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all right so are you wondering how to keep your kidneys healthy kidneys are pretty important right stay tuned and dr. Serrano is here with me and we're gonna talk about that okay I'm glad you asked my old kidneys you know I never thought about this most people that come to my office ask me I'm eating a high-protein diet do you think that's gonna damage my kidneys that is absolutely one of the biggest myth out there now if you tell me you have diabetes and your sugars are high and you have kidney damage can protein make my levels of creating or my kidney damage worse very hard to do still it can possible do ever it's very hard you need to consume 300 400 grams on excess of protein so don't be scared now people come to me when they're in dialysis I mean they have kidney damage already said sorry protein you can it's already gone now it doesn't matter so eat as much protein as you want but I had never seen a person that has severe C beer you know diabetes eating a huge high protein diet because usually they're losing sugars carbohydrates so you know what I'm saying now I would say watch out for the amount of protein you got kidney damage and the only way to find out doing the CMP that don't talk about number two one of the most important thing is hydration hydration hydration hydration I cannot tell how important that is especially you are out there practice from football you're on the cold weather and you think a I'm not sweating I'm okay no you're getting the idea worse than when you're on the Sun because you're on the Sun you know you're dehydrated you need to go drink also in the wintertime you don't know you're getting dehydrated and you keep waiting and waiting that's when you get to get more hydrated so be aware of those two things now John I know you're gonna bring a third one and while what this third one that you're gonna bring to us have all the kidneys remember well I mean so so two things out first the first thing that come to my mind was the hydration because being involved with the sport I'm involved with bodybuilding there's a lot of people who use diuretics and that was not a good idea the dehydration let me just say this there's there are several competitors through the years many that have kidney problems because of the excessive dehydration every year I get a few emails from one that got put it on that somebody's gonna be the one in the hospital Saturday night or Sunday morning from dehydration and listen listen I'm as guilty as anybody you know I tried every diet you can possibly try through the years but eventually I wizened up and figured not only was it not healthy wasn't even needed so one of the first things I always think about it's just hydration and how easy is that for somebody I mean you simply just drink more and when people come to me with blood work a lot of times you know will look at their B UN or their creatinine and if it's a little elevated I'll just say okay let's add a liter of water or two liters of water and then they get a retest at four weeks later and it's totally normal absolutely so I always felt like dehydration was um was a really was a really big one and the other thing is you see this more than I do but people who are in kind of headed into diabetes and there's a lot of when somebody when somebody's headed in that direction they're not managing their insulin levels of blood sugar we do know that you can have massive kidney damage from that so I think the lesson there for people watching is pay attention to your blood sugars your insulin levels and all that because that can also harm your kidneys that will do more damage to that a protein diet actually yeah I know anymore so if you're worried about high protein you actually forget that and worry more about excessive sugars and sugars and pounding your body with tons and tons of sugar so I think you know I think people are looking for a really big complicated answer on kidneys when the reality is your kidneys if you're staying hydrated and your and you're eating a pretty normal diet it's pretty rare for people to just randomly have kidney problems absolutely and you know what one of the biggest biggest guilty parties of this is medications that causing most of the problems with kidney damage and actually the biggest ones are anti-inflammatories people take a leave ibuprofen over-the-counter every day three or four or five times because they have an ache or pain that I have told for you kidneys more than protein die well so and I remember getting ready for one particular show when I I was taking some ibuprofen which I normally don't do I would like fight it to not take it but I was so beat up this was like the fourth show I'd done in a year I'm sober up and then I go get my blood work done and all of a sudden the readings were off the chart yeah I was like what in the world happened so we talked about this and I remember I just simply stopped taking the ibuprofen the show was over and then it came back to normal but there are also have been people and bodybuilding that are on dialysis there's some very notable people actually from ibuprofen like that's how they trained they got through their pain every single day so I'm a little scared of it honestly I'm bit I rarely use it you know I don't think I ever taken ibuprofen in my life but those people I need them but be aware of them so that's it guys pretty simple not everything is super complicated sometimes it's just simple lifestyle changes and your kidneys here's the thing when your kidneys start getting going bad it's not like your liver they're not nothing's regenerating your kidneys if you mess them up they're messed up you gotta go to the doctor yeah so that's it thanks for watching and if you have any questions make sure you comment below and we'll get your questions answered thank you


  1. Amazing information guys, keep it up! 💪🏽💪🏽

  2. The best muscle building channel, period!

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  4. High protein causes an insulin response and can aggravate high blood sugars.

  5. hey ,if anyone else is searching for remedy chronic kidney disease try Lomonting Natural Kidney Mentor (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my brother in law got great success with it.

  6. How much sodium should a healthy athlete take per day?

  7. I started taking creatine with my whey and bcaa and i weigh around 82kg.
    Recently i started developing this very dry skin which led to this unbearable itching and hives everywhere. Thought it was an allergy and got a eosinophilia and other liver health test done.Everything is normal. Creatinine is 1.3mg and i have been using whey for over 3 years without any issue.If its not much trouble could you please help me understand if this could be a issue with creatine or something else? Also anti histamine completely stops the itching

  8. What about a a daily baby aspirin regime? Same effect as ibuprofens?

  9. Love these vids. Keep up the great work!

  10. I had edema for weeks after a show. Is that kidney related?

  11. great content! thanks for the info and also sharing your experiences

  12. Hey John, you guys forgot a VERY important factor in kidney health! HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE! Monitor it guys and if it's approaching 140/90 consider getting it treated to prevent organ and tissue damage.

  13. What about kidney stones and high protein intake? A doctor warned my friend about this but I don't see how. (He's trying to lose weight by eating almost exclusively high protein foods)

  14. you forgot about vitamin c it is just as important.

  15. What about gear?

  16. I've been waiting for this video for so long ! Thanks heaps for spending so much time making this videos
    How much water do you think is good for a male with active lifestyle? I've heard drinking too much of it can cause losing minerals and electrolytes

  17. John + Dr. Serrano =Awesome Combo! Great video , thanks

  18. Just drinking more water will not hydrate you, but DEHYDRATE YOU LOL. What you do before the show when you want flush out water from the body? You drink like crazy.. You flush out all sodium. Sodium loss= water loss… SO if you sweat= sodium loss. Last thing what you want to do is drink just water. This will flush out even more sodium and you can easily end up with hyponatremia which can be deadly in older people for example.. You need ELECTROLYTES and mainly SODIUM for proper hydration.. So many fitness people and athletes are eating low sodium diet and drink gallons of water its crazy.. Watch Stan Efferding video on sodium..

  19. Please don't stop making these John. Amazing information from a trusted source is not a dime a dozen. Thanks brotha.

  20. Do a video about Milos sugar pounding protocol while training and the possible kidney damage

  21. The myth about high protein diets causing renal disease was based on patients who already had renal failure. For most of us it will be anti inflammatories, diabetes and dehydration that can cause kidney disease. Of course if you already have damaged kidneys, then pay attention to your physician's advice.

  22. John what’s your opinion on artificial sweeteners. I like to put some crystal light in my gallon. Think there are any long term issues with this?

  23. Ok I have questions. I have FSGS kidney disease. Stage 3A. I was told to lower protein intake to 60-70g a day. I can not survive on that. I’ve been keeping protein between 100-120g. I’m using Keto and Intermittent fasting as it is easier to hit low protein and remain full longer. My question is, is it ok to consume 40-60g of protein per meal like this or should I try to have 3 meals instead of 2? I don’t believe high protein did this to me as I have a birth defect in my right ureter. But most doctors want to blame the bodybuilding life style. Your input is appreciated!

  24. What tests can be done to find the kidney health? How frequently should the tests be done?

  25. so..   dehydration, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and anti inflammatory pain meds are the main things that negatively effect the kidneys .

    a high sugar, high soda (little water) diet while chronically taking aleve for pain cause your inflamed from all the sugar you consume ,, is much worse on the kidneys then AAS use

  26. Absolutely love these videos from Dr. Serrano. Thanks so much John

  27. I live in az and I can’t believe how many people here don’t drink water just soda or coffee there skin looks so bad from never getting hydrated but they buy all those lotions and creams for there skin and wonder why it doesn’t work to much water is amazing gymrat or not

  28. I really like where this video series is going, I shared it with some friends online.

    Ever since the #ArmPumpChallenge which is when I did my first effective superset – I've been hooked on the John Meadows and Dr. Serrano stuff ever since.

  29. So is it the use of diuretics that cause kidney problems for bodybuilders. Not the AAS.

  30. wow this series has been great 👍do you think over the counter diretics like dandyloin ruit will have the same effect?

  31. Dr serrano mentions he doesn't like the idea of drinking water from plastic bottles due to the estrogen content in the plastic. What alternatives does he approve of? Specific brand of water filters? Water delivery coolers? Just looking for optimal ways to drink more H2O. Thanks!

  32. Was wondering what kind of straps do you use in your videos?

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