Kinsa – Keeping Track of Your Family’s Health

Mom… I don’t feel so good. There are no breaks in parenting But at least there’s Kinsa In just 10 seconds, the Kinsa smart thermometer
gives an accurate reading “Reading Complete!” And with a few simple taps, you can track symptoms, take pictures, and even record custom notes so you have a full history of the illness With everything you need to know about
your child’s illness right on your phone You cut out the guesswork for a faster
path to recovery You can also see what’s going on around his school and offer that information to your pediatrician to help guide your next steps A doctor with knowledge of strep going around is more likely to order a throat culture sooner. Pediatrician recommended. Affordable. Simple to use. And designed with parents and kids in mind The Kinsa smart thermometer and app To keep track of your whole family’s health FDA-cleared for even the biggest kids.

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