Killer Abs Workout

you welcome to the fit show I'm Sara do so and today we're doing an interval ab workout this type of workout was actually requested by one of you my viewers so you need an interval timer this is my gym boss there's a link below if you are interested in buying one or you can just use a stopwatch that you have and just kind of monitor the time as you go so we're gonna do each one for 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds move on to the next move we're gonna do all four moves right in a row we're gonna count how many times we complete each exercise so for example if we were doing a basic crunch one would be every time you crunch up simple as that so we're gonna get started and I'm first going to show you what all four moves are and then we're actually gonna go ahead and do it so the first one is just a simple lower ab crunch so you're gonna lie down on your back with your feet right above your hips and your hands are down by your sides pressing down into the ground you also want to press your low back down into the ground and you're just going to raise your feet straight up so you're really only even lifting about an inch but this is an awesome lower abdominal exercise so that is the first one the second one we're gonna do we're gonna have our feet come down our hands are gonna be extended up we're gonna crunch up you crunch to the side down up crunch to the side up down up crunch up side and down then we're gonna switch and do to the other side so up side down up side and deaf so those are the first three exercises the last one that we're gonna do you're going to come with your hands underneath your shoulders you're gonna get your legs out and we're going to do mountain climbers so you guys all know how to do these so bring one foot in and then the other so that one it's pretty hard so we get a lower abdominal exercise we get some oblique exercises and then the mountain climbers a little bit of cardio and just the entire core so we're gonna start out and we're gonna start with our timer ready and go so I got 32 I think I got a little bit more but I was I was sidetracked now we're going to come down underneath side ones so if you get too tired by the end of the 45 seconds just go slower that's the whole point at counting how many you can actually complete with good form hopefully if you revisit this exercise in about a month your numbers will increase so let me know how you did with this home ab exercise routine you can do this one two or three times on non consecutive days if you want and yeah let me know what you think and I'll see you guys real soon bye


  1. I used Unflexal handbooks for that.

  2. For the mountin climbers is a bit better to start slower… I've done that in the past and the trainer said it himself… just to feel the muscle and doing it intensivly, like many times, then exhausting yourself with the burst of energy you have. Stamina first, burst after.

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