Killer at Home Chest Workout – 10 Minute Chest Workout Without Weights

everyone this is Daniel from fitness club comm and today I'm taking you through HS specific string training routine now how we're going to do this we have five different versions of a push-up to go through so you're not going to need any equipment whatsoever except for an optional exercise mat and how we're gonna do this is 30 seconds for each form of that push-up in between that form you have a 30 second break to kind of let yourself recover a little bit before you go right back into that next version so how we're gonna do this is some of the exercises are a left side right side so each one of those is also having 30 seconds on left 30 seconds on right before you move to the next again a 30 second break in between all of those as well so once we're done with the whole thing you can either go back through it if you have anything left in that chest otherwise just one time through should be enough to really kill those chest muscles and get them nice and stored for the next day if you haven't done a warm-up you need to get at least a little bit more up in to kind of get those chest muscles warmed up get the blood flowing around for that shoulder joint those arms and chest so go ahead and do that right now if you haven't already otherwise we'll be starting into this in just a second all right let's go and get ready for our first exercise and this one's going to be a single leg push-up this is done in a relatively the same position as a traditional push-up the only difference is those feet are gonna be set really nice and wide apart you have one leg up off the ground so if you lift that leg up off the ground it actually causes your weight to shift onto that side so if you lift your left leg your weight shifts your left side that left arm if you lift your right leg it shifts to the right arm and what that does is basically causes more of your body weight to actually be pushed by one side of your chest versus the other so that's why we're doing left and right so if you want a little bit more information about this make sure you read the description below I'll be kind of describing each one of these exercises as best I can as we go through them and you'll get a lot more information out of description so make sure you go read that first or at least get a good idea after you've done it so the first exercise is going to be a single leg push-up so let's go ahead and get that one started get my timer started up here so out in a full push-up position we were on those hands and those knees start hands and toes hands up nice and wide one leg up starting up nice and low down to the ground trading a full range of motion remember like I said the wider those feet go the more weight is going to shift the harder it's going to be to do the push up so you can actually get to the point where you're pretty much doing a single arm push-up with this if you keep the get those feet wide enough apart just keep that motion going nice flat back remember I try to do as many possibly can yeah let it relax those arms your legs can do the same exact thing on the opposite side this next time so make sure you lift that opposite leg same exact position try to make sure you get the same number of repetitions done I just have breathe they relax we've got a nice long rest here try to let your body recover as much as possible before you start in the next one since we're hitting those same muscles over and over and over again so try a little stretch outlet and release alright it's going to get ready and start them out that opposite leg comes up nice full range of motion keep those lungs open keep that back flat keep those hips in line straight line from shoulder to ankle just keeping it going try to flip those hips tilt and let's all relax go ahead move on to our next exercise was going to be a wide push-ups of both those feet on the ground feet nice and close together you want those hands a little bit wider than you would for a traditional push-up so a little bit outside of that elbow so you want to actually stretch out pretty far should make that stress at the stretch just a little bit more it's a little bit different part of that chest alright so let's go ahead and get ready so outside of that elbow and start it up remember trying to is amazed you can if you have to stop as perfectly fine give yourself a couple of sec and then jump right back into it try keep that form nice and solid who towel relax we're moving on to the next one we're just going to be a staggered hand push up so this one your hands me kind of one on top of the other ones and more of a traditional push up position the other will be down nice and low by your hip or by that waist all right so you're doing this left side right side so the first one left hand down by your hip right hand up nice and high or vice versa whichever you're down up side is let's go ahead get ready and up nice and high wouldn't a nice low keep those lungs open the hand that's up in front by your face your fingers are facing towards your nose the hand that's down low by your hip we needed facing down towards your toes yeah let that relax all right so you've got left and right on that one so we're doing the same thing again just switch the position of those hands so remember hand up by your face fingers are facing kind of in towards your nose hand down by your waist to be pointing down towards your toes or more down towards those toes alright make sure you set it up in the opposite direction you did last time start up we really focus I'm trying to keep that back nice and flat no those arms are started getting nice and tired keep pushing through it oh yeah relax alright moving on to our next one is gonna be a tricep pushup so hands nice and close in almost tucked your side's you want to have those hands kind of right underneath the base your rib cage or right where that xiphoid process is right where the dip is underneath that rib cage so really really close to meet your body you're ready and start up every time oh I have to switch to a half first and so on those knees make a little bit easier for me otherwise I'm practically through it just keep going the hardest version you can if you can do it off your toes then definitely do it off your toes but only can keep clean form Oh relax didn't get a whole lot done on that one alright we got one more exercise to go but this is a left hand right so we've got two rounds of it we're doing a side push-up so lay on your side I'm gonna start with my left side first is this is my weaker side left hand can be placed in front of your right shoulder right arms and be tucked close to your stomach wrap grab across your ribcage then you're trying to push your shoulders off the ground as best you can it's gonna be really hard it start up this was to focus on the center line of that chest you're gonna feel it a lot in that tricep the back of that arm you want to feel it to the center line that chest yeah sorry so switch agree on the other side it's the last one same exact position this time your left arms wrapped around your stomach right hands up by that shoulder try to get as many as you can same try to match the other side at least almost ready yeah it's D'Arnot press it up nice full range of motion the closer you keep those knees tucked in the heart it's gonna because you can't use leverage if you use leverage you can actually kind of kick those feet up to help me get up relax man I don't know about you but I can I put my chest especially my tricep so that's gonna be a really nice chest specific routine to do at home now you don't want to do just your chest by itself so make sure you balance it out by doing some upper back work a little bit later today or at least tomorrow you never wanted to work just one side of your body so if you don't have quite enough of a that tired dead feeling in your chest and tricep yet just start back over do the whole thing again otherwise you're done for your chest move on to another body part thanks for watching and this workout is complete see you guys next time


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  3. Remember kids, keep your lungs open!

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  7. Is it okay if i do this everyday or atleast every other day?

  8. This was not as hard as I expected it to be after reading the comments. I even did the hardest version in most of the exercises and woah, am I stronger or what? 😁 Said I wouldn’t show up for the extra challenge…. I lied XD. Added to my favorites cause damn, quick and a fantastic burnout 🔥 #FBFit2 Day 23 Extra Challenge complete! 02.04.19

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