Kim Jong Kook's So Friendly Because We're at a Gym! [Running Man Ep 420]

아구 나얼의 탕 q 아예 문을 다른 쪽바리 이자 정관과 이건 이제 발을 구르면 바람이 나와 들어와 어 시월애 모델로 안녕하세요 혹시 너 이거 좋아 아 놀면 뭐 하냐 너 쯤 걸어 보세요 아까 걔 어항이 하모 아 이거 괜히 모든 회색 앞에 둘러 봐 이걸 언제 낙하산 해봐야 그렇게 밀면서 벗는 거야 손 잡지 말고 그렇죠 [박수] 아 좋았어 으 쭉 한번 눌러주시면 대한 들어가라고 들어온 너 정말 떠서 밟았 가세요 어디 좋아하는 뭐 어케 16일차 네 번의 오빠 봐도 괜찮아 보았어 억세스 꺼지지 덜어서 안정적으로 야 이거 유자 무슨 얘랑 너무 좋아요 아 괜찮아요 목록 열리는데 어미의 왜요 아니냐 그 후식으론 5기통 쪽이 더 데드 거야 이제 며 봤어 예 아 아 222 왜 봅니다 별일 많이 가는 거야 느낌을 가질 거야 아 와 세워도 너는 뭐야 어떻게 하냐 어떻게 받아요 아 우리도 복합 와 뭐가 안 좋잖아 2 [음악] 아아아 lee 아 아 아 예 2 세대 아 wr 골라 매한가지 wow looks 알짜 와 같은 놈 지역이라 해도 돼 2way 아 제가 엉덩이 섬 와요 우유에 들어 파요 우리는 어 그래 것들을 오히려 더 아냐 이렇게 돌려야 고 파리 이렇게 하세요 엔저 뭐 이쪽 기도하지 되고 여기 온거 같아서 결국 하냐 아 이게 또 아무도 안 하면 안 돼 전문가 오빠 아 아 아 [웃음] 대용량 느낌이 사이에요 지역 됩니다 거기에 맞춤 한차례 아 비하면 초라하고 예 아 라라 느껴 왔습니다


  1. Sechan's reaction is too funny.

  2. Jong kook you are so funny

  3. There should have been dumbbells there for Jong Kook (I mean like specifically for Jong Kook)

  4. It has been so long since Ji Hyo laughed so much.

  5. Guysss could someone tell what item is JongKook using ? that drilling thingy hehehhe

  6. Awwww JongKook used the massage gun on everyone but Jihyo !!! How sweet!!!

  7. Why I am the one who is getting suffered when he started to tickled them 🙁

  8. HELP ME!!! I'M CRYING!! 😂😂😂

  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. that's cute

  11. jong kook skipping song ji hyo cause he dont want to hurt his girl…..Love is power!spartace shipper where are you?

  12. lol. Sechan…. it' feels nice… hahaha

  13. Episode Number?

  14. ep?

  15. I only saw that he didnt do that on jihyo :)))))))

  16. "İ have to escape." 😂😂

  17. I could not stop laughing throughout this whole video.

  18. Kookmin

  19. This episode was really funny. Not including the YJS LKS part. This feels raw and unscripted, makes u think back the earlier RM episode. I wish LKS has other interaction with other members not just YJS or JSJ, it was getting kind of boring.

  20. lol 😂 that last comment at the end though

  21. Definietly made my day :D!

  22. Jong kook should make his own gym and be a personal trainer

  23. Hahaha..feel..great

  24. Jihyo looks curious of the massage gun🤣

  25. Haha's expression got me 😂

  26. Wh as t was this?

  27. When Sechan scream “it feels weird!” I already knew what he mean 😂

  28. 1:32 why the fuck must he hit Haha , he's really get me on my nerve

  29. I love how he skips jihyo like he’s scared of her

  30. jong kook have his funny toy in the gym

  31. Basically they only thing I thought throughout the episode was kwangsoo…youre better off with jaesuk and seokjin😂😂😂

  32. I can't see clearly what happened because I'm laughing so hard. So i replay 2-3 time again.

  33. Kjk is like a kid at the candy store 😂😂😂 he’s happy at the gym

  34. BWAHAHHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. ggg

  36. Idk but running man now.. it feels like fake.. like all of it is scripted especially this episode

  37. Somin is so annoying, she's really want to get attention💩

  38. Somin 😙😙😙

  39. Everyone I know in America has those driling massage I forgot what it's called.

  40. Holy bodybuilders will understand why he's so happy his friends are joining him

  41. Se Chan was so funny this episode

  42. I want to see more of jiho

  43. Jongkook did not have Jaesuk to control him for this episode 😂😂😂

  44. Just this one moment i find sechan is funny

  45. Omagerd Se Chan got turn on by a massage drilling machine. XD omagerd Se Chan that is so embarrassing 😂

  46. Why Jungkook dont use the massage gun to Jihyo

  47. Kjk's heaven

  48. I understand Jong Kook's happiness. Everytime I'm in a gym it feels like heaven.

  49. So… is sechan a masochist?

  50. When Jongkook said in the car he knew a place where they can ride bike and go into the sauna, my automatic thought " GYM!!!!"

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