s body language and eye rolling and mocking grins were really quite a turn off during Dave’s opening comments. Personal beliefs aside, what Dave said was quite reasonable and he encouraged people to research what is right for their bodies.

  77. i love how joel kahn is the most mature and kind of all of them

  78. haha did joel kahn say something about being "pro-erection"?

  79. pahahaha asprey comes off like a turd hahaha

  80. Don't trust Google.

  81. The one guy is so snarky & arrogant that his arguments are moot. He is a poor choice to promote his POV. Shame, b/c the discussion is so important.

  82. why did theu bring such a dum meat eater …was hardly a debate

  83. Joel Kahn and Kip Andersen refer to Dr. Greger (and his "brand" called "". I made a quick analysis on this Dr, and the material he creates online. It is clear FOR ME that: 1) his videos are not produced by him (too many videos), and that there is a good budget behind (big budget = big agenda?!) 2) he has a somewhat shady past 3) his videos are a bit sensationalists and tend to lift many skeptic questions instead of trying to answer them (i.e. confuse the audience and do not approach nutrition with the best eyes of science. 4) he advocates against low carb. It is very had to find more doctors on the same line of thought, i.e. condemning low carb diets. 5) his youtube channel does not carry his name, and to be honest it even hides his first name (Michael). 6) why there are no other doctors on his youtube channel, nor on his website, and NO OTHER DOCTOR on his team on the website? 7) there are several references on the web referring that Vegan Research Institute was re-branded to the current website "". All that to imply that everything seems like a very BIZARRE BULLSHIT!!!! It looks even a bit "ugly" to Dr. Joel Kahn. CONCLUSION: Make your own research, use science, analytics, and draw your own conclusions.

  84. Diet is not a religion. Let each person decide on what the best diet is FOR them. I do get worried that vegans have become religious when they demand their way is the only way and propose bans on other foods. Cowspiracy is factually flawed in that it postulates that US style animal husbandry is the only style practiced in ALL the world and that there were no large herds of ruminants roaming the grasslands before the rise of humans, both ideas are false and easily debunked. If you want a religion, join an existing one or start a new one but enough of this diet masquerading as diet.

  85. Kip needs to meditate more. What a dick. Cowspiracy made me go vegan, but his performance here is embarrassing! Anyway, awesome discussion nonetheless! Joel Kahn saves the day!

  86. I am seriously surprised that nowhere in this discussion it was brought up that a purely plant-based diet alone does not meet nutritionally adequate requirements for good health. And, ‘The Vegan Society’ agrees that a vegan diet alone cannot meet nutritional requirements without supplements.

    The German Nutrition Society (DGE) “With a pure plant-based diet, it is difficult or impossible to attain an adequate supply of some nutrients. The DGE does not recommend a vegan diet for pregnant women, lactating women, infants, children or adolescents.”

    Babies have been born, or develop neurological problems, when the mother has nutritional deficiencies and then breastfeeds; and some children have died of malnutrition fed vegan diets.

    It is essential the vegan diet is supplemented with B12; Vitamin D; calcium and Iron.

  87. Eat more salt, go on I dare you. Not great advice.

  88. Been a Dave Asprey fan since Bulletproof exploded into the scene – got all his books, supplements & of course that blessed coffee.
    In-between I've been vegan, raw, vegetarian, toyed with paleo & every cutting-edge diet out there I could afford, partly to satisfy my curiosity, but most important of all, to find what would make me in my optimum best. Always, ALWAYS…I return to the Bulletproof philosophy.
    I'm bipolar, by the way – the diet, coffee, oils & grass-fed beef all helped lessen the devastating symptoms I endured my entire life. I'm now off pharmaceutical meds for two years, using only a combination of nootropics I myself experimented with.
    Dave's gift – to me- is the courage to 'hack' one's own biology with tools & knowledge available to me, to step out of conventional treatment & resignation that one is doomed, to do my own painstaking research, follow the crumbs of wisdom of every discovery out there. I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.
    Dave's arrogant? far from it. Dude's quite spiritual without being woo-woo. I learned to practice gratitude, thanks to him.
    So stop being butt-hurt for once & actually listen. Stop demonising his success & enriching himself for helping people – he should.
    All who do good & contribute to society in a disruptive & massive way should get rich, wealthy, happy & successful so they can continue to do what they're doing, & for the rest of us to benefit on their work.

  89. Asprey is SO FULL OF SHIT

  90. The only thing the keto diet did for me was make me weak, tired, mean as a rattler snake, and gave me horrible cystic acne. Granted that was a traditional keto diet heavy on cheese, meat and bacon done back when I was obese before I went to the starch based vegan diet I eat now. But going high carb low fat starch based totally changed everything for me. Acne vanished, I felt great, healthy, energetic I had so much energy I had to start running. I will never ever believe keto is healthy for any human. That is not our natural diet. Just look at our physiology and that tells you exactly what we should be eating. We are biologically fruigivores. Fruit is low fat high carb. We have teeth for fruit, jaws, stomach size and PH, hands, eyes, taste buds, all for fruit. The differences between humans and other fruigivorous apes? Our colons are a little smaller, and humans produce more amalayse than any other primate. Amalayse is specifically for breaking down starches (complex carbs like rice, bread and potatoes). Humans have evolved to eat a diet of fruit and cooked starch. Some vegetables, but primarily fruit and cooked starches (whole grains, potatoes and legumes). We never evolved to eat meat. Period. We are in no way meat eaters. People who think we have need to look in the mirror. If you are a meat eater, where are your claws, fangs? Why is your intestines so long? Why is your PH too weak to eat putrid meat? Why do you have flat grinding molars and jaws that move side to side as well as up and down? Meat eaters can’t do that. Herbivores can though.

  91. I like Dave but everytime he speaks I want to put my hand on my wallet. I keep thinking he's trying to sell me a bulletproof product.

  92. He lost weight because he ate less energy than he consumed!

  93. A room full of twats!

  94. Kip's expression throughout while David is talking, is priceless. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  95. Sure but you ruin the soil with monocrops where cows fix the soil.

  96. I’ll take the word of a doctor over a businessman

  97. How old is Dave Asprey? How old is Dr. Kahn… proof is in the pudding🙏

  98. Dr’s and big pharma have been lying to us for years. Every friend/family member that has switched to high quality fat, low carbs and medium protein that’s clean is what makes us feel healthy… I don’t do Dave’s stuff… recent CAC scan and ultra sound showed 0 plaque build up

  99. My opinion, the ideal diet is NOT
    EATING and low carbohidrates diet.
    Lost sixty pounds, more to come.
    Heck no Pain, no headaches,
    No feet pain, horny, no hungry,
    Crave healthy foods.
    My adult acne clearing.
    Looking good.

  100. Vegans don't tell u the amount of suppliments they take and majority of vegans switch back with heavy digestive issues. Good luck going vegan.

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