Kids Pretend play Shopping for healthy food and Surprise!! funny video

okay Iman we are shopping for healthy foods so only healthy foods no sweets whatsoever like I said a million times all right okay okay fine I'm going to make the healthiest dish ever for the both of us okay so let's get to it I'm gonna split apart Jay have fun let's do asparagus for our healthy eating let's go peppers happy okay this is how its arena pepper oh I just remembered I gotta get cake it's my favorite biani upholsteries gonna like this because it has food so it's pretty good and let's go now let's go to why I really have to get just for kids okay now let's go get this special ingredient my favorite vegetable one was a butterfly let's get some balls spinach into salad so good okay let's add the shrimp that look for sodas demon hi okay let's get some steaks my future lies plots okay and I think that's pretty much it let's go find Emma hopefully she got some good stuff you want to check out what I got well these healthy food I got some of our favorite shrimp sub steak peppers vegetables and more and my favorite tie to shampoo are you serious I'm trying to make it healthy foods and you get tied in shampoo but I do remember mom getting all the ingredients don't you think yeah but I do my next video okay but that doesn't mean we're we're getting a cake you know what okay fine that's acceptable everything else we can toss that to the side guys really need all this stuff especially when mom already has these just comment down below and bye guys we hope you enjoy this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up thumbs down subscribe and hit that notation

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