King’s Speech – Exercises


  1. A cow, a cow hahah

  2. 3:38

    U mad Churchill?

  3. this is cooooool 😀

  4. LOL

  5.  I don't know about anyone, but this video is very inspirational to me from 3 different points: 
    1. A king overcoming a common problem of any man because he must for his people;
    2. A wife supporting her husband on his wish to overcome psychological and personal problems;
    3. A simple man who helps a king become an icon for his nation.
     To me this is very inspirational. It was a great movie!

  6. Great Speech Exercise … trabalenguas – Chelin

  7. this was the funniest part of the movie xD


  9. name of the song please ???

  10. 3:30–4:18 is my favorite part. 

  11. 1:11 Royal Highness!..

  12. These exercises are so helpful, especially when I'm auditioning for film or theater 🙂

  13. Name of the soundtrack please! Its beautiful


  15. @1:13
    What if the actor himself made that outburst because he was so
    restless and the everyone else thought "wait, let's just keep it in…"

  16. Viva Guilirex

  17. Terrific movie.

  18. I do these practices all the time. 

  19. How much is a Shilling worth?

  20. Best montage ever.

  21. Thisted siffles, lol!

  22. Jesus H Commercials!  

  23. I am a thistle-sifter. I have a sieve of sifted thistles and a sieve of unsifted thistles. Because I am a thistle sifter.

  24. Barbosaaaaa

  25. And up goes her royal highness, and down goes her royal highness

  26. 1:54 W.A. Mozart, Clarinet Concerto in A Major, Movement 1, Allegro

  27. 1:12 Manners maketh man 😀

  28. What an overrated piece of sh…

  29. 'FORGET ABOUT THE BLESSED SHILLING!' Lionel looks so hurt after Bertie yells at him

  30. I have a stutterer and ppl think im fucken stupid, that I would cut their throat.

  31. Colin Firth is a reeeaaaally good actor 😉 love him

  32. I come from Mountain View college 😀

  33. Superbly made and edited

  34. What movie is this? Please.

  35. 2:50 "Manners maketh man." Lol. And yes, I'm aware this comment is old. I will see myself out now. 😜😜

  36. I'm a thistle sifter. I have a sieve of sifted thistles and a sieve of unsifted thistles because I'm a thistle sifter.

  37. Helena Bonham Carter was pulling double duty at this point in her career. At the same time she was shooting this movie, she was also making Harry Potter And the Deathly Hollows Part 1.

  38. This is my favourite part of king Speech movie,Funnyy…

  39. I try to look at Geoffery Rush as Lionel Logue, but all I see is Captain Barbossa.

  40. does anyone know this song

  41. what song is this

  42. Father

  43. Captain Barbossa??

  44. "I shall see you every day !"

  45. I'm in my senior year of Speech and Hearing sciences and I had to giggle cuz only one of these excerises would even be considered being used today

  46. Being a stutterer myself. The first time I saw this in early 2011. I can relate all too well to this. All too well. The frustration has been me as well.

  47. And to think that his own family caused his problem…instead of protecting him as a child, they left him to be abused and treated him like trash cause he was timid and number two on the line. Thank god he found true love on his wife, a weird trait on royal marriages.

  48. this kind of conversation is as British as it can get

  49. Galahad

  50. well, it's good to be the king…

  51. this was a terrific movie

  52. Is that Harry and Captain Barbosa?

  53. We just learned the exercise at 1:55 in class today haha love how they used it to transition scenes

  54. "I'm a thistle-sifter. I have a sieve of sifted thistles and a sieve of unsifted thistles. Because I'm a thistle-sifter."


  55. Almost anyone who has studied theatre or taken some kind of acting class knows that this is basic vocal warmups. XD

  56. "I shall see you every day". every line a classic.

  57. This is a wonderful film and I just love it so much!

  58. Kya mjy koi is full movie ka link bejh sakta ha plz

  59. Cheers for this, been searching for "why do i stammer while speaking" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Rincaas Stammify Blocker – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got amazing results with it.

  60. I am just watching this on German TV in the dubbed version, it is weird without the original voices… Whenever you can, watch movies like this in the original version. I guess I should rather put my BluRay of it in and watch it in English yet again.
    Brilliant performances by Firth, Rush and Bonham-Carter. Though Colin Firth would also have deserved an Oscar for his heartbreaking performance in "A Single Man" in the year before.

  61. George the VI had a well known temper.

  62. You just bleed for him. He didn't want it and his brother left him to it, knowing what he was like. I've read about his brother and his wife. I can't and won't judge but this guy was and is a hero. Willing to work so hard and not caring if he humiliated himself to do what he needed to do. And how many people knew about it? Brilliant men and one loving woman. 🙂 Songs

  63. Gallahad being taught to improve his speech by captain barbossa

  64. Forget about the blasted shilling…
    Said that OK didn't he..

  65. Stutters are the most annoying thing to have to deal with

  66. Einstein and Harry alongside the Queen of Hearts doing vocal exercises.

  67. Soon as I see Helen Bonham, I lose all interest. Completely over-rated.

  68. Colin Firth is the only man I find hot when he yells.. 😍😍

  69. This simply an amazing movie.

  70. 3:29

  71. Wat a lovely movie

  72. Why the hell he should forget about the shilling

  73. George: Shall I see you next week?
    Lionel: I shall see you every day.




  76. Damn Bellatrix



  79. From King to Kingmans!!!

  80. Laisse toi emporter 😂

  81. "Some minor event…" Like launching Britain's commitment to WWII.

  82. Bloody brilliant film!

  83. I love this film

  84. That outburst cracks me up every time

  85. Ah such a touching beautiful film based on true events and what an awesome cast too fab

  86. This is how Captain Barbossa become a privateer in his majesties royal navy

  87. 3:30 AAAHHHHH

  88. Geoffrey Rush could play Noel Coward

  89. Imagine if the King and his wife were yelling out of a window outside your apartment window. 😂

  90. Very sad how his fucked up education caused his stuttering. How many kids and adults are suffering the same because of incompetent parents?

  91. A king being treated by a pirate lord barbossa. Get cracking, ya bloomin cockroaches

  92. What's up with that wall?

  93. 7 years ago this movie came out, i’m chocked

  94. This movie helped me get rid of my lisp

  95. Imagine if Capt Barbossa not around, pretty sure his lines will be:

    "Mmm..m…m…m…ma…ners… Mmmm…mm..mmmmaketh… M…..M….maa…man…"

    then he will got bullied & beaten up at the bar.

  96. I love this movie

  97. Good movies like this one are what keep me going.

  98. I can only wish to have a wife as loving and supportive as this.

  99. What a beautiful paint job on that wall!

  100. Manners maketh man

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