Kids Pretend play Shopping for healthy food and Toys! funny video 2

I'm here and it's been a while I didn't shop for healthy food so I believe your job to cover exist is what I was looking for yeah delicious I'm here alone and without Sereno Sally so I can do whatever I want no dream up I've only here for healthy foods no junk food no sweet smell cookies healthy food get back Oh first let me get it back if you eaten an apple a day a doctor will stay away juicy apples okay Oh baby oranges Oh yeah oh I just forgot I'm shopping for a healthy food I know that and I'm shopping for Sally's birthday gifts oh no I should have done that first okay I'm blowing right away just the celebration okay go to the toy section let me check without the largest check cucumber and apples chat so we got fixed up okay that's good okay so like Barbie doll her this ballerina Barbie doll – this looks really nice okay I'm gonna get and I have a hundred dollars so I'm gonna spend it what Sally likes princesses so I'm gonna get her this beautiful Barbie princess she looks really big and the baby surprise and the unwrapped fries okay Sally mostly has a lot of coffee she got Moana she loves Fancy Nancy I don't think she has oh yes she does Oh No well yeah okay oh yeah fat we have this one – I think Sammy has most of this Elena out of and get back set for the costume here's 100 baby she loves baby and this is what she wanted these to all these are so cute and it says they play kisses they play peek-a-boo aw jeez are so cute I'm gonna get her one extra baby so she can play with in the bathtub oh she's so cute look at these little toys for the baby this is so big and it's bigger than me and snappy oh this is so cute oh she's still warm stop and Bernie I'm gonna pick you baby oh okay we have to get this for Sally uh-oh I think I have a lot of toys and I think I've gone over $100 oh no I have to put this stop tonight I think that I won't really love this teddy bear Oh guys comment down below um should I get either one of the toys I don't know what's toy to get I have so much babies and PJ masks punch me okay guys I don't know but please guys comment down below her birthdays next week but you guys didn't give this we'll do a big fat thumbs up and hit that uncatchable you guys don't forget to comment down below I don't know

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